How to Align Fabric Grain | Quilting

Before you can start cutting your patches
for your block, you’re gonna need to line up your fabric. You can see, when you get your fabric from
the quilt store, it’s gonna be cut off the bolt. You can see, it’s pretty much how it all comes. And sometimes, when you get it home, you see
it’s not quite aligned. You can see that you need to take the two
salvages, which are the pieces on the end, and match them up very carefully. And when you do that, it doesn’t always agree
with the fold, and that’s what you need to straight up. So you’ll see we have an even surface there. We’re gonna line our piece up using one of
the lines on the map, adjust our ruler, and cut away from you very slowly, very carefully. And now, we have a perfect 90 degree edge,
so that when you start cutting your strips, everything is going to be on the straighter