handkerchief frock cutting and stitching-how to make/do

helo friends today we are making this designer top this is same design baby girl wearing traingle on center and on sides its pretty design stay with me watch its cutting and stitching its lukspretty when i put it on myself imagine this news paper is my total cloth fold square cloth in traingle shape on one side,fold square in to half traingle shape n cut this folded traingle, in folded traingle u will cut a center hole for attaching shirt or blouse either u can separate both traingles njoin or attach individually on front and backshirt portions from remaining or left over cloth or paper lets make a shirt or blouse n sleeves folded blouse cloth in half for cutting neckhole and shoulders, cutting armhole,ipin it down sonews paper wont move, this is folded side cutting neckhole, my neck breadth is 3′ n length 6 inch cut the neck shape as u wish desire or want take ur shoulder length n chest breadth or 1/4th of chest breadth n add 1 inch extra for seamallowance in it, join chest line breadth n shoulder length line for making armhole, shoulder line ends in breadth where u can feel end of ur shoulder bone trace it down join half of shoulder length to chest breadth by making half circle n make 1inch ine in between chest breadth n shoulder length line for making half circleof armhole, now cut it, now cutting neck region or hole, lets see our shirt or blouse cuted by removing pin, now attach join shirt with traingle, make center hole in folded traingle ,like neckhole for shirt, sorry for blackpart ,,camera problem,,to be continue watch ahead ,,wait few seconds ,,go ahead watch its video,, folded triangle again in half in 1/4th part, i mean folded blouse and triangle in half to know or trace its center n to know where to cut n markits hole, marking breadth of blouse or shirt on folded triangle, i pined corners down again so it wont move, cuted paper hole in folded traingle for joining it with blouse or shirt by stitching, now lets cut folded traingle, separate folded cloth fromleft cloth, lets cut shirt n sleeves from left cloth, we willjoin shirt to folded traingleby making holde in triaangle marking shirth breadth on cloth for cutting shirt breadth nowfolding it again in half ir 1/4th part of shirt is marking shirt breadth on cloth for cutting shirt breadth we kept box on cloth so it wont move keepur shirt on cloth for marking ur measurement n for cutting blouse, add 1inch extra to ur cutting cloth ,cut exactly same to ur shirt shape size with 1inch -2inch extra leave for seamallowance only, measure shoulder breadth, cutting armhole, cutting front and back shirth breadth and length wise together, balancing its sides, cutting shoulder slant or oblique line,,,it goes uphalf inch fromarmhole towards neck, cutting front and back breadth together cutting blouse /shirt joined front and backpart cutting sleeves cutting sides to balance or making equalcloth, folded cloth in half lets cut both sleeves together, we are cutting bellbottomsleeves,loose frombottom. take ur measurement from sown shirt and add 1 inch for seamallowance in it, sleeves armholecutting, cuting armhole, showing u cutting and stictching of this dress,frockortop in this video see front and back see front n back traingles, please subscribe,its free thankyou for watching i have stitched shoulders or attached front and back shoulders of blouse,see. i hemor stitchedd open armsides or holes stitch open armsides and chesst and waiset sides attached arms madenotch in center of armor sleeves for attaching to shoulder, attach sleeves pined sleeves for attaching showing u wrong side of fabric using skin colour thread so u can see stitching lets hemsides of sleeves n shirt, hem orstitched sides of shirt n sleeves nowlets attach shirt/blouse to traingleskirt or lower traingle part, markbreadth ofshirth on traingle part cloth n joined both by stitching after cutting center hole in triangle by marking breadth on traingle after foding u see center part of shirt n traingle fortracing breadth, ifolded both shirt n traingle so we get there center n marking width of shirt on traingle, cut center holein traingle folded side for shirt attaching ihope its clear i cuted traingle center hole n attached shirt to it with pins on front n back i stitched it now making neckpiping with red cloth nowmaking neckpiping with red cloth pining it down for showing u stitching it n folding it or tuckit inside n sew, sew it with red thread by needleor sewing machine by folding inside, thankyou for watching,subscribe