How to Crochet a Puff Flower – Flowers by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to crochet this puff flower. You’ll need small amounts of yarn and an
H hook. To begin make a magic ring which is just a loose slip knot where you
crochet over the ends. Chain one. Make eight single crochet stitches in this
ring. By the way be sure to subscribe to my channel to get more videos like this. Once completed pull on the starting tail end to close the ring. Slip stitch to close the ring. For round two we’ll begin with a chain
five and then slip stitch into the single
crochet next to it. Chain 5 again. And slip stitch into the next single
crochet. Chain five once again. And slip stitch into the next single
crochet. Continue this pattern around the ring
for all eight single crochet stitches. You should have eight rings once
completed. It helps to count them before moving on. For round three chain one.
We’re going to do a single crochet next. But we’ll work from behind like this. Aand then chain two. Do another single
crochet working behind the next set of loop chains. And chain two. Continue around using this pattern. After you make your last chain two just slip stitch to the first single
crochet. As before turn the flower over and count
the number of loops or rings. There should be eight of them. For round four
begin with a chain one. In each of the chain loops we made in the previous
round we’re going to make the following pattern. One single crochet, chain two, and one single crochet all in that loop. And I’ll show this again. In the next loop
make a single crochet, chain two, and a single crochet. You’ll continue with this
pattern around for all eight loops of the previous round. At the end just slip
stitch to the first stitch. For the last round we’re going to do
some unique stitches. I like to call it a puff stitch, however it’s not a standard
one. To begin chain two. Start with the yarn over and insert into the ring. Draw
up a loop. Yarn over insert into ring. And draw up a loop. Yarn over and remove all
the loops. We’ll do this a second time. Yarn over. Insert. Yarn over. Insert. Yarn
over and remove all loops. We’ll do this one last time. And remove the loops. You can see the
three stitches. Take out your hook and insert it into the first stitch. Grab the
loop and pull it through. Then chain 2. Slip stitch to the adjacent single
crochet stitch. We’ll do this all again. In the next chain loop, chain two. Bbegin
the puff stitch. First stitch. Second stitch. Third stitch. Remove your hook. Pull through the loops. Chain two and make a slip stitch into the adjacent
single crochet. Continue doing this pattern around in each loop. Cut and
weave in ends. Once complete you can sew or glue on a gem or button to the center. And that’s how I make my puff flowers.