How To Fold A Fitted Sheet 3 Different Ways! (Plus My Secret Hack πŸ˜‰) | HowToGYST

This has been requested like a bajillion
times so here it is: how to fold a fitted sheet… in a way that doesn’t involve you just rolling it up in a ball and throwing it to the back of the closet. Actually, I’m gonna show you three ways.
‘Cause I’m good like that. Decide which one works best for you. Let’s go. [music] Here is the first way. Lay it down flat
with the elasticated side facing up. Fold the sides in to give yourself a
nice straight edge, and fold like you would a normal sheet. Here is the second way. This is a little
more involved. Place your left hand inside a corner so that the seam is facing up, and run your right hand along the inside edge until it’s in another corner. Now bring your hands together. Using your left hand, pinch the corner that’s on the right hand so the two corners stay together and flip your right hand over your left. Now you have two corners on your left hand.
Just shake it out a little. Transfer the corners to your right hand and, using your left hand, slide it along until the other two corners are on your left hand. You may have to do a little jiggling around to get them lined up together. Then, repeating the first motion, bring your hands together, pinch at the corners with your left hand, and flip your right hand over. And now all four corners are on your left hand. Shake it out, lay it flat, fold in the elasticated sides and then fold to your desired size. Here is the third way. Hold the sheet on
either side so it looks like a hammock and then flip it forward to lay it down flat. Fold in the sides so that they’re perpendicular to the top edge and then fold down from the elastic. Not quite as neat as the other ways but it’ll get the job done. Or you could just do what I do: wash them, dry them, put them straight back on the bed. Problem solved. You’re welcome. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already for more tips and hacks on how you can live a simpler, happier life. New uploads every Thursday. Until next time… Go raibh míle maith agaibh agus feicfidh mé sibhse go luath. Slán. [music]