Flosstube #3: Sad WIP progress…but FFOs!

Hi everyone, it’s Jessica, the Schoolhouse Stitcher, and I am back for my third Flosstube video. I hope everyone has had a really great couple of weeks. They’ve been pretty good for me. Probably the biggest thing that happened is I went to the Giant Stitch-In that my guild put on a couple weeks ago. I think right after I filmed my last video. I had so much fun. I had such a great time there. I sat at a table with a lot of Georgia and South Carolina Flosstubers. So there was Mischievous Stitches and Stitcharella, DSquared, itiskismet_stitches, Persnickety Stitcher. My friend Pam came up from South Carolina. She is not a Flosstuber, but I met her at the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat. So it was great to see her. But we just–we had a blast. There was a lot of talking, a lot of laughter, a lot of stashing. Very little stitching. I got seven stitches done. Yeah, but it was so much fun. We have another mini retreat in Marietta this weekend, and I’ll be going to that on Friday and Saturday. So yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of those ladies there as well. It’s gonna be–it’s gonna be a blast. It’s gonna be so much fun. And I think–it’s gonna be pretty big for a mini retreat. I say mini retreat because there are no classes; it’s just stitching on Friday and Saturday. And if you’re not local you can stay over in a–they have a hotel and you can stay over that night. I’ll just be driving up because I’m like 20 minutes away. But I think they’re gonna be something like 40 people there, so it should be a good time. Yeah, really looking forward to just stitching with the Georgia and the South Carolina ladies again. Oh! Saying “ladies,” that reminds me. Men, I owe you an apology. Because I was doing these subtitles for my last video, and I think it was when I was holding up Nantucket Rose, I said something like, “So ladies, if you want to see what you’re stitching toward.” Men stitch too. So gentlemen, I’m sorry about that. I did not mean to leave you out, and I’ll do better next time. I know what everyone wants to know: Who won the giveaways? Yes, giveaways plural, because there were two. The Lesson One I had meant to do. The subscriber giveaway was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. And I didn’t really think about the placement of putting that after haul when a lot of people have scurried off. So I started counting up the entries and I’m like, Gosh, I have so many more entries for this Schoolhouse–for the Summer Schoolhouse series. People want that, but they don’t want like $25 in free money to buy whatever they want? And then I started thinking about where I put it. That might be why. But hey, those of you who who stick around to the end, got to enter the giveaway. For the Schoolhouse Lesson One, I did not put the chart beside me, but you saw it in my last video. You know what it looks like by now. I had– and I did not do the–film me doing the random number generator, because we don’t need to see that level of awkwardness in filming. But for Schoolhouse Lesson One, I had 116 entries. I put in the random number generator, and it selected number 69. Stop it. Which was username MrHaney12. Her name is Carolyn. So congratulations, Carolyn, you won the Summer Schoolhouse Lesson One. If you–I’ll send you a PM, and if you can let me know your address, I’ll get that out in the mail to you. For the other giveaway, the subscriber giveaway, which is a $25 e-gift certificate to 123Stitch, or if you are international, to a store of your choice. A cross-stitch store of your choice that has e-gift cards. I had 111 entries for that one. See, I told you, you lose some people in the haul. Random number generator picked number 23, which was Shelley – Small Town Stitcher. So congratulations, Shelley. And I discovered Shelley is a new Flosstuber who has three videos out, so I’m going to have to go over and check out her channel as well. I learned a lot of things. Y’all get needles in some scary places. Be careful where you sit. Be careful where you put your hands. Have hardwood floors if possible. And if you’re a woman, and you’ve lost your needle, check your bra. These are the tips we picked up. But Shelley, I will PM you as well. I will need your email address so that I can get that sent to you. But thank you, everyone who entered. I had–I was really pleased, you know, happy with the response and loved reading all of your stories about losing and finding needles. Oh, and there was one commenter, and I forgot her name, I’m so sorry, who sat on a needle and went to the emergency room or the doctor, and they recommended against surgery. So she’s still walking around with a needle in her body. You are hardcore. Wow. I would completely be taking advantage of that and at every stitch-in I went to: “Does anyone have a needle?” “Yeah, I do.” “Good luck getting it.” But thank you again to everyone who entered. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to go back and read the comments, because a lot of the stories are really funny. But congratulations to Carolyn and Shelley, and like I said, just, you know, I’ll have PM’d you by now, but just send me, you know, send me your mailing address for Carolyn and your email address for Shelley, and I will get those out to you. All right, let’s turn to stitching. The WIPs. I have one. Well, from last time I have one WIP that I have worked on, and that is the Harvest Home pinkeep. I need something– we’re back on the plain white wall today, because it’s very cloudy outside, and I think it’s gonna rain, so my light is terrible. Well. Too terrible for me to be anywhere else in my condo except for this one spot. Which gets pretty good light for some reason. Anyway, here’s the Harvest Home pinkeep. Last time I had done the row of acorns on up to the top, so this time–I know, in two weeks, all I did was put in this little row, these motifs, this, and the word harvest. That’s it. That’s all I got. Yeah. I’m struggling with this project, y’all. I don’t know what it is. Well, actually I think I do know what it is. It’s not the design–I love the design, I love the colors, I love the floss. It’s Gentle Art, so that’s fine. Even the Weeks linen is not as difficult to stitch on as I normally find Weeks. You know, this is 32-count tin roof linen. It’s not terrible. I think it’s stitching with two strands. I just– It’s been a long time since I’ve stitched with two strands. Most of what I’ve been working on lately has been one strand over two, so I’m just– I’ve been having a hard time getting into this. It’s been a lot slower than my ordinary–my other projects. And I I mean, I really should have been able to finish this in two weeks, because there wasn’t that much to do. My plan is to take this to the stitch-in for the retreat this weekend, and I’m gonna take another project just in case, but I’m gonna take this one Friday and I’m gonna work on this on Friday and see what I can get done. Because I need the word Home, some little more of these little doodads over here, the other half of this basket, and this border goes across the bottom. That’s all I need to do, and it doesn’t seem like that much, so I’m hoping that I can make a good amount of progress at the retreat. Like I said, I’m gonna take this one on Friday. I’m gonna stitch only on this. I will have a backup project in the car just in case I finish this. Let’s think optimistically. But yeah, so I will work on this on Friday. That’s gonna be my focus, and then if I– even if I don’t finish it, Saturday I can work on something else, but it’ll just help me get some really substantial progress on this so I can knock it out, because I want to–I want to be done with this one. That’s my only WIP. I did have two new starts. The first one was kind of a surprise to me. I didn’t plan to start it, but I pulled out the chart and I was thinking, well, I’m gonna need to convert the colors. So maybe while I’m cleaning out my craft corner, I’ll just pull the colors. Faces of Eve by Prairie Moon. She has like 35 colors. You see the deep colors here, how they’re, you know, kind of–they’re more muted colors. If you go by the straight DMC conversion, instead of having like this beautiful, you know, kind of mauves and greens and golds and blues, she’s turquoise and purple. It’s not–if you like this picture, the DMC conversion is crap. So I did my own. I pulled some colors–like I started with her body and her hair, which is charted in black. I don’t like using black, so I used 3379, 3371, what is it? 3371. The dark black-brown. So I started with that color and then her face colors were fine. I kind of looked at the picture on here and used that as my guide, and thank God for DMC color cards. Sorry, my floss is wrapped around my needle. But I used that and then I just kind of picked some colors that I thought would match reasonably well with what’s on the chart. Because that uses NPI silk, and I’m not paying that much money for NPI, for one project. That’s a lot of money. But these are, yes, these are all the colors that I came up with. I think they’re gonna be a little richer. A little nicer. And then of course I had to figure out a fabric for it So I tried several different fabrics, and I ended up– which way does this go? I have no idea which way this goes. Wait, this was at– I don’t know. I gotta look at the chart. Whatever. But this is my tiny little start on 40-count pearled barley by Lakeside. This is the same fabric I’m using for the Village of Hawk Run Hollow. Like I said, I have no idea which way this thing goes. We’ll figure it out next time, but it’s just a tiny little bit. I wanted to see how the coverage on 40-count would be and make sure that this 3371 wasn’t going to– that it was gonna have good coverage on this. I’m really happy with that, and I’m looking forward to getting back into that once some obligation projects are done. Like once the Summer Schoolhouse series is out of the way. Speaking of Summer Schoolhouse, Lesson Two came in the mail. Here’s what that looks like. It has two small projects instead of one big one. I started–because I have to do things alphabetically or it would bug me, even though I really like this beehive–I started with the lady. In three days–one day I was sick, so I did a lot of stitching at home that day. In three days, I did this. I had a paper, so you wouldn’t see through this. So yeah, I have done all the letters. I’ve done all the lady and her little flower. The bird needs some feet. So I just need to do the rows of strawberry that go around the outside, and then the row at the bottom. But I’m really looking forward to finishing that one. This is the other project I’m going to take to the retreat. I’m gonna work on it on Saturday. I’m also going to work on it tonight–this is Wednesday, so I’m gonna work on it tonight and tomorrow and hopefully, cross fingers, I can finish that one this weekend. I got a little excited and thought, Oh, I’m almost done with part two! It’s like, wait. There’s another one. Not almost done with part two. Almost halfway done with part two. But it’s okay, because I really like the little man with his huge, huge pants and stick legs and his little beehive. I’m looking forward to getting back to that one. Did not have any finishes this week. Those are the only two projects that I have worked on. You know, like I said with the stitch-in, I didn’t do a lot of stitching there because we were talking and we were laughing or stashing. Mostly because we were stashing. Let’s be real. But yeah, I just–I haven’t had a ton of time to stitch over the past couple weeks. I’ve had some, you know, other things with friends and life and work going on. It happens. Let’s see. If you follow me on Instagram– schoolhousestitcher on Instagram. You may have seen me–you have seen pictures of these next few things. While I did not have finishes, I did receive three FFOs. I left three pictures–or three pieces with a framer at the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat back in May so that she could frame them and then mail them to me. It took a little while because she had such a backlog from the retreat, because she’s very popular among prim stitchers. Her name is Patty Nicolosi, By My Hand Needl’werks. I’ll put a link to her Facebook page in the comments or the description box below so that you can go and check out her framing work. Which is beautiful work, beautiful. But these are the three pieces I got back, and they’re the first three pieces I’ve ever had framed for me. I have had things framed for other people. Three or four things–four things framed for other people, but nothing in my house, so I’m really excited to hang these up. This first one is by Plum Street Samplers. We’re gonna have glare because the windows are open, so we get all the light I can, and–yeah, you see that? That’s why we have glare. But we’ll work with it. It’s gonna be okay. This is Plum Street Samplers’ Labor for Learning. It says, “Labor for learning before you grow old, for it is better than silver and gold.” She chose–or we chose this dark frame for it which picks up the color here. And you can’t really tell on the video, but this piece right here that goes around the frame, it’s very reddish. You know, it has this–like it was painted red underneath, and then it was rubbed off. But it matches very well with this guy, this bird right here. So it looks very, very nice. This is gonna hang up in my craft corner that we’re working on. It’s decorated in navy blue and mint, and I thought the coral accents would look really nice hanging in there. This one I finished at last year’s Prim Stitchers Society Retreat. So was very happy to kind of come full circle and have it framed at this one. But like I said, that’s Plum Street Samplers’ Labor for Learning, and that one, I believe, is still available. This next one is Heartstring Samplery’s AII the Pretty Flowers. Trying to find the least glare. It says, “All the pretty flowers live forever in my heart.” This was a club kit from the Dyeing to Stitch Ladies Prim Society. I believe–I think it’s now available as a regular chart. I can’t quite remember. I don’t keep track of when they’re released as well, because I’ve already stitched them. This one is very–this one is just you know a nice gold frame. Not a bright gold, but you know, just this light brushed gold frame with the swirls. This one is very special to me because I stitched on this last year. My grandfather had a stroke some time ago–like several years ago, so last year–you know, he had been bedridden for several years, and then he passed away last year after time in hospice care. But during his last week, I was one of–because I had a very flexible work schedule, I was one of the family members who was at his bedside and helping take care of him along with the home hospice nurses. So I did a lot of stitching that week, because you’re– you know, after a point, the house is clean, you have dinner for days, and there’s nothing else to do except sit and wait. So I did a lot of stitching, and then this is one of the last pieces that I stitched, or the last piece that I finished before he passed away, so that holds a very special place in my heart. This is gonna hang up in our dining nook–we don’t have a dining room, just a nook. But it’s good. It’s gonna hang up there so I can see that every day. This third piece is also by Plum Street Samplers. This is my favorite design. This is called The Beekeeper and this one was a limited edition–let’s see what we can do. Here we go. Well. You get the idea. This one was a limited edition kit, so I don’t think it’s available anymore sadly, and I already sold my pattern. For a reasonable price, not a mark-up. But this is The Beekeeper. I love this so much. Look at that beehive. And the flowers, and that ornate vase. It’s just beautiful. And we–I had a really difficult time finding a frame for this one. We went through a lot of different options. I thought she was gonna have to direct me to her frame source websites that I could scroll through dozens of options, because there’s only so many, like, little corners that you can bring–that you can have. There are always gonna be more options available online. But finally someone happened to pull this one out, and they put it beside my Labor for Learning piece, and I was like, Ooo! No, I like it beside this one. And I really, really love it. It’s just this old, you know, this kind of weathered look. This has kind of a gold tinge to it. It’s so hard to describe. It’s like a grey-brown here in the center, and then this is more of a light gold. I can’t wait to display this one. This is going to go in our living room so I can look at it every day, because I love it so much. This was stitched on probably 36-count, 35- or 36-count, I think it’s the Northern Cross linen because I remember it being very stiff and scratchy. That is stitched one over one–or, one over two. This is also on a 36-count. I cannot remember the name of this because it came in the kit, but it’s–whatever the chart calls for, that’s what this is. Also stitched with overdyeds. And then this was stitched on 36-count vintage country mocha, and if I were doing it again–I really like it on this, but if I were doing it again, I’d stitch on 40-count just because I’ve really gotten into 40-count lately. I’m doing much better on time than I thought I was. I thought I wasn’t gonna have time to show you my haul, but Yeah, I think I will. Great! So like I said, I’m gonna put the framer’s name, the link to her Facebook page down in the description, so that if you want to check out her framing or you’re in her area, you can see what kind of work she does. I was very, very happy with these. The post office did decide to– thank God for tracking. The post office did decide to take my package and send it on a little day trip to a town–Thomaston, Georgia, which if you’re familiar with Georgia, is about 60, 65 miles south of Atlanta. So the tracking says, oh, it went to the Atlanta distribution center, and now it’s in Thomaston. No, come back! Wrong way! You’re going the wrong way! Thank goodness, it was only a one-day delay. So it came, they turned it around–the post office in Thomaston was probably like, Why? Why? It has an Atlanta address and an Atlanta zip code. But they turned it around and it got to me the next day, so whew. Really happy about that. All right, so let’s show you my haul. I have a couple things that I’ve picked up off eBay or Stash Unload. This first one I’m really excited about. This is Renaissance Garden by The Goode Huswife. All of her charts are out of print, many are hard to find. I managed to pick this one up on eBay for not a terrible price. I love the colors. I love the composition of this. This is a bunny. Let me see if I can get you close enough to see what I see. That bunny. I’m not sure if I’m gonna stitch him as is or if I’m going to rechart him. Because let me show you again. He totally looks like he’s pooping. He just does. Yeah, that’s what I see. So I’m not sure if I’m gonna stitch him as is and have a pooping bunny hanging up on my wall, or if I’m going to rechart him so that his butt is a little closer, like on the ground instead of hovering. But I really like–I really like the colors on that one and I like the design, so I was happy to find that one. This other one I picked up off Stash Unload. I was inspired by Michelle at The Striped Rose because she is working on this and it looks beautiful. Beautiful. This is Shady Day by Sheepish Designs. And looking at this, I would not have thought that there were a terrible lot of–I don’t see the satin stitches. Well, I guess I do now because I know to look for them. But I didn’t realize it had so much satin stitching and some specialty stitches in it until I saw Michelle’s version. It’s really, really pretty. It’s so much better than what the photo shows. So when I found that one for a decent price– I think you can actually find this in some stores. I think The Silver Needle, maybe, has it on their website because they did rerelease this one, but I managed to find it for a used price, so was happy about that. The rest of the haul. The rest of the haul is from the Giant Stitch-In. Which, if you’ve seen Mischievous Stitches or Stitcharella’s videos, you know that The Giant Stitch-In can be a very dangerous thing, because they have tons of cross-stitch charts–good cross-stitch charts– and they’re all priced like 25 cents to maybe $3. And most of them are like a dollar. So I found lots of good stuff this year. Last year I found some good stuff, too. But not–I think I only came away with like a couple different patterns. This year I found some more. All right, so one of the first things I got. I think Jessie Marie– Jessie Marie Does Stuff has done this one. This is Merry Moose. 25 cents. Now, it doesn’t have the perforated paper in it, but I have perforated paper, and it has everything else. And you can tell that it’s unused–I mean, look at that floss. Nobody’s used that floss. So yeah, I was super happy. 25 cents for a Mill Hill kit. Can’t beat that. I picked up these Heirloom Santas. Now this is not a whole kit, it just has the patterns. But I mean, again, it was 25 cents. I can deal with that. That was neat. These other two, I was kind of– so if you watch Lorie, yeah. Lorie has already talked about how Natasha and I, we will run you down to get to the stash. I mean, they were like, “And you can go buy now,” and Natasha and I were like. Gone. So we get up there, we’re at the front, the first ones looking through this big box and digging through and everything. There’s this other box off to the side, and there’s a woman standing at that box. But she’s not looking at the box. She’s kind of looking over my way. In my view, if you’re at the box, you gotta own the box, people. You know, you gotta get in there and start digging and looking, and you–you gotta own it. I happen to look over, and she’s not really looking through it. I saw these. Blackbird Designs’ Wild Lilies and Gathering Basket. And they were sitting in the front of the basket, so I was just like, Ooo! And darted my hand up under her arm where she’s just kind of standing and looking at me. And I’m just like, boom. I grabbed them. If you are the woman who was standing at the box, and you did actually want these? Leave a comment down below, or PM me or something. You know, if you know Lynette or Caroline with the guilds or something, tell them, “Hey, Jessica stole my charts.” Seriously, let me know, and I will stitch these and I will send them to you for free. Like the charts for free. Since I was a little– a little grabby. 75-cent Blackbird Designs! You know. Anyway. This next one is from the Linen Berry Collection. It’s Yikesberry by Erica Michaels I Haven’t looked at the chart to see, but I’m guessing that it just says “Yikes” with the spider. I don’t know if there’s anything on the other side of the berry or not. I did not pay $3. This was during the half-off portion of the day, so I paid $1.50. What else do we have? I picked up a couple of magazines. They were like 10 cents each. This one is Cross-Stitch and Country Crafts May/June 1995. Here’s what this cover looks like. I got it for this piece with the bees. Now, I’m probably not going to do that verse. It says, “There was a bee / sat on a wall / He said he could hum / and that was all.” It’s a little quirky. It might be a little too obscure for me. Yeah, I might change that if I do this. But for ten cents, I mean, I figured if nothing else, I like what they did here. I wouldn’t make buttons. Well, I wouldn’t make buttons to put on clothes, let’s say that. But I do like what they did here, so it could be cool for like a necklace, like a pendant. There are some other–I don’t think there’s anything else in here I’m going to stitch, because Cross-Stitch and Country Crafts, a lot of those are country, obviously, and that’s not really my aesthetic. There is a Pansy Heart by Lori Birmingham if you’re into that designer. Kay, there’s lovely pansies. Yes, so I think the bee is really the only thing I might do in that one. For 10 cents, I had to get it. This next one is The Needleworker October/November 1999 issue. Here’s what that looks like. I started paying more attention to The Needleworker ever since I realized that it had that– that one of the issues had that Goode Huswife chart, which I think I showed in either my first or second video. But I had to get that. I didn’t buy it for this. This is an interesting design. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t stitch it, but if you like religious charts, I think the composition of that–the design of that is very nice. This is by Janelle–I can never say her last name. Giese. That’s nice. There’s this really cool-looking Guinevere’s Stocking, which I believe is done in some type of embroidery. Sorry, I keep wanting to push this like right up on you. This is the reason I bought the magazine. I’ve happened to–when I was flipping through it, it fell open to this one. So it’s a nice little Quaker design. Did you see him? There’s a bee. And a bunny, so it’s cute. So that one I might actually stitch. This is kind of neat. I’m not going to do this one, but there is a Halloween alphabet. And I believe those are all of the cross-stitch bits. Yeah, so I basically I picked this one up for the Quaker sampler in the middle. I’m very happy with that. I also got Christmas Ornaments by Teresa Wentzler. Teresa Wentzler was one of the very first designers– she’s really what got me turned on to stitching as a more serious hobby back when I was in later years of high school, I believe. She was really the coolest designer you could find in the local Walmart, which is all I had. I still want–I’ve since– my taste has since changed. There are still some of her designs I really like, though, and these are one of them. I was happy to pick that up. This one was very appropriate because Diana–itiskismet_stitches–was searching the charts beside me at the moment when I found this. “Oh, you have this one!” This is Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia. Yeah, $2. Awesome. Check out this bead list. Yeah, that’s why Diana said she was so blinged up. Next. Michelle, Bendy Stitchy, might like this one. I think I mentioned it. This is Bee Keeper by Sheepish Designs. This is all done in specialty stitch. I think it’s a buttonhole stitch, and then there’s some little embroidery there at the bottom. And both sides of this are done–like the back side is also just the buttonhole stitch, without this embroidery. But I love that. I think it looks like a really fun and kind of mindless project, you know, one that you don’t have to put that much thought into. Might be a good travel piece. This other one is A Colonial Garden by The Abecedarian. I thought that was very cute. This is a hand-drawn chart. That’ll be challenging. But I really like the design and it was 50 cents so it was worth it. I’m getting near the end. So the last few things I got were–I happened to see a Prairie Schooler chart while flipping through, and I was just like, Ooo, Prairie Schooler! Oh, there’s some behind it! So I just kind of, like, pulled out the whole thing. I’ll look at it, and then put it back if I don’t want it. Turns out, I do want them. The first thing I found was A Prairie Village II. I really like this church and the barn. Which, I’ve never seen any barn look like that, but I think it’s really neat. I like the house I was happy to find that. I also picked up Summer Samplers, and I think some of these are coming back into print. You can tell this was bought at Hobby Lobby back when they had good stuff. And I’m still so mad they clearanced out all of their good cross-stitch stuff, because that would’ve been such a good resource for people. Anyway, Summer Samplers. And Spring Samplers. This is my favorite. I think I just really like the muted colors that are in here and the rabbit with the umbrella. All right, last couple things I picked up. There’s a Carriage House Samplings. They had a lot of these stockings–Natasha got one, Lorie got one, but this is the Truth and Virtue Stocking. I would change these colors–they’re a little bright for me, a little too pinkish. But I really like the design. And this is my favorite. This is the Pennsylvania German Stocking. I’ve gotten really into these Pennsylvania motifs. I showed the Pennsylvania Christmas Sampler from The Goode Huswife in my last video, and I found several other Pennsylvania spot samplers, things like that. That for some reason, I’m just finding really, really appealing right now. So I was so happy to find this. I also got– one thing that kind of fell to the side is they had this little, this tiny little bag of like–it looks like a 28-count lugana because it’s by Zweigart. 28-count. It’s like 54 inches by 6 inches, so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with this, but I think I’m gonna use it to practice dyeing methods, whether that’s prim dying–you know, coffee and tea or walnut–I have some walnut crystals I need to bust out and figure out what to do with those. Or whether it’s, you know, dyeing with Rit dyes. So I might use that as a bit of an experimental piece. All right, that is all I have for you today. Like I said, I’m gonna be going to a big stitching retreat on Friday and Saturday, so hopefully with my next video, I’ll have some finishes and some good progress to show you on some of my other WIPs. I really want to knock out the Summer Schoolhouse and the Harvest Home pinkeep so that I can pull out my Village of Hawk Run Hollow, because it’s feeling very neglected, and I want to get that–I want to get the church block done. I really want to stay on top of that one. I don’t want to–I don’t want to fall behind. But yeah, thank you guys for watching and commenting and subscribing. I’ve had so much fun interacting with the community in just the last six weeks–four weeks. Yeah, just the last month. I’ve had so much fun interacting with y’all and really enjoy seeing all of your work and finding new Flosstubers and expanding my Watch Later list. But I hope all of you have a great couple of weeks coming up, and until next time. Bye!