Half Square Triangle Quilting Block – Beginner Block Quilting Series

Hi welcome to Missouri Star Quilt Companies,
beginning block series!  I’m Jenny and today we’re going to learn how to make a
half square triangle.   These are so versatile and so fun. The first thing you’ll want to do is you’ll
want to cut four squares that are contrasting fabric and they can be any size as you’ll
see.  Now generally when people make a four square triangle you’re going to draw a line
on the back of your square with a pencil because you’re going to sew on either side of that
line. I however have a tip for you, this is a trick
that has worked very well for me and makes it so much easier, especially if you have
a lot of half square tangles to do. What were going to do is we’re going to
press them corner to corner, across the block diagonally, and we’re going to press the
other one, that gives us a line and we don’t have to spend hours with our rulers and our
pencil drawing it. Now what will do is were going to open this
up and we are going to lay our other square on top of it just like that and as I turn
this over you can see the line is very visible to us. Now were going to take this to the
sewing machine and sew on either side of this line. We’re here at the sewing machine and we’d
like to put our presser foot down right on that line.   The outside edge goes right
on that line and it’s a quarter of an inch on the presser foot and so as we sew along
that it’s going to be the first of two triangles we make out of this block. Now were going to flip this around, give us
a little bit of thread again put your presser foot on the pressed fold in the middle and
sew along.  Now because we’re going to make two of these blocks that are going to
give us four squares. We’re just go ahead and lead the next block
in under the presser foot with the presser foot staying on the pressed fold line, or
drawn pencil line. You might prefer that drawn pencil line, and
we’re going to flip it around and sew this side as well, there we go, now were going
to take these off, and trim these threads, and go back to the ironing board. Now we have our two squares and there pressed
on either sides of the fold.   And we’re going to cut right down the middle with a
rotary cutter or with scissors, my scissors are handy so I’m just going to use my scissors. If I had a lot to do I’d use a rotary cutter.  
And we’re even going to use the pressed fold as a line for our cutting. Now we’re going turn them dark side up. 
So these are all dark side up and we are going to press them to set those seams and this
is kind of easy because we can do it all at once then we will lift the dark side and press
toward the dark. Look at that nice half square triangle you
can see the contrasting colors and we’ve made four in the time it takes to sew two. Now a four square triangle can be used for
all sorts of things.  If you put it together, this way, line up all of your squares.  If
you line up your square with the light towards the middle you make a square we like to call
love letters. You can also turn it with the dark to the
middle and it gives you a completely different look.  Now if you want to make a pin wheel
you can do that by putting your darks to the center in this manner. And that makes a fabulous little pin wheel,
and pin wheels really are one of the favorite blocks; they really are one of America’s
favorite blocks. And now if you like also you can keep them
directional, so they go this way and set them up, you would just sew them together
on this line a quarter of an inch.  And you can make all kinds of designs, so here is
your finished half square triangle. A half square triangle is a versatile triangle
that you can use in many different blocks and we’ll be showing you different ways
to use them as we go along in this series. Thank you for joining us for Missouri Star
Quilt Companies, Beginner Block Series, happy quilting!