Hand Embroidery for Beginners | Class 1 | #DIY | #119 | Step by Step

Hi! welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts. From this video we going to see hand embroidery regularly that is basic embroidery stitches If you feel very hard to learn aari work, you can learn this hand embroidery Very beginners that is who not tried for embroidery so far, you can learn everything from this classes. i will post video regularly. so benefits for this you will get good confident level surely, saree, salwar, your children dresses, handkerchief and everything you can handle to frame needle easily for this, only need one frame , embroidery thread There is some variety for embroidery thread this is for only hand embroidery thread not for machine embroidery thread it should be cotton needle , cloth so this material is enough to learn embroidery there is some sizes for frames so can choose frame size as your convenient. this is small size it will use for blouse hand so very small size you can use big size frame for sarees or salwar neck design Needle, dont get confuse to choose needle this edge part will be some big size like this hole will be big so that you can use easily more count thread this all our materials using this , we are going to learned from very basic stitches to become experienced. so that i will post video regularly how to use that threads remove top and bottom covers don’t open, you can see one starting point of thread and end point of thread only use starting point of thread leave that inner point of thread start rolling this thread to any kind of card let see how to use this thread for hand work embroidery thread six counts are being. i show each layer six counts , like this this kind of six counts thread, we are saying embroidery thread three counts is enough for normal embroidery how to use this cut the thread as per required separate three counts like this from next video we will see stitches just twist and get separately two set of thread like this so we are going to use this now frame two layers is in this frame First layer, knob is there. second layer will be plain rotate this bold to edge part before start leave that plain ring as it is. going to fix cloth okay clothes, main doubt is what kind of clothes going to use? poplin or khata piece for practice. available in shops. this kind of clothe very cheap it is very easy for practice and handle if use regular cloth it will get holes easily so you lose your confidence to practice embroidery better you can use cotton cloth like this in the bottom should be plain ring in top, to fix top layer ring fixed now. so can see come caps between two layers so that you should tight using this knob don’t feel why explained this basic things follow this every video you can do big works using this videos Aari work is big world like hand embroidery is big world you can also teach to your children. very useful to them that’s it so this is our base like this we should fix clothes to frame using this we are going to do embroidery very least material for this work in next video we are going to see how to do embroidery i believe this video very useful to all you will learn so much embroidery work from upcoming video don’t forget to subscribe our channel
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