Flosstube#10 – when you can’t stitch, you stash

hi guys Kaitlin here welcome to my floss
Tube channel this is not an ideal day to record a floss tube the lighting is not
great it’s really overcast outside upstairs neighbors are home husband is
home a lot of noises going on out there but I only have about 45
minutes this weekend to do this and that’s right now so we’re just gonna
push through it I got a different setup going on today I am I’m recording this
on my phone to see if the sound is any better than with my webcam and you guys
are currently in my Lowrey stand that was a good investment I recently got one
and it has made a world of difference in terms of stitching it’s really nice to
have something to hold your needlework and apparently it also doubles as a
tripod so there we go so first things first last night we saw the Broadway
show Come From Away it was spectacular it was so good if you ever get the
opportunity to see it– I know it’s going on tour to a lot of major cities
in the US and Canada and I think some major cities abroad in the next couple
months so if you get the chance to see it I highly recommend it it the show is
about the days the week right after 9/11 so after so the morning of 9/11 after
the attack happened American airspace was closed but there were planes already
in the sky heading to destinations and so 38 planes
were diverted and grounded an airport in the town of gander Newfoundland which is
a very small town– or a small smallish town I think they
said their population was like 10,000 people but 38 large planes were diverted
and grounded there so about 7,000 people were suddenly stranded in Newfoundland
overnight and they were stranded there for like five days and the show is about
that it’s about the people on the planes it’s about the
people in the community who came together to feed and house and clothe
and help these people it’s about you know something positive happening during
a time of terrible loss it’s hard to describe but it was just so fantastic
I’m not exaggerating when I say I cried the whole way through from the opening
number to the curtain call I just cried like I cried because it made me feel
homesick I cried because it made me feel proud I’m I’m not from the Maritimes I’m
from I’m from Ottawa but yeah I don’t know it’s just like a really Canadian
feeling story— can you hear the cat sitting on my lap he’s snoring right below
you you know and and of course it was emotional for other reasons because it’s
about 9/11 so anyway I highly recommend it if you get an if you get an
opportunity to see a please do whether you’re Canadian or American or from
somewhere else I think it was a very powerful story based on real events and
the music was fantastic and the acting was incredible and it was just all good okay so since you saw me last which was
a while ago life has been a little crazy and now all
of a sudden it’s fall I am— I know a lot of people love fall I
don’t dislike fall… I like… I like you know pumpkin spice everything and the
leaves changing and watching little kids trick or treat and Halloween parties and
there’s lots of things to love about fall Thanksgiving, pie, but I really dislike being cold and fall for me just indicates the start of being
uncomfortable and cold for the next six months so I’m a little disappointed to
see the summer go we had a really nice end of summer I hope you guys did as
well we traveled to Ottawa to visit my family one more time my dad had a little
memorial get-together my grandfather who passed away a couple years ago not
everyone was able to make it to the funeral
two years ago so we planned this far enough in advance and everybody came and
we planted some trees and sprinkled some ashes and said some nice words and
really spent time together as a family it was nice to see my cousins whom I
haven’t seen since I was very small and to meet their spouses and their their
kids so that was all nice and on our way to Ottawa we stopped at we stopped in
Syracuse to visit the New York State Fair which was a lot of fun I had never
been before and it was a blast you know they have animals and and and you know
like vegetables to look at and you know the they have rides and they have food
and it was really cool and of course we went we’d b-lined as soon as we got
in beeline straight for the needlework exhibit to see how I did and
I got two fourth place ribbons so I had submitted I think I told you guys this
before but I had submitted my parlor treats and I also submitted Beatrix
the reflection is pretty crazy I don’t know if I showed this to you guys before
but that’s how I framed her and and yeah I got two fourth place ribbons which I was
really just expecting a participation award so that’s exciting so I’m gonna
hang these up somewhere so that was really exciting for me and it was fun to
visit the fair and see everybody else’s submissions and I don’t know I’m feeling
pretty jazzed about it and I’m definitely going to submit again next
year I’m already kind of thinking about what projects I should be busting
through so that I can have them ready for the 2019 fair so part of the reason
it’s taken me so long to come back and record a video is that work has just
been bananas it’s been really nuts we’ve been working really long hours we often
work overnight shifts on Fridays which means that we get in in the wee hours of
Saturday morning so my Saturday Sunday’s all I want to do is sleep stitch if I
can you know get some laundry done and really just sit on my couch and recover
so I don’t even really have a whole lot of stitching to show you because I’ve
just been I’ve just been too busy and when I when I am home I’m just too tired
the nice thing about this job though is that Dylan’s been working on the same
job as me which is something I don’t think since we met we’ve had
the opportunity to work together on the same show so it’s been really fun to
ride the train to work together to have lunch together
I think we’ve spent more time together in the past couple months than we
normally would if we were when we’re both working the and if you’ll indulge
me in the little shameless plug that’s sort of cross-stitch related that show
is called the show that we have been working on since July premieres this
Monday the 24th no Monday yes Monday the 24th I’m pretty sure whatever this
Monday tomorrow I’m premieres tomorrow on NBC at 10:00 p.m.
it’s called Manifest so if you’re interested in checking it out and seeing
what we’ve been working on and why I haven’t been flosstubing or stitching
I guess I’ll link that information below and it is sort of cross stitch related
because there is a I’m not going to say too much about it but there is a cross
stitch item super heavily featured in the pilot episode in the first episode
it’s not my work but there is a piece of there’s some cross stitch you’ll see
some cross stitch in the first episode okay so we’re like 10 minutes in and I
don’t think I’ve talked about stitching at all so let’s talk about stitching so
the last– so I have 1– 1 finish to share with you the last time I saw you guys I
had just started this kit by design works singing cat I paid a buck 50 for
this kit at Joanns I think with the coupon you know I finished him so I
swapped out the kit fabric with this Lugana it’s picture this plus in the
colorway dwarf and it’s the opalescent version it’s super
sparkly I don’t know if you can sort of see the sparkle there but I used the
threads that came in the kit they were definitely not DMC they were super thin
and tangly and weird to work with but I think the overall the overall look is
great I love the colors of this of this I wish my lighting was better so you
could really see just how how fun these oranges are but I I don’t know I really
I’m really happy with my fabric choice I’m really happy with how he turned out I’m gonna keep holding it up so that
YouTube picks this as my as my image yeah so something I love I mean I love
this because this is like a perfect cat moment of like a cat in
his operatic moment this something I love about this design is it really
reminds me of when I first moved to New York almost eight years ago now I was
living in a crappy little apartment in White Plains New York which is outside
of the city in Westchester and I had I was like I was interning I was working
for free I was working for $10 a day like my first paid movie I worked on I
was paid $10 a day I was I was doing the artists struggle and I lived in this
crappy apartment and I had no furniture besides a bed and a table but that
wasn’t even a table it was like table legs that I put a door that I found
across and one chair and that was it and and
there was this really fat orange alley cat that lived outside the building at
night and at night he would howl like just really really cry and howl and meow
and like so this this guy kind of reminds me of him of that cat and it
kind of reminds me of a of a different time in my life you know does anyone else ever feel that way
where you look back on where you were like five six seven eight years ago and
think like about things that really changed since then so I’m gonna frame
him and hang him somewhere where I can see him every day
think about think about how far I’ve come from those days with that apartment
with that fat orange alley cat okay so WIPS first up Kathy Barricks
cat and mouse this is what it will look like this has been my travel project for
most of this year so I’ll insert a picture of what it looked like where you saw it last his is where it’s at now so I got his tail done and down to his
butt this– the house is in I got a lot of blue put
in this has been my travel project for a lot of this year and I realized I realized last week that the
blue stitches were starting to get a little dingy probably from having it out
like on the train and at work and stuff like that so I gave it a wash but
there’s still you can’t see it on the video I can see it in person though
there’s still some spots in here where they’re still not super clean so they
must have been gotten a little stained so I’m gonna have to rip out some
stitches up here and we put them in so after that I decided that I’m not gonna
travel with this piece anymore which is unfortunate because this is one
of this is a favorite and it’s it’s nice to work on at work and stuff because
there’s not this enough color or changes to keep it interesting but not not too
many color changes to make it complicated you know it’s kind of like
it’s kind of like a prairie schooler in that way so after I realized that I
shouldn’t travel with that one anymore I dug through my wip pile and pulled out
this one which I hadn’t– you guys probably haven’t seen in like a year
this is a freebie from broderie dot net she has a whole website full of free red
work designs I will link it below I don’t remember I think it’s it’s just
numbered it doesn’t have a name so I refer to it as my oh dear if I have a
picture of where it was last time I’ll insert it but I’m not sure I do so I
think I mostly just worked down on these deer legs and down here this one is I
stopped working on this last year because I even though I really love the
color combinations the color combination I chose the design was feeling really
clunky to me like it just wasn’t looking the way I thought it was gonna
look and I got disappointed and so I’m just I’m not in love with this project
but because I’m not in love with it that’s kind of what makes it a good
travel piece because I don’t care as much if it gets dirty it’s only one
color and I’m not super emotionally attached to it I know maybe for some of
you might be like a waste of time to work on something you’re not in love
with but it’s touching for me is I mean it’s about I love a lot of things about
stitching you know I love a good finish I love shopping but also the
reason I started stitching in the first place was for stress relief so sometimes
I just want to work on something just just to make the X’s and I don’t really
care what the final product is and so it’s more about the process and this for
me is a good process stitch it it might not I probably won’t frame it when it’s
done I might stick it you want to say hello I might I might stick it like on a
box or I don’t know see about getting it made into a pillow I’m I’m not really
sure how I’ll finish it but but it doesn’t really matter because it’s just
really about something for me to do on my lunch break and on my way to work
that’s relaxing and that isn’t staring at my phone so there’s that one next thing I’ve been working on kind of
new start since I last saw you so Angela and I are SALing this Mira Deco Spirits if you have it you’re welcome
to stitch a long with us she’s already much farther and she’s already
like way ahead of me um this is my first mira and you know I um I love
watching other people’s stitching area Mira’s I think all their designs are
beautiful but this is the one that has really called me the most because I
think it reminds me of you know the art deco art on some of the older buildings
in New York like there’s all sorts of beautiful art around the Rockefeller
Center like if you ever visit the city and visit the Rockefeller Center you can
get a really fantastic walking tour of all the free art that’s on the outside
and inside of the building because mrs. rockefeller was really really into
public art and these these images really remind me of a lot of those pieces they
remind me of New York City architecture and they’re also I mean it’s a beautiful
design and it’s it’s just different for a Mira I don’t know this is this is the
only Mira that has ever really grabbed me and then I really desperately wanted
to stitch so I thought it was a good one for my first one it might be my only one
I don’t know we’ll see there’s no beads just some kinda and
some metallic threads so I’ve made I made a start on that and I started it on
28 count White Lugana and that I just was not
looks okay in the video but in person it really doesn’t I was I was just not
loving the coverage like of these dark colors so I stopped and then I restarted
on 36 count linen and that’s as far as I got
and the coverage is a lot better I think —
I think the coverage is a lot better let me let me turn on this light and see if
you can see not really anyway I mean it’s so hard to see you in person but
maybe I’ll insert a photo maybe to show you that might be better so the coverage
on the 36 count is is great but I’m worried it’s gonna be too it’s gonna
eventually be too thick to push the needle through and I’m worried about the
Kreinick fitting on 36 count I kind of feel like the critic is gonna be too
tight I’ve never tried Kreinick on 36 count I guess I hadn’t hadn’t bought it
for this project yet because I just figured it’s gonna be a while before I
get there so I would just you the Cotton’s first and then go back and do
the Kreinick but maybe I should buy some and test it I don’t know let me know
what you think like is 36 count for a full coverage I mean these are all like
this is blank but these are all full coverage in there so it’s 36 count 2
over 2 gonna be too tight because it looks like it’s already too tight
alright I ordered a piece of 32 count Jobelan that
arrived yesterday so I might restart this a third time tomorrow on the 32
count because that is the called for fabric anyway and I should have just
bought the called for fabric in the first place and maybe I wouldn’t be having
this mental gymnastics session but I might try the 32 count and see how that
feels I don’t know so basically I’ve got
nothing done on it but we’re SALing it my last wip in m yElaineproject bag is the tree
of stitches this is a Bees needlework design it’s also it’s a PDF so and
there’s no picture of what it looks like finished iIngborg finished this earlier
this year and if you like look on Instagram if you look up the hashtag
tree of stitches you’ll see lots of other people finished it but I’ll show
you I’ll insert a picture of what where you saw it last and this is where I’m at
now I’m not going to take it off the Q snap so I am very close to finishing this I
have I think five sections left well six sections left but they’re all small
sections so I’d like to three more sections of leaves here there’s an owl
that goes there and then like a rabbit and a flower down here and so I’m I’m
pretty close and then there are some beads that need to go on but this is I’m
stitching this on 32 count Lugana from picture this plus in the colorway
chrysalis which is basically just a super pale green it’s almost white
the trunk of the tree is stitched in Gloriana Ironwood the leaves are
stitched in autumn Arbor except for these French knots down here and there
are some places where these French knots down here are stitched in Olive Grove
from Dinky Dyes so stitch wise we have symyrna
stitches ,French knots these are eyelets, rice stitches, cushion
stitch, Jerusalem stitch, the floral stitch, norwich stitch which I guess is
also called the interlaced cross stitch, star eyelets ,and then rhodes squares and
then I have just started the fancy crosses down here so if I might also
insert a better picture here of what this looks like under some good lighting
you guys I love these flosses they’re beautiful this is my favorite floss
color by far Gloriana’s autumn arbor is Janet Douglas uses this color
a lot in any like fall themes or in some of her Canadian themed designs for like
leaves it’s really beautiful so that is a year of wips project and I
think I will actually finish it this year I don’t think I’m gonna I don’t
think your blips is gonna happen I’m I’m trying but I’m just not getting enough
time every day or week or month to stitch so I think I don’t think I’m
gonna be able to pass the halfway mark which kind of bums me out and I’m Way behind on the whole coverage
challenge so I don’t think that’s gonna happen either which also bums me out and
I am super failing at stitch from stash so I don’t know if I’m gonna achieve any
of my goals this year but I but I am having a lot of fun
so that’s what counts right that’s all I’ve worked on… retirement planning I got a– I did a little because when you don’t have time to stitch you stash- so
first up I have to color and cotton fabrics of the month to show you I have
I think it’s July and August I have since change my subscription to be every
other month because I have too much fabric and trying to cut back on what
I’m buying so the first one is Salem this is gorgeous
32 count Belfast this looks black but it’s actually a very dark gray there
it’s beautiful got like a little bit of a brown
undertone and then August was also this is 36 count this is peach flush it is a
lot more pink in person than it’s showing up here this is it it is very
similar to my skin tone in person it’s like a pink very very pale pink color this one is not my favorite that she’s
ever done but I’m sure I’m sure I can find a use for it okay also I ordered some flosses from her
from her and every month I think oh maybe I should restart my floss club I
don’t know maybe I’ll maybe know that the fabric club is once every other
month I’ll see you about doing the floss club again I just get really bad FOMO
when I see everybody else’s flosses but I also but– so I just ordered a few that
she had in stock to make myself feel better so this is weathered bronze, this is
hazel brown i this is battleship it’s like a very blue grey
this is winter garden just like a gray green and Turkish stone no real
plans for those but they were pretty so I bought them also i ordered
bee-utiful from the nebby needle this is it’s only 79 by 49 and it only uses
three colors one of which is Khole from weeks dye works which is this is
like the most beautiful black it’s got like a purple undertone it’s
gorgeous I also got Michelle did a flip through of a continental style book with
like birds and butterflies by Veronique EngingerI think is her name and so
I’ve been looking for some of her books on Amazon on the french amazon– amazon.fr in France and I ordered this I just but I just realized this is
actually a book by Helen Le Bar not Veronique but it’s a very similar style
this this is all like pastries and cookies
it’s a paperback not a hardcover it’s got some really cute look at these
backgrounds it’s got some really cute little designs in here and there’s some
that are teeny tiny like these teeny tiny icecream cones
that I think would just like I had this idea to to make some earrings like
covered button style earrings and has studs with some of these like teeny tiny
popsicles and stuff because they’re just really most of this book is charts so I
can’t I can’t do a whole flip through but I just see yeah the rest is charts
so I can’t show you the rest but I know there’s there’s a lot of tiny cute
things in here that I’m excited to stitch so I think this was only like
with the with the conversion with the dollar conversions was like less than
ten dollars and shipping was very reasonable for coming from France that
was all shipping was also less than ten dollars so I know that a lot that like
Veronique’s books are very popular and they’re hard to find and they go for
like hundreds of dollars on Amazon and eBay but if you’re looking for books of
that style on a lower cost check out the Amazon France website because
even even with the shipping factored in the prices are usually substantially
lower than the prices on the American Amazon or on eBay or anything like that
so take a look at the french amazon and if you don’t I
I can read French fairly decently if you can’t I think that you’re
most web browsers will translate a web page for you it that’s something you
need so and then of course Michelle had a live sale it’s why I think I actually
ordered way less than I thought I was gonna order that was so fun I love
competitive shopping and it was super competitive and I there’s a lot of
things I tried to get that somebody else was just too fast but I did manage to
get a couple things like this chessy and me pin cushion look at this
fat cat he’s got like a serious butt he’s so wide and I got a little homespun
collectibles sunflowers that’s what cute it’s not that big six
colors and then I also got birds of a feather kindness which has been on my
wish list for a long time this is this isn’t that big either 104 by 104 uses
weeks die works but there’s a DMC conversion that’s really pretty
this is kindness begets kindness because kindness because kindness all the way
around and then just just a little eBay
I got garden Verses by prairie schooler which I’ve been I feel like I have
watched this item so many times on eBay and the price has always gotten too high
for it for me you know usually over twenty dollars and
I got this for four so this was a deal obviously I love the bee one but they’re all
pretty there looks like they are they’re long 179 by 76 and when I bought that the lady sent a
freebie she sent this cricket collection super cute
Thanksgiving Circle it’s really a square it’s called Thanksgiving circle but it’s
a square I like this um I like this fat turkey you know everyone’s stitching
turkeys in October I think they’re stitching the Lindy’s sitches
turkeys but maybe I’ll I’ll cheat and stitch this turkey Angela in one of her
videos showed some it felt with adhesive backing that she had bought with with
like prints on it she she bought it at a Korean stationery store but I did a look
online on Amazon and I found I found some I will link I’ll link the Amazon
link below but so this is this is felt that you can just like that’s sticky on
the back I thought this would be good for like Mill Hill ornaments or for
backing small ornaments so I got this one and then there was um there’s a
seller that had like they sent you a pack of 10 or something but you didn’t
get to pick your colors and so I got some of that the disappointing thing
with it though is that all the it’s all pink like I was hoping for a little more
variety but it’s all all pink and I like pink but I might kind of hope with this
was for Christmas ornaments and I mean like this is sweet but my friend who
just had a baby had a baby boy so I don’t think she would be so that was a little disappointing there
really isn’t anything suitable in here for Christmas I mean I guess you can have
pink Christmas ornaments I just the ornaments I have stitched that I was
hoping to back are not pink anyway that’s everything I bought that’s everything
I’ve stitched on that’s all my life rambling I think this is a relatively
short video which is good because I am out of time so I will oh that’s not
everything I had a giveaway last last video and there were some great responses I we
talked about what you guys would do with the third arm and a lot of people said a
lot of people said they would use it to holdtheir stitching they would use it to
stitch faster some people said they’d use to
help them with household chores so I got a lot of really great fun responses and
it was fun hearing from all of you guys and I did a select a winner I drew a
name on September 18th which was the day the giveaway closed and the name I
pulled was Leah Noel so congratulations Leah I’ve already
contacted you and I have already stalked your wish list and I am super excited to
buy some things for you and I’m gonna try and get a package out to you next
week so maybe the week after we’ll see cuz
they’re a little crazy here but thank you so much to everyone who entered and
who commented and who wished me a happy flosstube-aversary so
that was fun and and now I have to let i have to go I have to throw this video
together and put all my stuff away and conquer my list of errands so I
hope you guys enjoy the rest of your September and I hope you get a lot more
stitching done than I’m getting done and thank you for spending some time with me
and I hope I’ll see you again soon so bye for now