Gabe Roy of Stitch & Stone — Inspired People

The vibe of the space and the feeling
of the space is something really unique. Where women can come in and not feel pressured. It’s not everybody’s fit in this size or this style.
I mean, I want something for everybody. My name is Gabe,
and I’m the creator or Stitch & Stone. So we’re at our new location
at 66 Cedar, downtown Sudbury. It’s kind of a little offspring of our
Stich & Stone brand, and we decided to open a little store for girls. It used to be the theatre downtown. As you can see on the floor
it still has the original floor. It’s the perfect size, and
I think we can really put our touch on it and create a really pretty space for young girls. My daughter’s my inspiration. She’s just this wild child who doesn’t like
anything that everybody else likes. She reminds me very much of me
when I was a kid. Which I absolutely love! She doesn’t like skinny jeans,
she doesn’t like leggings, All that mainstream stuff. So, it really inspired me To open a store that had things
That are just a little bit different. I think it’s really important
for girls to be able to express themselves And be creative and be exactly who they are
and feel comfortable in their own skin. I’ve just been a workaholic since
I can remember and I think most people know like,
As soon as I start talking about something They can tell how excited I am
And how passionate I am and Yeah, there’s really nothing that will stop me. I think what inspires me the most is,
quite honestly, seeing other everyday women in the community. Other people who are like me. We’re all everyday people.
Other moms, other entrepreneurs, my friends. That’s probably what inspires me the most.