hello friends you’re welcome my name is
Esther and today we’ll be drafting and sewing this lovely baby dress you’re
seeing on the screen and the materials you’ll be needing for this tutorial
are your plain fabric the net in the same color with your plain fabric your
lining your main fabric and also your zipper not forgetting your tape and your
chalk the measurements you’ll be needing is on the screen let’s get to our
drafting table and get started firstly I’m going to go ahead in my
drafting paper and mark 1 inch as my zip allowance I’ll be drafting the front and
the back bodies at once with to draw a straight line to indicate the zip
allowance fold my paper in half and draw a shoulder line then I’ll go ahead and
indicate the front the back and the front bodice it’s time to put in my
measurements the neck width I’m working with is 2.5 inches and the shoulder I’m
working with is 4 inches that have the shoulder measurement is 4 inches plus
1/2 inch seam allowance I’m working with a 1 inch back neck deep
and a 2 inch front neck deep the shoulder slope is 1/2 an inch and a 4.5 armhole just go ahead and just scale to show the
marking before I proceed the chest measurements divided by 4 is 6 inches
plus 1/2 inch seeming allowance to scale to indicate that i’ll scale my neck width
measurements and my neck deep both for the front and back the Bodice length is 8
inches plus 1/2 inch seaming allowance I’ll just extend the measurements and go
ahead and mark it out those are my seaming allowance for the
armhole I’m going to find the midpoint that’s half the armhole length and I’ll place a curve since it’s for a child I’m not making a separate arm hole for the back and front I’ll curve out the neckline after the neck curving the neckline I
will add 1/2 inch seaming allowance at the shoulder then I’ll go ahead and cut out my
pattern but I’ll be cutting the back first the back neck deep first before cutting the front after cutting my pattern I’ll go ahead
using this pattern I’ll cut my fabric and here it is the front was cut on
fold while the back I cut 2 piece both the main fabric and the lining its
sewing time now right sides together I’ll be placing the front and the back
bodice piece and I’ll join them at the shoulder I’ll do the same for the lining
after joining I’ll open up open the shoulder seams right sides together I
will place the main fabric and the lining arranged properly and go ahead
and sew the neckline and the arm holes after sewing the neckline and the arm
hole I’ll give it a notch then turn it inside
out by passing the back lining through the shoulder and turning it inside out
like so then I will take a long strip like 60 inches and get 5.5 inches wide
fold the 60 inch into 2 and that will give me 30 inches each folded to form a back tie
that’s a belt for this dress go ahead and slant it then measure 1.5 inches at
the other end I’ll take a ruler and connects the 1.5 inches to the slant end after doing that i’ll sew then take another
piece that will match my bodice measure it out and cut making sure that
when this piece that matches my bodice is fold in half it will be 1.5 inches
after sewing my belt I walk ahead and attach the piece that is 1.5 inch to my
bodice the front of my bodice only the main fabric not the lining and i also attached
the belts and I’ll sew the sides just sew it to the main fabric only after
sewing it to the main fabric I will open up main fabric to main fabric lining to
the lining I will sew the sides of my bodies clip under the arm hole so that
it can lie flat careful not cut the seam now I am done with the upper part
of the dress I will go ahead I measured the circumference of the body bodice that is
the upper part of the dress because I’ll be using it to cut the down part my
remaining fabric I’m folding it in half and I’ll fold it again then I will fold it to form a triangle then I will divide my bodice circumference
by 6.28 whatever I have I will mark it out on
this that who formed the Waist and for the length of the skirts it supposed to be
14 inches but I will take 1 inch out of the length including my seaming
allowance of 1 inch for joining that was still be 14 inches so I’m cutting
out 14 inch here depending on what your skirt length is I will go ahead just
confirming the marking I will go ahead and cut it at this point remember to
take one inch out then cut the lining and subtract one inch two inch of the
skirt length take away 2 inches now right sides together
place the bodice that is the main fabric to the main fabric of the skirt pin in
place when you are done pinning in place you attach it by sewing do the same for
the lining right sides together also pin in place and sew after sewing
your dress should look like so then go ahead and attach the zipper and complete
the side seam yeah if you need a detail tutorial on how to attach a zipper
neatly like so just let me know in the comment section after attaching the zip
and completing you go ahead and hem both the main fabric and your lining then
it’s time to take out your net material make sure that the edge is even cut a
strip of 5 inches and you are going to cut several of this open it up fold
it in half and gather when you are done gathering attach it to your dress that is
the lining of your dress using 1/2 inch seam allowance after attaching then the
dress is ready please if you liked it don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and
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