How to Do Free Motion Embroidery on any sewing machine using the Octi-Hoops Dragonfly design.

you can turn this printed image into
this work of embroidered art and all you need are the Octi-Hoops and
any sewing machine with a straight stitch you print out the design onto a piece of Inkjet
paper so that you know where it will print out on this paper, write notes on the paper
so that you know exactly where it will print the next time then take our Stick and Rinse stabilizer over that
area and re-insert it into your printer my you now have a see-through water
soluble sticker this sticker is a color template for you
to embroider through so you can’t forget to change the color
thread because it’s right there in front of you use a ruler to help in positioning the
template onto the fabric make cross marks on the fabric and on the template so that you can line it up later then peel back the protective release
liner and stick your color template onto the fabric you can
peel it off and replace it again its repositionable so that you have it
perfectly lined up on your fabric you can also use a light box or window in
placing the design onto the fabric choose from any of 3 of our Octi-HOOPS frame sizes The largest works best for
this design now cut the Stick and Tear stabilizer the size to fit frame you chose Peel off the protective release liner
and position the stabilizer on the back side of the frame the stabilizers designed to stick on and
release from the frame no residue to clean up later and no gumming
up the needle either this makes it easy to reposition and
becomes tight as a drum without hurting your hands on The adhesive is sticky but does not
come off onto your finger or onto your needle It will hold the fabric in place without having to stretch the fabric at all then you pick thread colors that you see
on the template The Octi-Hoop kit comes with two green
handles that feel like crayons in your fingers. They
are designed to drop easily into any of the holes on all 8
sides of each frames begin by pretending to write your name
and notice your hand position is resting on the table make sure that once your hand is holding
the handle like you would hold a crayon that you keep it in that position as you
drop it into the whole… and that your hand rests on the machine
like this. Then you move only your fingers and the
crayon moves the fabric. This makes the embroidery feel like simple coloring
anyone can easily embroider on anything with any sewing machine you will color just as you normally
would when filling a picture in a coloring book be sure to leave a space for your
outline so you don’t have to guess where the lines go later then And you will see why so many people love
their Octi-Hoop Kits for embroidery. We haven’t lowered our
feed dogs so if you can’t lower the feed dogs on your machine you’re not left out in-fact all you need is a straight stitch
so even a Treadle or a Feather Weight can use the Octi-Hoops
for free machine embroidery. You can see that we don’t use a sewing
machine foot either. No foot, no feed dog dropping, no fabric stretching,
no holding on to the frame! It’s amazing how easy it is once you
eliminate all those frustrating things. Notice how easily the fabric moves, that the needle is moving straight up and down. No zigzag stitch is used and our embroidery is filling in beautifully If you don’t like to sew fast, you can sew
as slowly as feels comfortable for you. No rushing to
sew at a pace that someone else determines for you, you’re in charge. You may like using both handles all the
time or only part of the time like I do. You’re not required to do anything all
the time. Be conscious of how you feel as you embroider, if your
hands are not comfortable, stop the machine. And adjust, until you are … There is no rush… So you can pace yourself… If you keep your hands in a
comfortable location all the time, and you don’t hold the handles too hard,
you will find that you can embroider longer than you ever could before. You’ll be happy to know that your
back won’t become tight, and your hands won’t get stiff and sore because the Octi-HOOPS allow you to embroider using proper posture and with barley any muscle movement, with your arms
resting on the table you will also be rested and embroidery will become a relaxing creative outlet for you. One that releases
stress instead an increasing stress see also renewed when you’re finished
and ready for your next project you’ll notice that my left hand is
resting on the template I’m not using my fingers to guide I am touching ever so lightly on the
fabric primarily because my left hand just wants
a job!… Not because it’s needed and remember that you are in
control how fast or how slow you run the machine slowdown if you’re not comfortable just
like you would if you were driving a car and needed to
drive in a narrow roadway … if you only have use of one hand, you can
embroider with the Octi-HOOPS, because we have 8 sides that you can guide from hold your hand in this position and you
can push the frame in this direction, in this whole and you
can move the frame in that direction, if you want to move the frame left to right,
hold your hand on this side and you can If you would rather embroidery
your own design without a template, you’re
free to do that as well and you can enhance fabrics that are
printed too if that isn’t enough you can free motion
quilt or stipple with these frames without any stabilizers or any foot at all… You can also use the Octi-Hoops to enhance
automatic embroidery machines designs to make your work
stand out from the rest when you come close to the frame you may
feel nervous and I recommend that you stop your sewing
machine see if the machine needle screw
assembly can clear the frame just as you see here if you can’t slide
something under it like I’m doing her with these scissors then you may want to be more cautious as
you approach the edge of the frame you cannot accidentally lift to the
frame while embroidering, because we’ve engineered the holes the perfect size to allow you the ease of
dropping handles and and pulling them out. The Stick and Rinse
stabilizer that has been your color template while embroidering is now needing to be
removed from the fabric you can tear it off however, there will
be some adhesive residue that you’ll need to rinse away take your project to the sink and you
can either soak it for a little while if you’re using cold water
or make sure the waters slightly warm and it will rinse away even the permanent marker used to mark the template rinses away with
stabilizer. That is why we were able to use a Sharpie marker on this embroidery template and why your inkjet printer ink never gets on the fabric. When
you’re done rinsing the stabilizer away all you have
left is your beautiful one-of-a-kind work of embroidery art that
you did and you’ll be so proud of your