High Neck Blouse 2. Stitching (Finishing Up)

In this video we’ll stitch the high neck blouse. this is sleeve, we’ll keep it aside.. cross strip.. this is back part.. First we’ll do the marking on the back part.. 9″ 4″ from here.. for back tux.. We’ll cut the fusing canvas for the neck part. I’ve cut the fusing canvas like this.. We’ll stick this canvas over the fabric using press.. We’ll create tiny things first.. a stitch from the top.. Now we’ll make the waist strip.. fold at one side and give a stitch.. Now we’ll make the “hook” & “eye” strip.. Now we’ll make the darts.. pierce at the markings so that it will be visible at the back side.. We’ll create tux like this on the other side too.. Our tux of both sides are ready, now we’ll join it with cross strip.. Now we’ll make the neck.. do the same on the other side too.. give cuts like this, because it will make the folding easier and crispy.. give a cut here too.. Now we’ll stitch the back tux.. Now we’ll join the shoulder… We’ll take the measurement of this before joining the shoulder.. mark the center of the back on the neck.. stitch at the marking. cut the left.