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hi friends it’s Amanda Mae with Ardith Design welcome back to my channel I am so excited that you’re here this is my
20th episode of flosstube where we celebrate all things counted cross
stitch celebrate sustainable stitching and you know I want to be the thread
that helps connect historic needlework to contemporary needle art so let’s get
started. we’re gonna talk about holiday stuff today, and I’ve got library books
to show you. I’ve got mail call we’ve got save the stitches some miscellaneous
haul. I have a new pattern to show you know it’s not my sequel to
Banana Pants Purdy, but it’s super fun nonetheless. we’re gonna talk about how
miniature kitchens and miniature things inspire me because apparently they do,
and I want to show you my uh notebook that I for some silly reason didn’t show
you last week I grabbed two of the same copy instead of different copies so I
want to show you my books. alright we’re gonna get started oh it’s
been– it’s been a really– it’s been a week. it has been a week. I’m so happy to be
here as I jostle the camera excuse me. I don’t know if you can see behind me but
I put up a tree. put up my third tree. and I’m very excited about it it has all
non-breakable ornaments. I’ve got like the satin stitch. I put
some of my cross stitch ornaments up. I’ve got my mid-century Santa’s we got
you know a little Wisconsin snuck in there, and I just I really like it it’s a
flocked tree, and young children just love playing with that fake snow, and it
gets everywhere. I think flocked snow is the glitter of the holiday season. holy
moly. I am wearing my Santa pin and I am wearing my “bah hum pug” Christmas vest.
I feel very festive and fancy. it’s never too early to start
wearing your holiday gear, and all denominational gear. I really like the
“Happy llamakah” Mayim Bialik wore it a couple years ago. her festive Hanukkah sweater. I love
it all things llama and Hanukkah put together, and there’s just so many fun
things that you can do with machine embroidery, and appliqué, knitting. oh my
goodness, there are so many cool things! speaking of cool things, I want to show
you a couple more little goodies that I have as far as trees go. apparently
I love trees. I think my obsession started when I was younger. my
sister-in-law put up seven trees and I was seven trees that seems a little
excessive, and then I grew up, and I learned to not judge, and if it makes you
happy and it brings you joy and it’s affordable– I mean don’t go into debt
getting trees, but if you have the space to store your items, to take care of your
items, and it brings you joy why not? I mean I love it there was a really
awesome believe Good Housekeeping came out with an article in 2017 talking
about people putting up their Christmas decorations or just general holiday
decorations in general like November first or earlier and how we shouldn’t
judge people for doing that. it actually it’s shown that scientifically in the
brain that it helps elicit positive memories of childhood. it helps build
community because neighborhoods, when they see lights and whether it’s through
the window or outdoor lights, it signals a response a receptive response that you
are welcoming, inclusive, that you’re approachable. so if you see people with
the twinkle lights on like, “wow those must be fun people or loving people.” I
wouldn’t go so far as to say loving people, but receptive to community, and
receptive to building community. and I just–I I don’t know. I was able to
thrift most of my trees. most of my ornaments are also I purchased
secondhand either through online stores, you know
the big platforms or estate sales, yard sales, and a lot of stuff that I have
made. and it brings me joy, and the twinkle lights bring me joy. and if
anyone’s gonna tell me I’m too happy well [giggles] I don’t know I don’t know what to
say about that. so I want to show you two of my trees
the first one I did not make but I loved it and it came home with me. this is a
ribbon tree. and it’s got a bunch of different ribbon that I love. it’s
arranged with pins the stainless steel pins. and it sits well wherever you want
to put it. in its child-friendly. I just think this is such a great affordable
way to display ribbon or to use some of your maybe your remnant ribbon. speaking
of remnant ribbon ,this was part of my haul. I actually went to a scrapbooking
store and like a couple towns over, and I bought their remnant ribbon. it was four
dollars. I paid retail for it. it’s got rickrack
and it had I got this specifically for this orange scalloped velvet ribbon.
hello love it! I am not sure exactly what I’m gonna use it for, but all I can think
of is haberdashery, trims, bring on the decorative trims. I love it!
I can’t! Awe! I love ribbon! so in in the ode to ribbon here’s my ribbon
tree. I love miniatures like really love miniatures. I have a lot of love’s but I
love miniatures and I have this little tree here that I got a couple years ago
and this goes in my kitchen window and it’s got all the little miniature
ornaments. I put it in a mug and it’s got all the cute little wooden ornaments and
it’s just got a little snowman up top. and it just it makes me smile. it’s too
small like I was gonna get some fiber optic lights to put inside of it
but then I thought that’s just too much work. I’ll enjoy it just the way it is. so
there’s just a couple cute little little trees .I put up three trees this year. my
minion tree, my my little pony tree ,and now my flocked red tree with counted
cross stitch and the mid-century plastic ornaments. I’ve got I don’t know if you
can see like there’s a little deer and all the cute things. i– speaking of
miniatures [giggles] well we’ll get back to miniatures. I’ll show you that in a
little bit. I think we should move on. I started showing you haul so I feel like
I should continue with that hmm yes. let’s continue I have this little
bookmark. I got and it is counted cross stitch. it says ho-ho. I’m not sure the
maker, but it’s on a scalloped white Aida and the back is the interfacing that
they ironed down. I don’t know if this was mass-produced or if this was handmade.
it came in a little bag. I love it. the next thing I have I got at it the
Christmas craft fair a couple weeks ago and it is a metal tin, and the reason
I’ve got it was specifically to put my little rare earth magnet in it and then
I can use it to hold some needles and it’s it’s just a cute little you know
one of those reproduction tins to look Victorian it says Happy Holidays. the
next thing I got was a book everyone’s been showing the the vintage books are
not vintage books oh my goodness, I’m getting ahead of myself.
the beautiful baskets of the Midwestern stitchers retreat that Farm Girl had the
my 1803 baskets and all these beautiful baskets all the Flosstubers and your
baskets! hello love it! in honor of that, when I
saw this basketry book, because again everyone, who needs more hobbies? this
lady! I saw this book on basket-weaving and it came home with me. that’s part of
my haul. I got I got this last year this is a doily and I got this last year and
I think it’s really neat I don’t know what the pattern name is called but I
washed it and I put it in my laundry room where it quickly got sucked into
the vortex of the unseen. anyway I found it it’s safe, and I decided I wanted to
bring it out and show it to you I have a drying rack and I think what happened
was as I hand washed it. I used Dawn dish soap the blue Dawn dish soap, I used tepid
water, I washed it then I used the RLR it’s a stripping compound because I knew
this was white cotton and then I patted it and then I I put it on my drying rack
in my laundry room and maybe a pug went by or somehow it fell. life. real life.
anyway I found it it’s okay it’s safe. so I washed it and the staining came out, so
I’m super happy about that. the next thing I have I use I actually use this
as a dresser scarf. I have one of those one of the round tables and this is
embroidered and again I got this and it was stained and I washed it. I need to
iron it but I folded it and I’m guilty for fold marks. the next two items are
counted cross stitch. and I picked them up even though my family cannot use them, but I could not leave them behind so they came home with me. I got this
counted cross stitch baby bib and it’s a little teddy bear a little bear and he’s
pulling his little ducks. and it’s one of those kits
I think these came blank and had the velcro that goes around for the
kids to wear and then I had a second one it’s got the cows I don’t know I saw it
and I just thought like Priscilla and Chelsea in their little farm theme with
their with little Cash “Casharole.” how cute is that?!
I just I thought it was really cute. let’s move on to mail call. I’m excited. I
have a couple things to show you. first off the fact that you all think of me
and have sent me stitching kindness, thank you so much. I– thank you so much.
I got a my first holiday card in the mail yesterday, and I might have ugly
cried a little bit. okay like a lot. i ugly cried a lot. thank you so much. one
of my viewers from across the pond, she sent me this adorable holiday card and
it says bah hum pug bah humbug. look at that! is so cute! I love it. thank
you so much for the beautiful card and the beautiful sentiments it really it
really warms my heart. the next piece of mAIL that I got, I’m
very excited about it is not counted cross stitch related, but it is home
related and that is my catalog from Baker Creek heirloom seeds. I plant a
garden or at least attempt to plant a garden every year and this catalog it is
gorgeous. it’s got all of the beautiful heirloom seeds that you can purchase,
plant, and grow. I planted the last couple years. I planted a garden and last year I
did not plant a garden I ended up having I had a kid last year,
so I didn’t… yeah… was it last year? yeah I had a kid last year .whoa. and I wasn’t
able to plant a garden and the year before that I planted a garden and it
was a feast for the bunnies and the deer. the neighborhood deer like to sleep in
my garden. so fencing is an order, but I love getting the catalog. they have like 80
different varieties of heirloom tomatoes. and let me just tell you those are the
one things that I have been able to grow successfully in containers and such. and
it’s amazing. this I cannot recommend this company enough, Baker Creek heirloom seeds. I think they ship internationally, but
you if you go to their rare seeds dot com. you know this is my two pieces of mail
that I got and thank you all so much. all right. moving on.
what should we talk about next? we did save the stitches, we did mail call, we
did haul, let me show you what I worked on. I actually have a finish! it’s not
fully finished but it’s a finish nonetheless.
and I used some of my remnant fabric that I got from Dyeing to Stitch. I’m not
sure who the Dyer is, I want to say it’s R&R reproductions but I’m not sure.
I use the same fabric here for my gather pattern. so I used the very last piece of
fabric that I had to work on the pin cushion for Eleanor which is the pattern
by Theresa Venette out of the second issue two of “samplers yesterday and
today,” and I finished it. I changed all the colors and I absolutely love it. and
I made mistakes and I just called them “happy little accidents” and just kept moving forward. I said what would Theresa do? and I and I
assumed Theresa would tell me to keep moving forward. I changed out the fabric
so I used classic colorworks old money, for the basket I used a gentle arts
sweet pea, which is that variegated purple then
classic color works is the creeping Jenny which is this white green it’s
it’s a variegated like a white into a very very light green, and then I used an
undisclosed Brown. in my hunt for browns you know the DMC taunting me we have
over 40 shades of brown the perfect Brown to fit any type. well when I was
selecting my “perfect Brown” a couple weeks ago one of my kids thought it
would be SuperDuper fun to take the little labels off all my DMC that was
out .they’re so cute aren’t they? anywho I don’t know what Brown this is. I pulled
out my color card and tried to match the Brown up but once the Sun Goes Down
lighting is lighting can be very variable so there’s a brown there on the
blue and I love the colors that I chose I think it’s really special. I even
thought if there was some way that I could you do something with both of
these I love um my first stitch out of Theresa’s zine. and again there’s my Breeze Blocks Sampler. thank you all so much for your kind words and feedback on
Instagram and in the comments below. thank you so much I I did you see
Teresa’s video she showed it. she showed her model stitch of this and I was like, “Oh My gosh!!!” it was so awesome! so thank you so much
everyone, and if you stitch if you decide to stitch the Breeze Blocks Sampler, tag me me seriously. I’m at [@ardithdesign] Ardith Design on Instagram. Tag me! I want to see it I want to see it. whoa okay should we talk about
miniatures again? I feel like we should. okay
I love miniatures, and I have a lot of miniatures and I keep saying “oh it’s for
the kids it’s for the kids,” and then I’m like, “is it for the kids or is it
for me?” we all enjoy them so I say it’s for the family. I was cracking up so hard.
I’ve got this little fisher-price kitchen here and it’s got the orange and
the teal and it’s got the little stove it’s got the little sink I don’t even
know what Edition fisher-price if this was loving family or what scale
it is I don’t know but apparently I’m very inspired by my miniatures because
this is one of my new notebooks and do you see that color palette? do I look inspired I think there’s some
like inspiration there right? the teal and the orange? I love it! this is
one of my new notebooks. it is the new iteration of the Sketch & Stitch, which
sketch and stitch is still available, it’s still up on Amazon, but this one in
the back I put like four different fonts in the back. I’ve got like a big big big
big font stuff and it’s the interior of this is the exact interior of my
butterfly chariot they’re the exact interiors they’re just different covers
both are 100 pages. both have four fonts. and both in the back has.. you know how
to to chart out fancy floss, fabric ,and stitching friends. those are
my books. and then I want to thank you all so much thank you thank you for your
tremendous response on the Needleworker’s Notebook for charting cross
stitch your for documenting your patterns – thank you so much I thank you
AmyLovesToads for your beautiful review. I really appreciate i.t it was
great seeing your writing in action. and anyone again if you want to tag my tag
me on instagram or send me you could message me and show me I will say that
this is an excellent resource oh I’m so sorry I’m like moving the camera and
start jostling the. if you’re if you’re just if you’re doing like heaven and
earth designs [HEAD] and your you have like a hundred different floss colors, I will
say that is the one drawback of this book is that there isn’t enough space to
put down 100 different flosses. I will say that. however there are extra pages like a
couple extra black blank pages and stuff if you need to take additional notes. I
am in thinking about making a notebook specifically for you stitchers that are
full coverage folks, and I’d love feedback. if there is something you
specifically would like to see in full coverage designs. and speaking of full
coverage designs, I am working on some right now. I can’t I can’t show them to
you. Not yet, but I’m going to be coming out in 2019 with some original full coverage
designs and I’m so excited about them! alright which we talk about next
giveaway let’s talk about giveaway. alright we’re going to move forward and
I’m going to extend the giveaway one more week
for banana pants Purdy. if you would like to stitch banana pants Purdy comment
below and say “I’d like to stitch banana pants Purdy.” i I’m gonna carry it over from last week, so if you watch my video last week
and commented you can comment again this week, and then you’ll have two entries
totally coo.l all right so we’re carrying that over for one more week
because stay tuned next week next Wednesday. I’m gonna premiere my second
in my sweet and small sampler series. I’m excited so we’re gonna do that next week
we’re gonna talk all things banana pants and small and sweet next week so stay
tuned for that. and then I just feel like if I’m carrying over a giveaway one more
week I need to give something else away too. so it’s gonna be like to things like
to give away extravaganza goodies. so the next item that were I’m giving away this
is a pre-owned chart. I have not stitched this but it was in my stash. it is
country spirits delivering snow by homespun elegance and it’s designed by
Sandra Sullivan, and their motto is designs that reflect our American
heritage well quite frankly I mean I think that cute little snowmen and
reindeer are like international. okay if you would like to stitch the Snowman
just say, “hey Amanda Mae I’d like to stitch the Snowman.” I’ll I’ll send this
anywhere and just comment below that’s the giveaway stuff. and… I need to show
you my new pattern! I’m so excited about this pattern. I want to give you a little
back story. I have a friend on that is local to me and she was putting up her
Advent cross-stitch calendars for her two kids. and she posted it on Facebook
and I my jaw dropped to the floor. my jaw dropped. and I’m looking at it and I’m
examining the stitching and I’m looking and it’s got the little circle rings
that like the lingerie rings or they’re like dime sized little plastic rings and
you can use metal rings to and it was adorned all the way around and the
stitching in the center was a Danish themed Christmas theme in the
center and then all around were the rings were you attached the little gifts
or candy and you like with ribbon and tie it to the Rings. so she showed a
picture of the two advent calendars and she said that they were both stitched by
her great-grandmother who lived in Denmark. hello gorgeous!
so I start asking her a hundred and fifty-two questions right “like who
stitched them? where did they stitch THEM? can I show pictures of it?!” I overwhelmed
her. and then out of the woodwork came more friends going if you have another
kid I’ll stitch you one and then all these ladies started commenting that
they also cross stitch there and so then I went on this like whirlwind internet
search for the advent calendars and I didn’t want like creepy Santa and I
didn’t want like dead-eyed kids cross stitch like there are some like kind of
if you look in cross stitch ones like I I was like no I I’m looking for the kit
right I’m I’m I’m on Pinterest I’m on eBay like I do in okay and I found the
good Jul the Swedish advent calendars and with the gnomes
hello gnomes and everything I saw was all overseas and the shipping and it
wouldn’t be here in time for Christmas and I think by hour three of my Advent
adventure I decided I’d make one myself and design one myself yeah I’ve been on a couple that are
still pending on auction on eBay so I might wind up with some kits and then I
impulse bid on a on a pure enough copenhagen kit and I want and it’s gonna
badger on it and our family animal they other than pugs other than pugs we love
badgers nine years ago the song came out on YouTube that badger badger badger
badger badger badger badger badger snakes Nick
yeah so my kids love that and we only listened to it about 92 times today
anywho I’ve got a badger cross-stitch kit coming my way
but hmm without further ado I have an avid that I want to show you and I’m so
excited this is my happy little Santa and I’m calling it my sweet Santa Advent
I designed him and the round here and then I designed him with the pattern
with all of the numbers around where you can put in the numbers or not I mean you
can stitch just the central motif and leave out the circles on the numbers and
I love him he’s square he’s 180 by 180 on an 18 count EDA he’ll be 10 inches by
10 inches finished and then I would do like a 3 inch margin all around 13 by 13
or 4 inch margin the 4 inch margin just to accommodate ok if you want to put the
little rings around to hang your gifts along the side we’re 2 inch margin but I
love him and I made him really whimsical but the first thing that I did was I
drew him out there trying to find my concept art to show you I put it here I
drew him out and then I used my stitching software and kind of
flushed my idea out a little further it’s got ten colors and I charted it all
for DMC but I the the DMC here three eight zero one I charted it for DMC but
my inspiration was the gentle arc geranium which is gorgeous seven zero
three six the geranium I love it it’s got a slight variation to it so I am
going to be ordering more of this and I’m going to start stitching this and
then it’s got a teal the the my little swirls are in the teal and again it’s
got kind of a mid-century vibe to it the trees my little my little cute trees are
in a really bright at 9:07 green change up the colors make this your own but
this is a pattern and so what I’ve got here I’ve got the pattern and I’ve got
the one-page what the pattern looks like on just one page so it’s like super
small but it gives you like kind of an idea of what it looks like then I have
the pattern and it’s nine pages in color and then I also have it so you can
download it then nine pages in black and white with where it’s just the symbols
and it’s not the color on symbols and I love it and I think it’s super fun it’s
got that childlike whimsy to it it has that bit century look to it and again
your harkening back to my miniatures look at this little kitchen and this is
my little vintage kitchen that I have there are more pieces to it but then I’m
like my colors it’s got the pink and the yellow in the teal stitch all the things
create all the things be inspired by all of the things
oh I want to thank you all so much for visiting with me today we’re gonna close
out with library books because I love to read library books
here we have this fun embroidery book I really am enjoying it it’s got some
really fun projects embroidered cards this one is my particular favorite the
little owls I love it and book again most of this is embroidery and not cross
stitch they have a cross stitch phone case in there which it’s cool just I’m
not gonna do it and then this book I found particularly intriguing and it is
on homespun style and kind of dotted throughout this whole book is the sakura
happy gorgeous color palettes and textures and pretty much every photo is
dotted with some sort of embroidery cross stitch needlepoint some sort of
textile art and I was started reading through the book and I’m like wow my
style is it thrift store eclectic my style is homespun so I’m gonna take on
that label and this again very beautiful book just even just to look at the
photos and the last book is natural color and dyeing with natural fibers and
it says she Sasha teaches us to look to nature for inspiration using botanicals
to create subtle painter II hues her ecological sound approach is both
ancient and modern and thoroughly in tune with the times all photographed –
beautifully capture the subtlety of her work and look more things to learn I
want to thank you again all for joining me this week comment below like
subscribe if you want to be entered into either one of the giveaways say you know
I’d like to stitch the Snowman I would like
to stitch banana pants Purdy you are all a joy thank you for thinking of me thank
you for inviting me into your homes I look forward to seeing you next week
where we talk about they cute and sweet and this smalls and the cuties and I
miniatures about all the cute little things be well and I’ll see you next