Guo Pei: Extravagant Asian Couture (郭培) 구오 페이 럭셔리 아시아 패션. 郭培 : 亚洲奢华时装展

Jem and Kelly We are in Singapore and today we want to visit Asian Civilisations Museum to see Guo Pei design work If you are using a MRT You can get off at raffles place and when you see Fullerton Hotel walk through a small bridge and you could see the gallery Guo Pei is Chinese fashion designer and every piece tells a story about culture Nature and fairy tales So let’s go check it out Hi, everyone, I am Jem Hi I am Kelly Today we are at Asian Civilisations Museum Right away we are greeted by an inspiring sight the impressive dress worn by Rihanna at the Met Gala This dress introduced Guo Pei to the world Wow looks really heavy. Did she walked all the stairs at the gala? She is strong You want to wear a crown you must bear responsibility This is the traditional one This is Guo Pei’s Creation Angelababy wore this dress in 2015 at her wedding Very similar Inspiration Traditional Chinese wedding kua and outfit worn by the bride Guo Pei designs are sought after by many celebrities for their special day I think it makes the clothing more Outstanding Shows off the structure of the clothes Its not just standing boring yeah, Kelly really likes the mannequins Let’s have a look at this You know, this one, almost like looking at some kind of painting Yeah It’s kind of scenery with clouds the kimono sleeves And this one… pearls weaves of pearl Just so much Accessorizing Beautiful pink color like an Asian paper fan wow Its very beautiful yeah Its little weird too Very couture How many hours, to make this dress 5000 hours Let’s divided by into 12 hours So that means more than 1 year! more than 1 year! a Lot of work This hairpiece reminds me Tim Walker’s photography. Surreal and majestic! Gold dragons flying in the blue sky A unique piece that looks like a cross between a hanbok and imperial costume With Phoenix and peonies It looks very traditional yes Like ancient royal court Would you wear this? I will, yes I will This piece crowds favorite, was inspired by porcelain from China by distinctive china blue and white Like porcelain the designs were hand-drawn and hand-painted Skillfully draped to achieve a ceramic like structure Wow, this reminds me of fireworks very festive This is extravagant too Each piece They have very distinctive different design hair pieces They do to match the outfit, right? Wow, that one is glowing! Maybe she likes what we are saying This piece weighs over 50 kg And was worn by Hollywood actress and the world’s oldest working model Carmen Dell’Orefice Representing the strength of the woman Rich, embroidered, textural, fur It has it all What about this hat? Some more hats. You mean the other one at the far? This one No, no. I prefer the other one at the end. Oh, what’s that? Ballerina pose Did you notice those accessories like rings? Yes Beautiful Huge ring. and earring too – did you see that? Really nice If you cut your hair? Maybe? How she designed all accessories to complete the dress! True perfection This one looks like a mushroom Some of hair pieces really strike me. Yeah This one 3D dragon. Check out the ear piece I would love that Because even you know with long hair… Yeah… It will be like almost hair Accessories. Yeah, I think it will look very mythical The dragon trilling after you. Like a game of throne but Asian couture very luxurious This mini dress has many auspicious characters and motifs on it. Even its accessories It is a cute silhouette but with elaborate embroidery Double happiness. She puts typography symbol beautifully So the dragon? The dragon has one, two, three, four five claws. Cat has five too! hahahaha Only emperor can wear five claws if you are a common and you have five claws dragon you can get like persecuted Somebody else? Yeah. If somebody else other than Emperor wears a five claws dragon symbol you can get persecuted The last piece of the exhibition, one of Guo Pei’s most ambitious creations that took over 50,000 hours It took inspiration from Buddhist symbol of the Lotus My favourite is blue porcelain dress Ceramic like organic structure. I see how traditions are revived and rejuvenated I like this dress because even though it’s a very soft color but still luxurious And I’d like to try wearing a 50 kg dress The exhibition will be until September 15, 2019 in Singapore If you are in Singapore, make sure to check it out If not, hope this video helps you to review the world of extravagant Asia Couture of Guo Pei Leave a comment below, like and subscribe for more videos About our artists brands and all things of design Jem and Kelly