Gloria Calderon Kellett on “Crazy” Patchwork of Protections for LGBTQ People

My name is Gloria Calderón Kellett, and I’m
an American for the Equality Act. Being female and being Latina, there is an
intersectional response that I have to seeing friends of mine who are going through this,
having to fight for their basic human rights. If I want to go on a road trip with some of
my girlfriends and some of them are LGBTQ, we get in the car and their rights change
when we cross the state line. Today. That’s — what? That’s crazy. The Equality Act would make sure that no matter
what state we are in, that they have the same rights that I have and that other people have
because this is the United States of America. There’s not one person I know that does not
have an LGBTQ relative, friend, someone they love, someone in their community
that they support. And, as a mother, my children are small. I don’t know who they’re going to grow up
to be, and I want them to grow up in a world where they can be free to be whoever they
are and be loved and protected in this country. That’s why we need the Equality Act now. We do! We do! Join me and the Human Rights Campaign
in this fight.