Friendship Quilt | Caitie’s Classroom | Activities For Kids

– Hi friends. I’m so excited to share with you our finished friendship
quilt that we made together. Are you ready to take a look? Here we go. Ta da! There it is. It turned out to be so big. It’s almost as big as me. Let’s take a closer look at
some of these quilt squares that you made. We had friends from all over the world send us their quilt squares and we put them together on this quilt to make a friendship quilt
that we all did together. Isn’t it so nice? These are all so beautiful. You did a great job. And we have friends
from all over the world that sent us their quilt squares. And we did it, made something new that we made all together. I think that’s really special. Thank you so much everyone for sending in your quilt squares and being a part of our friendship quilt. Maybe we’ll make another
one sometime soon. (bright music) Hey everybody, it’s Caitie. Thanks for joining us today. I’d love it if you would subscribe to our Caitie’s
Classroom channel. And I’ll see you soon. – [Child] Whoo!