How to Build a Cheap Sewing and Quilting Table #2

Hi, I’m Marguerita McManus and I showed you in an earlier video how I put together my cheap quilting table, with a plastic portable table and
some blue foam insulation and a sheet of vinyl. In this video I’d like to show you how I
convert that table into working with a very large quilt. Because when you’re doing the quilting on a large quilt, all three layers, it’s very bulky hand get really helps a lot have extra space in front a needle. So, normally I like to have just about
this much space. You can see, about the with my hand. Now most quilting tables, or even sewing tables, give you this much space. It’s just not very much for sewing. For quilting, it really doesn’t work. So I’d like to show you how I use my foam and reverse it, to give me about that much space in front of the needle, for holding the bulk of a large quilt. Here we go. Okay I’ve got my sewing machine,
for holding the bulk of a large quilt. Here we go. Okay I’ve got my sewing machine, clear plastic vinyl, over two pieces
of blue foamboard insulation. I’m going to start by showing you that the amount of space I’ve got in front of the needle is about the span of my head. And that’s perfect for sewing. One of the things I don’t like about
traditional cabinets is they give you about this much space. You can’t even support your fabric in that much room. I like this much. It’s just – it’s not far enough away
that it strains my arms or shoulders, but it’s perfect and comfortable
for normal piecing and quilting. for garment sewing too. So, it’s not quite enough room if I’m going to be quilting a very big quilt. I’d like to have a lot more room. So I actually reverse this. I flip the whole piece over, so that I have this much space in front of the needle. So, here we go. This is the vinyl, and pictures of my granddaughter, cause I
don’t like looking at the bluevinylall the time I slip things underneath here all the time. Patterns, photographs. I’m going to slide that vinyl off. Set it aside
for now. Set the pictures aside. Take the sewing machine off the table. Lift up the two… I have this so that I can get my bobbin. I cut that off. Lift off the piece of foam. Flip this one over. See this table? It folds in half. Fits right into a closet. [noise of foam] It’s like a little suitcase. Set that up. Now, we’re going to flip this one over too. See this side has all the writing on it? Put the sewing machine back in place. Just like that. Put this support piece back.
Line everything up so that it’s balanced. [noise of foam] Bring the vinyl back. Here’s the hole for the needle and the feed dogs. Slide that back under. There’s a piece of tape there. You might have
to re-tape it. I’ve done this a couple of different times, so I’ve gone through a couple of pieces of tape. Now before I just had about the span of my hand. Look at how much more room I’ve got there.
Now before I just had about the span of my hand. Look at how much more room I’ve got there. This is perfect for quilting a full sized quilt. If you get to the point you have a big quilt on your table and you are quilting it
with your home sewing machine, you need this kind of support. You need a flat surface and you need some space in front of your needle to pile that quilt up on and get it through the needle without having it puddle in your lap or
throwing it over your shoulder, which I really never liked doing. So, I like this system a lot. It’s very versatile. It comes apart and goes in the closet
when I needed space for something else. So, there you go! Thanks for watching.