How to Cross Stitch : How to Thread a Needle for Cross Stitching

Hi, I’m Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert
Village. In this series we’ll be talking about the basics of cross stitching. In this clip
I’m going to demonstrate how to thread the cross stitch needle. There are two types.
The blunt, with the larger eye and then there is also a smaller needle for your linens,
which has a sharp point and a much smaller eye. We’re going to use the big one for this
demonstration. First thing you do after you’ve chosen a color is you cut a piece about eighteen
inches long. Easy to measure, by just from your fingers to the inside of your elbow.
Once you’ve cut a piece there’s six pieces of thread and you have to separate it in to
two pieces of thread. Pull it apart, put the one you don’t want aside and this is the one
you’re going to thread. There are two basic methods to threading the needle. You take
the eye, lay it sideways, put the thread over the needle and then squeeze through and that’s
threaded. With the smaller needle, the other way to do it is you’re going to have to dampen
the edge to keep it nice and flat and just stick it through. And there your needle is