How to Crochet Star Stitch Hat

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from
Today I’ll show you how to crochet a star stitch hat. I’m using one skein of
Red Heart Heat Wave yarn and a size H hook. To begin chain 41. We’re going to
construct this hat sideways with the brim and the top crown part made all at
the same time. Skip the first chain and make one half double crochet in each of
the next 12 chains. Preferably try to use the back loops of each of the chains. 2, 3,
11, and 12. Mark that 12th stitch with the paperclip. For the very first star stitch
we’re going to do something different. We’re going to use this top vertical
loop on the half double crochet and draw up a loop. Next use this other vertical
loop and draw up a loop. Draw up a loop at its base, draw up a loop in the next
chain, and draw up one more in the next chain. You’ll have six loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all of the
loops on your hook. Then chain one. The remainder of the star stitches are made
using the following method. Insert the hook into the chain one space, insert the
hook into the side of the star stitch, insert into the base, insert into the next chain, and then into
the next chain. You should have six loops on your hook. Yarn over and draw through
all of the loops on your hook. Then chain one. And one more time. In the chain one space, in the side of the stitch, in the base,
first chain, next chain, six loops on the hook, yarn over, and draw through all of
them. Then chain one. Continue the star stitch across the row. And here’s what
the first row looks like. For row two we’ll start off with a chain one and
turn. You will make twenty eight half double crochet stitches over the star
stitches. The first will be in the chain one space. The next on top of the star. Then the next chain-1 space. Then on top of the star. Continue this until right before the
marked stitch from Row 1. Remove the stitch marker. With half double crochet
stitches there are three parts where you can enter your crochet hook. There is a
back loop, a front loop, and a third loop. For the last 12 stitches
we’re going to make one half double crochet using only the back loops of
each stitch. One, Two, Three, Eleven and 12. At the end, chain one and turn. For Row 3, which is the front side of our
work, we’re going to begin the first 12 stitches with one half double crochet
using that third loop. Make each half double crochet using the third loop from
the previous half double crochet. Two, three, and 12. Mark the 12th stitch again to help you
for the next row. It’s a good time to check the measurements. The width of this row should be around 12 inches. You might need to adjust your hook size if it is
not. Right after the half double crochet marked stitch we begin our first star
stitch, which uses portions of that half double crochet. You’ll have six loops on the hook and
pull it through then go back to the normal way of doing the star stitch
across this row. Once completed chain one and turn your
work. We’ll do 28 half double crochet stitches again before the stitch marker.
As before put one half double crochet in each of the chain 1 spaces of the star
stitches, then put one half double crochet on the top of each of the star
stitches. Once you get to the last 12 stitches
you’ll do 12 half double crochet stitches but this time since it is the
back of our work we will make the stitches in the back loop of the
previous stitches. Continue repeating rows 3 & 4 for this pattern. This is the
woman’s size. Other sizes are on my website I did 40 rows for my hat and that measurement is about 20 inches
unstretched. Cut a long tail end and insert a yarn needle. You will need to
sew the first and last rows together. I like to place the hat on a flat surface
like this and fold over the ends to work on them. Please see my how to sew with
crochet videos for lots of tips and tricks when sewing seams as well as
weaving in ends. Once completed you can roll up the
bottom brim like this. Now it’s time to cinch the top together. I like to use
double strands of yarn in a yarn needle for this part. Take small stitches around
the top of the hat like this. Weave the yarn and yarn needle in and out in this
method. At the very end I like to tie and knot this section very securely. I place
a few extra knots just in case. Before you finish you can use these strands to
sew on an optional faux fur pom-pom if you wish. And that’s how I crochet a star
stitch hat. To get more videos like this please subscribe to my YouTube channel!