How to Hand Sew Knit Fabrics | QUICK TUTORIAL | SEWING REPORT

We’re hand sewing knit fabric in this
Sewing Report quick tip you can’t do a regular running stitch on stretchy
fabric cause they’ll pop all you need is fabric a needle thread and scissors
here’s what I ended up doing I doubled up my thread and tied a knot by rolling
it in my fingers put your knit fabric right sides
together and insert the needle where you want the stitching to start tip don’t
start too close to the edge of the fabric this is called your seam
allowance you want at least a quarter to a half inch seam allowance insert the
needle and run it through the fabric out the other side then back to the side you
started on creating a small stitch you can space them out wider but you don’t
want huge gaps in the stitching now’s the fun part loop the thread over the
seam allowance and back into the same spot on the other side of the fabric then do another stitch the same distance
apart as the first one repeat watch what I’m doing if you’re
having trouble with this check it out it stretches with the
fabric no breakage here now that we’ve practiced let’s move on
to the legit project fixing my sweat and sew tank top I used a contrasting thread
so you could see better but you’ll want to use a matching thread it looks like a
running stitch just with your own hand sewn overlocking on the edges enjoy this
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