Flosstube Adventures 1

So this is my first finish, for Flosstube,
at any rate. I’ve been stitching, oh, for a few decades, but I only just discovered Flosstube.
This kit took me maybe a couple weeks to finish up. I worked on it fairly steadily with only
a couple other projects intruding. I bought it because when I was growing up, we had lilies
of the valley across the front of our house, so I’d really like this to hang in my home.
It’s a Riolis kit, and I purchased it off of Amazon after I saw it on Instagram. It
stitched up really quickly. The chart was easy to read, and the floss, the floss was
a little strange. It got fuzzy quite quickly, but I just used shorter lengths and then that
wasn’t a problem. And it’s really soft, so the look of it made it all ok. The pattern
was designed by Yuliya Krasavina (I hope I’m not butchering her name). Here’s a bit of
a close-up. You can see there’s very little back-stitching. I kept the stitches as long
as I could because I like the look of it. It’s a rather impressionistic design, which
I like, and the greens are nice and soft, which is another thing that I really appreciated
about this design. Here are some close-ups. In the bottom right-hand corner, you can see
a close-up of my back. I tend to do mostly cross-country. I’m just learning these terms.
I’ve only recently gotten into Flosstube. It was a fairly simple design. I didn’t even
need to highlight on the pattern to keep track of where I was at, so that made it a bit easier
to keep up a good pace. The other thing I wanted to share today is that I’ve started
organizing All. The. Stuff, and there’s a lot of it! I’ve got fabric that was given
to me when I was in my teens, and some it’s Aida, some of it’s linen. There are little
bits and pieces left over from all kinds of things, some of it’s coloured, some of it’s
white. So, I have started making piles, and eventually, hopefully, I’ll find projects
for all of them. And the last thing, as part of my organizing, I’ve put all my kits into
piles. Of the regular-sized kits, (so, not including the ones that came with magazines
and are smaller) I only have one that isn’t started at all. The rest all have some kind
of start to them. There are one or two that I’m not entirely sure I would ever finish,
but most of them are things I actually really want to finish. In future videos, I might
share some of them. Right now, my focus is mostly on the birth announcement type kits.
I have 6 nieces and nephews, and three of them have theirs. The other three don’t, and
the youngest one is over 1 year old, and the oldest one is well into school years, so it’s
about time I finished them. So I’ve been listening to people talk about rotations and how they
organize their time. My work hours are increasing, so my stitching time will go down, but I’m
considering coming up with some kind of system. If I make it too rigid, I’ll just quit. I
know that from past experience. So, I’ll pick a few things and I’ll see where it goes. Thanks
for watching, and if you liked what I posted, please subscribe!:)