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hi stitching friends this is Amanda Mae
and I am the designer and founder of Ardith Design where I specialize in
digital art and cross stitch patterns and needle art goodies and I’m also
crafty lady and I hope to be a connecting thread that connects historic
needlework to contemporary needle art using sustainable materials and fun
stuff found objects and just having fun. modern embroidery is making a comeback
and there’s so many awesome things out there I like to see the stitches stuff
from the 80s and 90s yes I’ve saved the quintessential geese and the tacky lace
stuff. I’ve saved all the things I love it and I’m here today today is Christmas
Day. it’s Christmas morning 2018. my kids have opened up their presents and I want
to talk a little bit about cross stitch, count to cross stitch, my save the
stitches finds, I have some mail call, I want to give a couple shout outs and
just all the things. so let’s get started. first off yes it’s Christmas Day but you
probably won’t see this video until the day after Christmas, but I have all my
stuff up and I love it. this chair right here (giggles.). They they were ugly, and I had a challenge to make them beautiful. I got some spray
paint and bound determination and we spray painted this. and coincidentally
enough, it matched my dishes that I got last year from Pioneer Woman and this
set is it’s got like the little roses and stuff and it’s got teals so I
accidentally on purpose have a set that matches. it was really neat I watched
another video of Teresa Kogut, she’s the creative whims that she was talking
about going to the pottery and making some stuff and and then I watched Brandy
Goeble every home needs a gnome. she was talking about her gnome
and I said my little gnome I wanted to show that I made and oh my gosh it’s so
bright I’m having a hard time equalizing and I I painted this to match my (bump crash) ‘cuz I
make messes, my Pioneer Woman set. I use the same colors and the same color
palette and that was really fun. I oh my goodness it’s Christmas and I am all
over the place! should we do…? oh I’ll show you this! alright so I started cross
stitching last year. yeah it’s been a year and the very first piece I ever cross
stitched was a Christmas piece and I’ve had this up on my fridge and it’s Noel
on Aida. and it was really fun to do and I learned a lot and again my very first
ever cross stitch piece and I put it in one of those things you get at the
dollar store so you can hang pictures on your fridge well I have it like this and
then I put it on my fridge protected and safe so this is my very first ever
completed cross stitch and I’m actually I’m really proud of it. in this save the
stitches realm, I got a couple more things that I put on my fridge I’ve got
the country pie country kitchen excuse me. it’s also on Aida, and here is a
season’s greetings and it’s on one of the 1990s little frames and it’s got
real glass which not child friendly so I put the magnet on the fridge and the kid
immediately pulled it down so no more on the fridge. what else do I have?
save the stitches oh I got this it’s hand done ornament to add to my tree and
I love it. and then I’ve got this Ziggy now Ziggy was really big for a while and
is number one you’re the one I’ve got to clean that I found that goody and then
these are really neat they are needlework on the painted the
canvas is painted and I got this a couple years ago and I didn’t know who
the artist was this is it’s painted on the canvas this one hasn’t been started
yet and it’s a little wonky I have no
information on this artist I don’t know who did this and this one is a partially
completed one that I got in the same set when I when I purchased they came
together so in an Egyptian hieroglyphs and I just think it’s really neat it’s
the canvas is very small the mesh I want to say it’s like an 18 count or smaller
and it’s got really vibrant colors and I don’t know what to do I’ve never done
needlepoint before it doesn’t have any of the threads but I have it I saved it
and I’m really happy about that. and my other save the stitches finds
kind of going along with sustainability I got these really cool reusable
wrapping paper instead of using wrapping paper you put your gifts in the bag and
then you close it up so I got this one and I use that this morning and I got
another one I use this morning with the drawstring and I think a lot of people
making project bags and stuff wanted one of the really cool things maybe is to
start making like the gift bags too. I don’t know. you know we all have so much
to do! I’m thinking about maybe with some of my fabric getting getting some of the
gift bags ready for next year because we don’t use any wrapping paper. and I got
this I got a set of four of these and they’re little the dishcloths
to clean your dishes and you know where you wash your dishes before you put them
in the dishwasher? (giggles). got a set of four of these, and I love
them. I cannot recommend them enough, so that’s my save the stitches for this
week and I think we should move on to mail call!
mail call! Oh mail call and I am so thankful and I feel so
grateful for for all of you thinking of me. I got in the mail from Karen she is a
designer KEB Creations. she sent me this awesome card. I believe she designed
it herself, and she’s got the pattern on the back I’m not showing you the pattern
but here here’s her logo beautiful card beautiful sentiment and she sent me the
first key for the Key Tribute Project. the unlock your possibilities that we’re
gonna send in some keys to the artist in Paradise California to create the
Phoenix and I’m so excited thank you Karen so much and that’s not all Karen
thought of me and she sent me I mean thank you thank you thank you
she sent me two vintage Cross Stitcher magazines. and I was cracking up when I
saw this. look at the cover of that! okay it’s got the spoon because I talked
about the spoon in the book with making the Christmas tree like, “that looks
familiar!” I have the exact frame! and look at that so this was one of my other save
the stitches the hunting I haven’t done anything with it it’s been in my Flosstube
pile my where you throw things around (laughs), but now I feel like this is a sign I’ve
got to make something. this issue is from 1983, which is before I was born which is awesome. feel like I got a little piece
of cross stitch history here, and there’s just some fun little patterns in here
and there’s like a little chicken and oh bunch of a bunch of cute little things
there’s like a random raccoon and then oh my gosh so this one I saw a little
kitty cat she said she thought of me yeah that’s great the vintage stuff is
really neat uh what I’ve noticed though is that if it’s anything is pre like
1989, 99% of it is all hand charted. it’s not using any type of computer software.
I think a lot of us get spoiled and we think about technology you know I’m
filming right now on an iPad, I have a smartphone, we have all of these devices
right to enhance our lives make our lives easier huge you know storage
capacities 2 terabytes of storage and all of this amazing technology but you
know it was not that long ago literally less than 30 years ago we did not have
the capability for our at-home computers you know to really chart out stuff like
cross stitch. and the history of needle art is so fascinating and it transcends
centuries literally transcend centuries and we are creating, and developing. and
enriching this needle art needle art tradition every year. every year new
things come out new technology new ways of thinking about things new materials
new ways to stitch. I I just find it so exciting! and I mean wasn’t that long ago
you know you couldn’t just decide to publish a book and do it. and we live in
an era its 2018 almost 2019, I feel so grateful to be able to do my art and have it out
into the world literally internationally. you can buy one of my shirts in Germany
on Amazon. you can buy one of my shirts in the UK. you can buy my book all around
the world! I have one amazing viewer and yes I’m getting your package out to you
I promise [laughs]. giveaway winner you know in Australia
who bought my book. and this is it this is a really awesome time to be alive. we
get to immerse ourselves in history and it the accessibility of it all I just– I’m just blown away
and I’m grateful. ah again let’s keep the history going let’s stitch all the
things! right? I mean so I did this notebook for my small small child uh for
a birthday party for a birthday party favor and I did like wide world graph
paper because kids you know they can chart stuff they can do 8-bit art
cross-stitch art. and then for adults I mean if you don’t you know being able to
chart and do things and you can if you’re a visual learner a lot of times
it’s easier to put pen to paper or pencil to paper, right? get your ideas,
flush them out, and then go onto the computer and chart it out. or just
straight just do it like this! there’s so many ways to learn and there’s now we
have so many avenues to learn, explore, develop. i mean how exciting? how exciting! okay I went on a tangent there, excuse me. giveaway I’m gonna insert it right here.
yes alright giveaway winner is Lena Autzen. I hope I said your name correctly.
Lena get a hold of me yeah okay congratulations! you’re getting a mystery
package. yes indeedy-do. Shh I’m not telling you what it is. I’m going to send it to you, and
then you can like hashtag you can tag me on Instagram and you can show everyone
what you got. all right oh are we still on mail call? we are still on Mail Call!
I got so excited. alright. I got in the mail
my order from Theresa Shakespeare’s Peddler kitten stitcher and she sent it
and beautiful, and she sent it with my fan art attached. isn’t that fun?
so my invoice with my fan art, so I was cracking up with that and I had
custom ordered her here lie my needles because I just love this pattern. I’ve
seen every one stitch at this previous year and I just felt like I really
needed to join this bandwagon, so I got that pattern I got some other
goodies that are my prep stuff for 2019, so I’m not showing you because it will be a surprise, but I will show
you a couple goodies that she threw in. she threw in this gorgeous 36 count
baby’s breath linen and it’s got gorgeous molding marbling on it, and then
she sent me two of her limited edition threads. we got I got Merlin’s cape and
picnic basket, and I love it! I absolutely love the gentle arts threads and of
course a Nancy Turner Victorian Motto sampler threads.
those are my Jams. love it! and I think that’s it for mail call– no no no it’s not
it for mail call. alright in honor of Snug Harbor Crafts Debbie and Keph, I am
showing you two children’s books and their mail call because they got sent to
my kids we opened at Christmas morning it’s Christmas right now I am showing
them. so the first book I got was well I got the first book my kids got that I
have the pleasure of reading 27,000 times each day again again read it again
.I got grumpy Bruce and it’s the board book for the little one and then we got
the same author “Mother Bruce” not Mother Goose
but mother Bruce. let me just say this is so darling! I love this book. I’m excited
to read it thirty seven thousand times bring it on. I love it. and it’s a really
cute story about this grumpy grumpy bear and how he how he gets little ones. it’s
adorable. I ordered a book for myself and then I
got a couple library books so I’ll do the library book first okay. I picked up
this twenty stitches Christmas cross-stitch by Michael Powell. and what
I really like about this book is that it’s got all these really fun whimsical
designs to it and they’re super small and simple. heavy back stitching I will
say that, but you could knock one of these out and make ornaments like
lickety-split. I would say each project probably takes under four hours, which in
cross stitch language that is fantastic,
so I highly recommend this book. I’m going to start the– I’m gonna
start the Stars. and I like the candle so I think I’m gonna do these two. and then
in my own library collection I have this plastic canvas Christmas traditions. as
many of you know I need more hobbies. I need more things to do. I’m so excited.
they have the gingerbread house and all they’re really fun cute little things
snowmen I’ve seen plastic canvas a lot and one of these days I will learn it. But until then I have the book to inspire me. back to books, I showed you my plastic canvas book and then I was so excited to find this book and I ended up
ordering it from Wonder Books. they’re amazing. They’re out of Frederick [Maryland]. And it’s “Plain and Fancy: American Women and Their
Needlework from 1700 to 1850” and I started reading it it’s fantastic. it’s a
really good source it’s from 1977 so it’s older however the
works cited page is fantastic and beautiful resource material, source
material. fun fact about me, I was a research assistant for and a graduate–
anyway, so Works Cited are like amazing. I love looking at those works cited
pages. great resource. I’m excited. I found it on eBay
through wonder books anyway so these are my books for the week and I’m really
excited about them. several months ago I talked about gingerbread houses and
wanting to make a gingerbread house with the kids. well we are going to do that
today, and we got this kit and I’m really excited about it. it’s a train kit. this
year we’re not making custom gingerbread and that’s okay.
I’m being kind to myself. there a lot of stuff happened we had to go pick up our
puppy he was he was cremated and so we they we ordered like this because the
custom urn box thing for him so he was home today for Christmas so we had to go
pick him up and we tried to turn the negative into a
positive and realize well we’re not doing fresh gingerbread and that’s okay
a kit is just fine and budget-friendly time friendly, so we have that and to you
know make the trip fun where it’s not just you know picking up something sad
we stopped and I found some goodies. and I want to share them. I got some patterns.
I got from Hillcroft House oh I can’t show that it’s the Baltimore quilt for
Christmas I got this pattern and it comes with all of them and they three
hole punch these are from 900 I just showed it a little bit I’m sorry
in 1994, so I’m excited. I did it again! okay real life and then the next pattern
I got was Lavender Wings and I love the little scissor fob and the roll and the
colors and this is dated I can’t see when it’s dated okay I loved it and then
this one I loved Pine Tree Cottage and it has all these really fun specialty
stitches that I have not done because full disclosure everyone I am a new
cross stitch person cross stitcher, and I gotta learn. I’m hoping in 2019 to take
some classes to learn all the things! I want to learn punch needle all the
things. I got this magazine just cross stitch and it’s an older issue and it
had some nice patterns in here and we’ll see we’ll see what I want me gonna do
and then I got this Prairie Schooler pattern and this one is “Garden Beasties.”
and it’s got a bee, caterpillar, bird eating a worm, ladybug, the snail, and the frog. so
I was thinking of Amy Loves Toads and there was a beautiful message put out by
Christine of stitch all the things for Amy and just sending you lots of love
and I hope you are well. the next the next one I have is Merry
Noel collection and I love the Santa sitting and the beautiful moon. the next
pattern I got was Bryant Farm Sampler. and I thought it was nice. I liked the
heart. I just reminds me of Valentine’s and then I got the Crossed Wing Collection Frosty Feast and this is the store number dates it at 1998 and I
think it’s really cute without a little snowmen and I peaked in the pattern and
it shows how to do all these different tiny little birds you know put a bird on
it I love it. oh my heater kicked on because real life
excuse me I hope it’s not too loud. I got this pattern. and it’s got a combination
of cross stitch and soft structure dolls and I love the little unicorn one of my
kids is super into unicorns right now so we have unicorns we got a lot we got a
lot of unicorns and then I got the Prairie schooler Santa’s a Saint
Nicholas I just love seeing Santa in different colored ensembles. I really
like Pam and Steph. they did their “Tour de wall” and one of the patterns that they
have is the “Salty Santa’s” and I just love it it’s got nautical it’s got
Santa’s it has all the things and I just love it. alright the next thing is the
Cricket Collection I got the sunflowers and I love sunflowers. I have the van
Gogh sunflower you know just a print obviously not that original [laughs]. but I had the sunflower print and I love that Priscilla and Chelsea design they do the
sunflowers and I don’t think they did a house tour with her sunflower
arrangements up, but here’s looking at next year right? and following along the
same lines, here’s some more sunflower goodies and this is the Needle Love
company very fun by Rene awesome and then again
Teresa Kogut was showing her old books and how she goes antiquing and gets them
and then puts her punch needle on the books. I just thought that was such a
tremendous idea because I have been looking at old books you know for doing
the up cycled book art that we’ve talked about in the past and anyway so I get
all inspired by Teresa, and when I when we go looking we actually went to an
antique store and I was looking at all the books and they were all too pretty
to to to do anything with but I found the fake book which was totally random!
it’s actually one of those fake book box thingies and Jen Upton did a beautiful
finish using something similar to this and I just I’m excited now to put a
cross stitch on it! [laughs] I just finished the gingerbread house with the kids, and it
looks like kids made it, and I love it! [kid whispering],”Mommy mommy!…” Yes, we put a lot at as snowflakes
on the gingerbread train didn’t we? oh well we’re not touching a gingerbread right we have a gingerbread house! yay all right I–thank you all so much for
joining me. Gnome for the holidays. I am home for the holidays. I have a thing
for gnomes. I want to wish you all a very Merry rest of your year. it’s tough for a
lot of people right now, and just know that you’re not alone. that
you can always reach out. my my contact information is below. I’ll link other the
floss tubers that I shouted out today. I’ll link them down below. I hope that you have a beautiful rest of the week, a new year, I will be back before I’m gonna make
another episode, and we’ve got a lot of amazing things to look forward to and
2019. life is good. there are hiccups, but when it–some some
days you win, some days you lose, some days it rains.
thank you all who’ve purchased my book and it tagged me on Instagram and got my
book for Christmas present. I mean I blown away! like I was ugly crying like
ugly tears of joy thankful, and just sending lots of love and light. I’ll see
you next Wednesday. happy stitching!