Glorious and Free Part 3 Free Follow Along Quilt Pattern

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And welcome to the third installment of the Glorious and Free quilt. in the first two we made the maple leaf and the nine-patches. Now we’re going to be able to sew them together to make that nice big center medallion and the bigger border. It is going to go together very quick and easy because all of the blocks have been done. Let’s get started. I’m going to continue using the fabric by Northcott which is a nice white and the tomato red. The four small maple leaves can be put aside for after. We’re going to need eight of the large maple leaves and eight of the nine-patch blocks. Plus eight 2½” by 9½” whites, two 2½” by 36½” [red], two 2½” by 40½” [red], this is going to be the first border. Then we’re going to have some skinny little borders at 1½” and and we’re going to need two at 58½” and two at 16½”. This is all the cutting we’re going to need to finish that center medallion. The first thing we’re going to do is the center of the quilt, which is going to have four maple leafs in the corners and four in the center. Now there are two ways you can put this together. You can put the four blocks together by the four rows, or you can do them in quarters. Each quarter is going to be the same. So let’s start with doing the four quarters. The first thing we’re going to do is sew the maple leafs to the nine-patches, and they’re going to all go together the same way. You have the small nine-patches going in the same direction as the stem and you’re going to have a solid red and a solid white touch up in the corner, so all eight [pairs] together. Put all your pieces going in the same direction and then take the top four and just take them and lift them as you twist them out. So you have the steps going in the same direction and those little nine-patches going in the same direction. You will also have those solid reds going in the same direction. Now you can sell those together. And to sew four corners together to make the medallion it’s really simple. What you need to do is take one point and make sure all of the ends are going to match. I find the easiest way is just to take that and turn the block all the way. So I have the one. I’m going to take it, and I’m going to move it again and then one more. And by turning them that way you make sure that they’re all correct. So you have four stems coming 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 the center, and your stems coming 𝘰𝘶𝘵. Sew the two together, then that center seam. When the center medallion is done you need to add on your outside border. They’re 2½. This is A and B. So you’re going to take A, which are the shorter pieces, and put them on two sides. When you have that done you’re going to be able to put the B on the two opposite sides. And when that border has been put on, put this aside and pull out the rest of your large maple leafs and your nine patches, because that’s going to make another border. You’ll have a total of sixteen large maple leafs left. What we’re going to do is divide it in two piles and we’re going to sew those maple leafs together so that the stem is touching. And take that pile and divide it in half and sew them together. You are going to have four units that look like this. On each side, sew the 2½” by 9½” pieces on. You’re going to have eight, which will equal one on each side. On two of the units you’re going to add the nine-patches. So put two units away, and on the two left the nine-patches are going to get sewn right onto those little white strips. And the little nine-patches are going to go in the same direction as the stem on the first maple leaf. So we’re going down on each side. The solid red is going to be beside that white. It’s just going to have that strip down the center. This is going to be the next row that goes around that center medallion. However, we’re able to put on one of the last borders while it’s still flat and not onto the big quilt, and that just makes it easier to maneuver under the machines. So we have two long strips both at an inch and a half and these are the border ones. C is an inch and a half by 58½”. You’re going to be able to take that C and sew it onto the top of this long unit and you’re going to want to sew them on the edge where you do not have the stems. So pin and sew that nice long border on. We now have two long units and two short units. We’re going to sew the short unit first onto the body of the quilt. And because this quilt is square, ot won’t matter what side you put it on. You just need to have opposite sides— —left or right, bottom or top—and have the stems coming into the body of the quilt. Stitch quarter inch. You will now be able to put that last border on, and that nine-patch is going to match up with that last row that you put on. So match the seams and sew a quarter inch. The red border is going to be on the outside and the stems are pointing inside. You have two remaining strips left. These are strips that’s D and it’s an inch and a half by 60½”. And because we already did the one border, well, we know exactly where that goes: On the top and the bottom. Match up the edges and stitch down the quarter inch, and this month’s installment will be done. The directions are in the description if you’d like to print them out and follow along. We have one more installment to go, and that’s where we’re going to join the four maple leafs into a big border and finish the quilt off. Now this quilt would look great in many different color combinations. You don’t have to do it in the red and white. You can do it in blue and white, black and white, or scrappy. There are a lot of different color combinations you can use. What makes this quilt go together really quickly are the size of the blocks: Nice and big. So I do hope you join me next month when we finish Glorious and Free. And thank you for joining me on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time in the sewing room. Bye for now!