Flosstube 3: We’ve Leveled Up!

Hi Flosstube! I’m Kayla the Hufflepuff
Stitcher and welcome to my channel! As you can see I am joined today by Luna
who’s taking a nap right there on the pillow and Zelda’s also walking around
the room so we’ll see if she decides to pop up in the background or if she’s
just gonna keep wandering. Uum. What I have for you today… I have got some
updates on my WIPs (my works in progress). I also have one FFO. I’ve got some plans
coming up for this coming week and then at the end I have a surprise for you
guys. So, let’s jump right in! The first project that I worked on this past week
was my Hometown Holiday Clockmaker. I used this one for the homework
assignment in the School of Magical Stitches and Literature to do 300
stitches in the color brown and that was because chocolate is what is used after
a Dementor attack. So here is where it was last time and here is where I am now.
So I actually was able to get in my full 300 stitches on here. I did this like
roof color that is actually a very dark brown. It looks like it’s coming across is
more black but it is like a deep dark chocolate color and then I have this, I
don’t even know what you would call it, the topper of the building maybe? That is
done in I believe it’s called light hazelnut. So, I was able to get my full
300 stitches in on that. And I really like how much just adding that roof part
added to that project. The next one that I worked on this past
week was to fulfill the assignment of doing 300 stitches on something with
claws or talons and the way that this one was worded is that you did not need
to do it on the thing itself that has the claws or talons, it just had to be
done somewhere on the piece. So if there was something in the piece that had the
claws or talons then it absolutely counted! So for this one I did my Giant
Harry Potter which that is what it will eventually look like. Here is where it
was last time and… trying to get it… here is where it is now. So
McGonagall has officially joined the group and again there actually was
enough stitches on her to fulfill the homework requirements. I am still cursing
that DMC metallic. It is a pain to work with but it turns out so nice. So I now
have almost all of the professor’s. I’m still missing Dumbledore over there but
I believe once I get him done that will finish off the professor’s section of
this piece. Once I finished the homework assignments for the week I did move on
to some of the extra credit and I actually got two of them done. I was able
to get the monthly extra credit which was to do 500 stitches in 310 which is
black and we had to do that for Sirius Black. So what I did is I worked on my
HAED, let me see if I can get the picture for you here of what it will look like. There we are. So once it’s done this is how it’s
going to look. This is Mini Loyalty and I’m still just on the first page so
still working up here in the corner. This is where it was last week and this is
how far I got! So I was able to do all 500 of my black stitches there and
finish that assignment. So now the fun part will be going back and filling in
those chunks of the yellow. I try when I do this one to do a stripe of black and
then chunk of yellow because the yellow is fairly confetti heavy so I like to
try and break it up with you know an easy section than a more detailed-y
section then easy etc. But to get the 500 stitches of black, I got that. So now I
need to go back and fill in a little bit. So we’ll see if maybe I can get that
done this week at all. I’ll move that over on the chair. And then I was also able to get
one of the year-long extra credits done. So the year-long extra credit is to do
1,000 stitches that meets one of, I believe, 22 different prompts? This one I
actually brought to the local meetup of stitchers. They meet every second Tuesday
and third Saturday at the hospital here. So I brought this project to work on
this one I don’t actually have a picture of to show you the final product but it
is the Pumpkinville SAL by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. So here’s where it was
last week or last time and this is how far I got!
So the March block here is going to be a craft shop because apparently March is
national craft month and the little girl in this block she is knitting. So what
I’m choosing to do for this prompt is the… the Gryffindor common room is on the
seventh floor. And the way I made that work is that Hermione when she starts
SPEW (spew) um the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, she decides
that she is going to knit hats and socks for the elves, the house elves, and hide
them around the common room. So in that block I have my little knitter. She’s
going to be my Hermione. She’s going to be knitting the hats and socks to hide
in that Gryffindor common room. Moving on to my fully finished object! Now, it’s not
very big. This is just a little freebie that was available with the year-long
frosted pumpkin stitchery stitch along. This little freebie is supposed to be a
piece of cake. I made him into a scissor fob that I just stuck on there because
right behind me on the couch, pretty much where Lunas sleeping right now is where
my stitching spot is and I usually just leave my scissors on the arm of the
couch but then when the dogs get up there they fall into the couch and my
hope is that by adding a nice chunky scissor fob there that they won’t get
lost in the couch. I’ll be able to find them easily. So that was my little FFO
for the week (fully finished object). As you can see Zelda’s bringing me her
frisbee. As you can also see she has chewed the frisbee because why just play
with it when you can destroy it. All right, so moving on to my plans for
this coming week. This week what we need to do for the
School of Magical Stitches and Literature is we need to fill out our class
schedule. So what they did is they listed out the different classes that you can
take and you have to choose at least three and do 200 stitches for each one.
If you would like to be an overachiever you may do all five and if you can do
all five without needing to do the penalty stitches, which is what you would
do when say you want to meet the prompt but you don’t happen to have any current
projects that meet, it you can do the double stitches. So if it calls for 200
you can double it and do 400 to, I guess, ‘pass’ whatever that is even if you don’t
have a project that fits it. If you can do all five classes without needing to
do any of the penalty stitch options then you get an extra ten points for
your house so I am going to try and I’m hoping that these will all work but this
is what I’m planning on. So one of the classes we are taking is Care of Magical
Creatures and sorry I’m looking down. I’ve got my list down here. For Care of
Magical Creatures what I am going to work on this week is GiGi which is my
Nora Corbet and I am choosing to work on her because I’m going to say that
this little cat down here is half kneazle kind of like Crookshanks. And I don’t
know if I’m pronouncing that correctly but in my mind that’s how I always read
it. It’s essentially a magical cat. They are particularly good at finding
deception so I’m going to say that this little cat down here is part kneazle and I
will do my 200 stitches on Gigi. The next class that I’m doing is Arithmancy which is something that Hermione takes but Harry and Ron never do and
since the stories are mostly told from Harry’s point of view we don’t get to
see too much of the class but what we know is that it’s got to do with numbers.
So the one I’m doing for this is going to be a birth announcement and I don’t
have a picture of how it will fully look. Um, what I will do is insert a picture
here of the one that I did for my niece. So it’s essentially the same thing that
I’ll be working on. My sister just found out that she is going to be having a
little boy so although I don’t have the numbers yet to put into this because the
child has not yet been born so we don’t know the dates, don’t know the weight,
anything like that, um it will eventually have numbers. So I’m going to count that
as my Arithmancy. And this one is just a Dimensions kit
that I got years ago. I saved the pattern for it so that I can stitch it over and
over. The next one I will do is for muggle studies which, I mean, it’s fairly
self-explanatory. Pretty much just non- magical. So what I will do for that one
is… Zelda, please stop… I will be working on some more of that March block for my
Pumpkinville SAL. Specifically what I’m using is the scissors. So I’m going to
assume that scissors are more of a muggle thing since I don’t believe they
ever use it Harry Potter they use like a severing charm.
So for muggle studies, counting scissors as my muggle object really I just want
to finish this block before April comes out. That is my ultimate goal, to finish
early so I can keep going on the center banner because that is not done yet
either and I would love to be all caught up.
I don’t like being behind on those. The next class is going to be divination
and somebody in the Hufflepuff common room, I’m sorry I don’t remember who it
was, posted a link to the Wikipedia page for divination. So it listed out all the
different ways that have been used in the past to supposedly divine the future
and one of those ways happens to be called I believe zoomancy is how it’s
pronounced? Which is predicting the future based on the behavior of animals.
So for that one since I haven’t worked on it in a very long time I will be
working on my Riolis Hedgehog kit. Uh, I bought this one years ago I am
determined to get this one done. I am I mean decently close. So I’m going to be
getting my 200 stitches in on these little guys and counting that as my
divination through Zoomancy. And then the last one that I am planning on doing
for this week is the study of ancient runes and for the study of ancient runes
I don’t have anything that’s necessarily rune-ish however I do have my Giant Harry
Potter which has all of these spells listed along the sides. Not all, but you
know, it’s got spells and those spells actually have Latin roots to them so
that is how I am planning on tying that into my study of ancient runes. It’s a
language that people used to write in would be Latin so hopefully that will
work. And that is the end of my plans for this
coming week which means that it is time for the surprise. Now I have actually
finally passed 100 subscribers which I say finally but I never expected to
reach that milestone. The fact that there’s that many people out there who
are interested in watching me talk about cross-stitch blows my mind! So thank you,
thank you, thank you, so much and in honor of passing that milestone I wanted to do
a giveaway. So as I mentioned in I believe it was my first video I am
planning on doing one building in the Hometown Holiday series by Little House
Needleworks each year. So this past year the one that I did, I’ve partially FFO’d, not all the way, but I worked on the Pet Store and got it finished so
I’ve got it mounted right now. I’m planning on making it a flat fold, still
have to finish it. But since I am finished with the stitching I thought
that would make a nice giveaway pattern. So if you are interested in winning the
Little House Needleworks chart here the Pet Store please comment below. What you
will do is: you need to be a subscriber, you need to be over 18 years old that
way it’s okay for you to give me my, or, give me your address, you also… please do
not say the word giveaway. I want to make sure if this goes to somebody who will
actually love it and not just someone who searches for free giveaways so do
not say the word giveaway. I will have to delete your comment. Sorry guys. And since
this is a small chart I am okay with shipping it anywhere. So what I want you
to do to enter this giveaway is comment below and tell me who your stitching
buddy is. As you can see, Luna is my stitching
buddy. When zelda decides to lay down she is my
other stitching buddy. I want to hear about yours and if you don’t have one
tell me who you would want to be your stitching buddy! And that is all that I
have for you guys today. So until next time, keep a magical guys! Bye!