Goal Setting – Make Your Quilting Plans for 2019

Hi there, it’s Karen Brown from Just Get
It Done Quilts. Happy New Year Everyone. 2019 is here and today I’m going to talk
to you about setting some quilting goals for 2019. So stick with me and I’ll show you how to
do it Today we start our 2019 calendars but
truly you can set quilting goals at any time of the year. This is just the time when
everybody’s used to it. I know some of you are bullet journal people
but if you’re not I have a planning sheet that you can
download over on my website. So I’ll put a link in the notes below. Before we begin talking about your 2019 goals
let’s talk about what did you do in 2018. Take a moment go through your calendar or
your Instagram feed or your Facebook feed and take a look at all the quilting
things that you accomplished last year. Did you make some quilts you were very proud
of? Did you participate in some charity project? Did you learn a new skill at a workshop? Did you try another craft totally different
from quilting? Or how about trying a block lotto challenge? And how many UFO’s did you get off your to-do
list? The point of going through and celebrating
your successes is when we feel good about ourselves it helps with our resilience going
forward. We’ve accomplished these other things so
therefore we should be able to accomplish these things. Where was the positive energy? Where was the negative energy? And obviously our goals for 2019 want to be
focused on where that positive energy is and doing less of where that negative energy is. Now, to do with quilting, those could be those
UFOs that are sitting in the corner and they’ve
been there for years. if you have fallen out of love with a quilt
project, you have my permission to set it aside, donate
it to charity but it doesn’t have to be on your list of things to do in 2019. And the very last step in looking at 2018
is… l let’s put a bow on it. Can you sum up last year in a word or a phrase
or even a theme song. Just something that you can say that was last
year and we’re moving on So let’s take a look at your dreams for 2019. What do you want to do? Now you are going to make a list. It doesn’t need to
be made in an hour. It’s probably best to do it over a couple
of days as you look over things in your your sewing room. Here’s an example list of some of the
dreams and wants you might come up with. Of course ‘quilts’ are first on the list,
both the fresh new ones and the UFOs hiding in
the back of your closet. You can add in a sew along or a block challenge
here too How about learning new skills through taking
a class, attending a workshop or just learning it on YouTube. Maybe you’re at the point where you want to
join a guild. Or you’ll want to take it to the next level
and join a stitch n chat group Maybe it’s time you reorganize your sewing
room. Or maybe even build a new one. How about traveling to sew. Or maybe going to a major conference. Or taking a cruise. Or visit an overseas quilt show. Maybe you want to volunteer for an
executive role on your local guild. Or maybe in a national organization. I’m just throwing them out here. I’m sure
you’ve got thousands more. Please put them in the comments below. More than likely, the quilts that you are
going to be making in 2019 you don’t even know yet. You haven’t seen the fabric, you haven’t seen the pattern. You have yet to be inspired. But you can still put a chunk of time into
your planning. You can say I’m going to make five new quilts. So now you have this long list of dreams and
ideas and wants. Now you’ve got to take a look at the practical
side of these things. Do you have the money? Do you have the time? Do you have the skills? Do you have the equipment? Do you have the support around you? And through an evaluation of this you’ll come
up with a list of where you want to go. Okay, so now you’ve made a list of these dreams
and you’ve figured out which ones you actually have the resources to do. Now you’ve got to make the decision of will
this actually help or benefit your life for doing them. For instance, if you have a goal of making
12 quilts this year but you have family, whether it be children or parents, to look after. Or your health is not particularly great. Is having a bodacious goal going to fulfill
you or is it going to leave you drained and burnt out. Or if you’re going to charge all the fabric
to making these 12 quilts to your credit card, putting yourself in debt is not going to serve
you. And always be sure that they’re your goals.They
are goals that you want to do. Nothing’s worse than having another goal imposed
on you by family or by friends. For instance all your friends are joining
a block of the Month Club and you’re joining in too. But you realize,
you know what, you don’t either need the stress. or they’re not your colours
Or you don’t like the quilt. You don’t have to join in. And after going through this process, if you
only end up with one goal there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t need to have 12 goals This next step this is key to the execution. You need to take your big goal and you need
to subdivide it into smaller goals. And as you move through the goals you can
chart your progress. You can use charts. You can use graphs. Whatever you’d like. And with some of these goals you may realize
it’s gonna take you a little bit longer than 2019. And you should not be constricted by the calendar. The farther out that you’re working the less
accurate your numbers are going to be. And you need to be able
to adjust. I use a bullet journal I find it’s wonderful
for keeping track of my progress. It doesn’t need to be pretty. And you can make the layout work for you. If a new issue comes up that I haven’t anticipated
I can easily alter it. But more importantly when you get stalled
you can sit down and you can put it into smaller subgroups. As my friend Stephanie tells me all the time,
you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. And any time I get stuck I make smaller and
smaller subgroups. I hope you will share some of your goals with
me either on Instagram or down below in the notes. If you like this video, please give it a
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my channel. I’m looking forward to a great year of sewing
ahead. Take care and I’ll see you next time.