Hand Embroidery: Neck Embroidery Design- 4 Part II

Before starting this video I request you to press the red subscribe button, press the bell icon Under the options menu select all, so that you won’t miss any notifications from my channel Welcome to Raj Creations this is part 2 of kutch work neck design 4 here we will start the filling from the same point where we have completed the outlining here i am using 4 strands of thread first we will do the filling from the outer side in the next step we will do the inner circle this is very simple and easy just to fill the small clusters as shown in my previous videos one up and one down rule has to be followed while filling as you can see you can also do filling with different color thread, but here I am using same color thread if you like my videos please share it with your friends and family, to support my channel if your outline part is correct you can easily fill the pattern else you will find difficulty in filling so focus on first to make the correct outline filling is a very part now we are doing the last cluster after that the lower part filling will be started starting from that point now we will proceed on the lower side on the inner side and do the last step of this motif this way we have to complete the inner circle now quickly showing you how to do the inner flower we are using lazy daisy stitches 4 stitches has to be taken and in the center we will attach bead or pearls here i am showing you how to make corner actually we are trying to make sharp corners so that the neck shape is visible clearly here we are using bead stitch, after 2 stitches a bead or pearl has to be attached this is how bead stitch can be made do not stretch the thread so much now making the corner using 6 strands of thread in this one bead stitch and another one and pearl has to be attahced This way we have to make to outline of whole neckline I hope you will find this tutorial helpful Thanks for watching my video please like and share it, Thank You