How to cut a rag quilt

Alright now that we’ve have sewn all our rows
together, we’ve sewn it all the way around, it’s time to take your hard work and cut it
up. Now, I’m going to tell you right now especially since I’m making two rag quilts at the same
time, a tool like this will save you. It’s really handy especially if you have arthritis
or that sort of things. It’s got a spring into it and it’s much easier to handle than
scissors and what you’re going to do is you’re going to come on up and start snipping. If
you recall, I showed you before those blocks, I showed you the different results of different
widths of snipping and so decide what’s comfortable and start snipping away. This is going to
take some time you might want to turn on a movie, How to Marry a Millionaire, a good
movie, The Thin Man Series, a good movie, or movies I should say there are several actually.
What I like to do is while I’m going through here I will trim my threads as I go through
and ragging stuff. You’re just going to take your time and you’re going to rag all the
way down these rows. All the way around these blocks and you’re going to go along the edge
too. Now especially along the edge you’re going to need to be careful that you don’t
cut through your seam. So just be very mindful of that sometimes you can mindlessly be snipping
and make a mistake. So it’s kind of key that you pay attention and snip. Now when you get
to these kind of bunch of sections just kind of do your best to work down into it because
you want this little section to rag up too. And you can see, right there, what it is.
Now the other thing is because we are using cuddle is you can see that coming out right
there. You’re going to need to wear an apron while you do this or just be aware you’re
going to be cover in fuzzies when you’re done. You might consider maybe laying down a sheet
in front of the TV and sit on the sheet and snip it to contain that mess or vacuum right
afterwards but I’m going to tell you it’s the blessing and curse of cuddle that cuddle
fuzz comes off from cutting it. So be aware of that and just take your time and snip it all
up and it will be time to wash and rag your quilt. And pretty much the process whether
it is the cuddle, cuddle one or the cuddle flannel side it’s the same. It’s the same
sewing together and it’s the same trimming it from here on out. Just the assembly is
different but the process is the same. So I am going to take my time with my trusty
tool here and snip.