Flosstube #2 [CC]

Hi FlossTube, it’s Lyssa and I’m back for my second episode and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the
comments and subscribers and views I was kind of blown away by it so yeah here we
go number two so today I have just a tiny bit of haul and to be honest I’m
really not gonna show haul on a regular basis unless it’s something really
special. I just, I’ve got a pretty good stash already so I really don’t buy
for stash at this point. I buy with a purpose of stitching like immediately so
it won’t make it to a video before I start using it. Then I’ve got all the whips I
worked on which was a lot thanks to the school of magical stitches in literature
and then some plans and then a quick tag and thank yous and a request at the
end so let’s get started. so to start my special haul for this week so as I mentioned in my last video, a good stitching friend of mine is June from
McFly stitches and I commissioned her she makes bags as well and I do have a
couple bags of hers that are fantastic and I’m going to save those for another video just so this one doesn’t get too long but I just since my last video got these
notions pouches that I asked her to make for me and she made two different sizes
because I couldn’t decide what I wanted but basically the way that I organize my
floss is I have a master DMC set which is what you’re sitting on right now, bobbinated and in floss boxes. Then when I go to kit up a project I just cut off a length
and I put it in these little like floss away bags and then usually I put the bags
on like a metal ring but I was watching Caroline from off the grid needle arts
and she mentioned that she uses these little notion pouches to put hers
in and so I had one that I had gotten like at JoAnn’s or something and I
loved it so I tried to make one myself and I made it way too small so I gave it
to my daughter to play with and then I was just so frustrated and annoyed with
it I didn’t want to try again so I asked June to make these for me and there she
even like boxed the bottom which I didn’t ask her to do but it was it’s
brilliant I’m glad that she did cause I can fit so much more in nowand I
told her just like pick any fabric scraps or whatever that you’ve laying
around you know I don’t care because once we
find the size that works I’m gonna want one for like every single project so it
doesn’t matter you know I’m not picky but I love what she came up with
they’re so cute and they’re so well made so there’s June and McFly Stitches
and she actually just created her first flosstube video last week so I will link
her below and you should definitely check her out and I love all of her
patterns as well there’s some coming up in my WIPs this week so you will be
hearing about her again in a few minutes so for my WIPs first I just wanted to
talk about my ponies for a second I keep mentioning them and I don’t think I said
in my last video much about them but it’s something that I’m making for my
daughter she’s almost three and she really likes
my little pony so I’m going to insert a picture these are all patterns that are
created from pic2pat so I’m gonna insert a picture of what like all six
are gonna look like but there are six pretty long but narrow
patterns and they’ll all line up like panels so last week I showed you guys
Fluttershy and that’s or two weeks ago that’s the only one I’ve worked on since then but the other one that I have going is Rainbow Dash and she’s a little more
exciting because I’m actually working on the pony but yeah this is as wide as they’ll
each be so they’re not they’re pretty long but they’re actually not that huge. So yeah, there’s Rainbow Dash – and then Fluttershy I worked on again
this week. And so here is where this is at. So basically the panels they alternate between having the cutie mark
and the pony so like Fluttershy the cutie marks on
the top and the pony starts right here where Rainbow Dash the pony’s on the top
and then her cutie mark and you’ll already know that because I inserted
the picture already so I didn’t really need to explain that just now. Oh, and so what I did – last time I showed it I had not finished this page and you can see the page still actually isn’t finished.
There’s a couple little ninja stitches here and this is where the third
butterfly like cuts in and I just didn’t want to do all those threads right there
I’ll just pick those up when I do the butterfly on the next page. So there she is and I haven’t started the other four ponies. My plan – and you know how great plans work out – but my plan was to do 20% on each pony before I start the next one because I
think if I get all six going I’m never gonna make real progress on any of them
and there is kind of like a deadline here because she’s gonna outgrow them by
the time I finished them. I mean she’s almost three and this is how far I got. I
did only start them this year though so it’s not like they’ve been
languishing but so each one is five pages high and two pages wide so I did
the first two pages on Fluttershy before I started Rainbow Dash and now
I’ve already met my 20% goal on Rainbow Dash because she’s my favorite pony so I
just kept stitching on her but since I have these first two pages done
I didn’t even need to start this in order to like earn my next pony I need
to finish one more page on Fluttershy and then I can start the third pony but
it’ll get increasingly harder because then I have to do two pages on three
ponies so I have to do six pages total before I start the fourth. Are you
following me? so I don’t know these are kind of a
priority for me just because I don’t want her to outgrow them. I don’t want to put all this work in and have her not even like them anymore but I’m over 30 and I still
like ponies so maybe that’s not something to worry about. I mean I don’t
like them enough that I’d hang them in my house unless she wanted me to but I
feel like I’ve got a little bit of time left. So the next thing I worked on was
Cinderella by DoNaStitch and I showed you this last time so this is what its gonna
look like and I’m pretty sure I showed you this last time so if I did I will
insert the picture here of what it looked like so this I was working on – everything I
work on is for the school of magical stitches and literature… if I can’t make it fit then I
don’t work on it basically but you know they’re like most Facebook groups –
tell the story and they’re in and you know you don’t…. it’s not strict, it’s easy to
make something fit so this I was working on because we had to work on something… a design where the name began with the letter from the word sorcerer so
Cinderella so that’s how far I got and none of my whips are gonna have like a
huge amount of progress because the most we have stitch on… the most stitches
we’ve had to do is a thousand and that’s for like the ultimate year-long
most of our weekly homework is only one to.. I think five hundred stitches was the
most but like most of them are one to two hundred stitches so it’s really
not that hard and I never thought that I would like that. I did Maynia last
year for the first time because my birthday’s in May and I turned 31 and so
I thought you know 31 days in May I always kind of wanted to do a Maynia and
I was turning 31 so I figured I should just do like a full-blown Maynia so I did
and I didn’t love it. Like, I like now that I have all these projects even if
they’re barely started. Starting a project is my least favorite part so
having them like in my WIP bin, I mean and there are something I haven’t
touched since then, but most of them I have and I like that part of it but the
switching every day it was not a huge fan of but now I’m switching every day or
I mean mostly sometimes I work on more than one a day and it’s not bothering me
at all I’m kind of loving it I love that I get to work on projects I love all
these little tiny goals they feel so achievable and so I feel really
productive and I’m just really enjoying it so as long as I’m liking it I’m just
gonna keep going planning everything around my homework which does make… when we get to plans I’ll talk more, but it does make hard to plan because they release
homework on Mondays so if I continue to film on Fridays I’m
only gonna be able to plan out like a day or two at most but we’ll see. So next I worked on paladin by fire wings designs and this I was totally inspired by Jessie
Marie she converted her dragons and she’s doing them like the Game of
Thrones dragons and I’m completely copying her. I’m doing the exact same thing – I thought it was a brilliant idea so this is the first one and I worked on
this for two challenges one was an extra credit assignment where you watch the
movie and you stitch and you post it before and after of your stitching and I just
like this one because it’s monochrome so you don’t want have to
think too much it’s kind of big blocks it’s good TV stitching and I just missed
it so I pulled it out for that but then the very next week they posted a
challenge to do with fire I mean obviously dragons are a great choice for
that so here’s where it is now so I’m not too too far but not terrible it
doesn’t, it’s not showing up quite as well on camera it’s kind of blending
into my fabric but it it pops a lot more in person the only thing I’m worried
about is you know I’m copying Jessie Marie so there’ll be two other dragons in much
bolder colors and I’m a little nervous that that will make this one disappear a
bit but I’m gonna back stitch it and Jessie’s back stitching hers in PB 26
it’s the one that’s like Aztec gold or something I think and I don’t know I
might do that I haven’t decided yet how I’m gonna backstitch it and I have to figure out my color conversions for the other two as well I
think this is the exact one that Jessie’s doing. It was kind of perfect for Viseryon I couldn’t couldn’t think of anything
better but I don’t think she said what she’s doing for the other two so I might
have to come up with those on my own but I do love this one and this was kind of perfect because I
am a game of Thrones fan but I’m not like such a fan that I want like Jon
Snow hanging in my house but this is one that like it’s not obvious if I
didn’t tell you it was Game of Thrones inspired you wouldn’t necessarily know
so I like that about it so I had to mute my phone, I got cut off for a second but my next WIP is no two persons by McFly stitches and she’s the one who sent me the notions
pouches and you can find her on Etsy so I did this one for one of the year long
stitching challenges and they’re all to do with the number 7 how the number 7 is
repeated so much throughout the books and movies and so this one was that
there are seven books and obviously the whole pattern is a stack of books so
that was pretty easy to make it fit – so there’s that so at this point I had finished my weekly homework and I was waiting for the next homework to come
out so I figured I would just do 1,000 stitches on this to start on the the
ultimate extra credit because there’s 22 of those so I need to do one or two every
month to keep up. So next, the next day was the anniversary of Alan Rickman’s
passing and as I’ve mentioned multiple times I am a true Slytherin and I loved
Snape and I loved Alan Rickman so I wanted to do an Always pattern to
commemorate him and it turned out that that day they posted our next week of
homework and one of it was to stitch on something soft so I don’t have a
printout of the finished pattern I will insert that here you can see there’s a deer
so that’s soft so I started that and this was by MariBori Embroidery I
think… if I got that wrong I’ll have already inserted the correct name She’s on Etsy and I just love colors I just really wanted to do something for Always
you know I’ve been looking for an Always pattern for a long time but this one was
just really cute. So the next thing I worked on was Beauty and the Beast and
this was because – by DoNaStitch – and this was because we needed something to do
with light and you can see you down here is this little candelabra so that’s
clearly light so um I was gonna use this for it now I’m nowhere near down there
I’m not even close to down at the candelabra but for this week that didn’t
matter as long as it was in the pattern it still counted so here’s where I got
to on that and this one gave me such a headache. So I, this is a Maynia start and
all I had done and you can kind of see here where I had to frog… I had just done like this one little leg basically, it was not a good Maynia start, it was just barely
started. So I go to work on this and I started a lot of DoNaStitches
during Maynia and one that I’d pulled out last year, Rapunzel, I had totally screwed up
on centering it. I wanted to start them all in the top but in the center
and it was way off like I couldn’t even fit it on the fabric I ended up having
to put it in the UFO pile and I’ll restart it at some point but so as I’ve
been pulling these out I’ve been extra careful to make sure that they are
centered and I don’t know, I had it in my head that this little bit here wasn’t
centered so I ripped it out and I restarted it and when I re-started it,
it was totally off like I really blown it so I ripped that out and re-started again and this is how far I got. I like how fast these go I feel like you
could make a lot of progress in a little bit of time because of the color
blocks and after some of my larger pieces like those ponies there’s so much
confetti and you probably don’t believe that from looking at what I
showed you because they look like big color blocks as well but actually each
Pony has something like 70 to 80 colors in it and like just those little
portions that I’ve shown you so far the background is the only thing that’s
solid every other color has a million colors mixed in
like those Fluttershy butterflies just the wings alone have like seven shades
of pink and then the little body that teal body has, I don’t know over a dozen
probably in the body of those butterflies so they are confetti heavy and you know probably not as bad as a max color HAED but they’re as bad as I ever want
to do so these that’s why I started all these because I was kind of burned out
on the confetti and I just wanted something fun and easy and relaxing so
next up I worked on my big red ship of life and I worked on this for a
challenge we just did something that grows and there’s people and animals and
plants they don’t grow but then I did thousand stitches on this for this seven
Weasley children for the ultimate stitching challenge and the wheezes are
all redheads and this is full of little people with redheads so I did I just
carried this down and I have it almost down to the bottom now so I was really
happy with that progress that I didn’t like stitching that border but I’m
really happy they don’t end out so this isn’t all gonna fit in frame but here’s
here’s where I am and I worked on this part right here carrying down that vine
for the boils potion the things that grow and then like I said I just took
this border all the way down for the thousand
stitches of the Weasleys so all the way back here that’s almost as tall as it’s
gonna get next up hey that was the end of week
three so then they’re released week four and now we’re trying to find the
philosopher’s stone and so you have to do these tasks in order and this week
has not been a great stew King week for me I haven’t been feeling well I had to
get some testing done and I just really have not been stitching much at all so
I’m only I’d only I’ve started the third piece of the homework I’m so far already
Friday but I definitely knock it out this weekend I’m not worried it’s only a
hundred stitches per unless you can’t find something that fits the theme and
then you have to do 200 stitches per forfeit but even change it stitches just
isn’t that bad and I have found something to fit all the themes but one
so first was I’m gonna bring up my phone but first was meet fluffy so stitch an
animal extra point if it’s a dog obviously I needed that extra point
so I stitched on loser Baz by Brooks books and I’m gonna insert a picture
right here of what that’s gonna look like and I am doing all 12 characters and here’s where I am now so um I had
started on the Scarecrow a long time ago and that’s as far as I got
so I needed to work my way over to Toto who luckily was right next to the
Scarecrow um and if I if he hadn’t been I probably would have started something
for my sister because they have a beautiful little puppy who is not a
little puppy at all he’s my good but I keep like looking for the right thing to
make for him I just haven’t found it yet so I used Toto
and Toto only has 96 stitches and we needed 100 so I just put in a couple
bricks on the on the road to help me count over that’s where I am and I just
realized that I haven’t been telling you what on my fabrics are so you know feel
free to comment below if you care most of them are pretty much just something I
put up stash don’t even know what it is this one is I’m and under the sea
fabrics by Leslie it’s a 36 count linen in Aryan Aryan I actually I’ve got this
or something else I can’t remember now what it was but I wasn’t expecting it to
be like so pink I thought it would be more like this side and so it didn’t
work for whatever I originally bought it for but um I liked it for this cuz it’s
kind of cutesy I don’t know I don’t we met to sound bad it just kind of goes
with the cartoon Brooks books theme so then the next one is Devil’s snare so
stitch on something green and you get an extra point if it’s a plant so I put up
12 days and last time you saw it I had almost finished this block and I’m still
almost finished and so I came over to this block and stitched on these little
plants here around him and that’s kind of perfect because this is the stitch
alone that I’m doing with Amy Gables stitcher and I’ll link her below as well
and we were trying to do one block a month so this was my Janeway block and I
hadn’t quite finished it and this is my February block so I feel good that I
kind of got I got like a little over a hundred stitches in on this one because
it makes me feel like I’m on track I didn’t quite finish my January blocks I
ran out of the sleeve color but I have enough stitches in it’s good enough so
here’s my mat and this is arm in a twenty eight count Monica which is my
most favorite fabric just a John by far no question I am I’ve learned I’m really
not a fan of linen I just nice to just look monkey I can
never get the fabric pulled tight enough and it’s not it’s not every winning
because like my paladin dragon that’s on a linen and I that doesn’t bother me at
all if you remember last time I mentioned I had been stitching Raven
Queen uh know which old linen and I couldn’t had to stop that when I
couldn’t do it this was at her boss the the living is not my favorite I can’t
get it like a stretched taut enough so my stitches just look really weird and
it might be to that it’s 36 count plus shrunk from being dyed so maybe maybe
that’s my issue is I really shouldn’t probably be using too I’m doing an
incision at two over two so maybe it’s just too many threads and that’s why it
looks weird but going from that to this was just like so much so then the last
one that I worked on was for task number three and that’s where they did to the
flying key room so the task is to stitch on something metal so you could use a
metallic thread stitch on a key a lock do beading
I’d really like to do beating because I’ve got a couple pieces that are almost
done except for some beading but I still need to buy the beads and I keep putting
it off because I just don’t want to pull them out and figure out what I need
which does not sound like a good excuse and I say that loud
but I just rather be stitching so I keep putting those those aside so I figured
it’d plop great and like I said all these doughnut stitches I start in the
top Center so I was like well there’s a crown and crowns are made of metal and
that’s perfect I’ll put in my stitches on the medical crown right
well I pull it out and I’ve already stitched the entire crown the whole
thing was finished not one stitch left on it
so I’d already gone through my knee my stash pretty extensively and I probably
could have like gone through again and found my woodpile I mean and found
something that bit but I already had this out and I I wanted to stitch on it
so I decided to just do the fourth bit so I’m working on the Bears ear now I’m
just gonna do 200 stitches and I think this is like 60 something already so hey
good progress like I said thing is these are these two
chips so quick we’re not worried about it I’m sure I’m gonna get it done pretty
quickly and then that is the first of my friends
so like I said my plans just kind of all revolve around this school of magical
stitches and literature once they release the next homework then
I’ll figure out what I have that I can work on but for the rest of this week I
can tell you what I have okay so I planned through the rest of
the week the next task up is number four wizards
chess so stitch on something royalty related so what I’ve got to mention
about this week is they upped the ante so you can’t you can’t just stitch on
something that has the the tasks somewhere in the piece so like I’m the
Wizard of Oz I couldn’t stitch on the Scarecrow I had to stitch total you have
to stitch the dog so I have all these Disney Princess Dona stitches that are
all royalty related but I’d have to count all the way down to the princess
and I’m just not really close enough on any of those that so I thought about
using brave again because I’m at the top where the bear is and if you’ve seen
brave the bear is the Queen so I could totally stitch the bear and call that
royalty because she’s a queen but I’ve got this weird thing in my head where
and I need to get over it I really need to stop but I just like
don’t want to reuse a project in this same challenge so like I’ve used paladin
in January extra credit and January week 3 and like for some reason I’m cool with
that but I don’t want to use the exact same pattern in the same challenge I
don’t want to use brave in week 4 for metal and then use it again from royalty
it doesn’t make sense I know it doesn’t make sense I’m crazy and especially for
the year-long ultimate like sevens challenge I really
need to get over it because like death by cross stitch I can make that spit in
so many ways but I keep thinking like which one’s gonna be the hardest to find
something else for I should use it for that like I just need to use it for all
of them I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’m just a crazy thing sometimes
surrender boil tea I can’t use brave so I’m using my snow queen and this was a
mania start and I started right in the middle which I’m kind of mad at myself
for and I haven’t touched it since then because I hate stitching up I hate it so
I’ve just been putting her off and not so you’ll see I have like basically not
even a start on this you can hardly call it a start and this is on 32 count storm
Lu Ghana I picture this plus does that even count as a start I don’t even think
that counts that’s what I have so I’m pretty sure it’s it’s her dress like
right here in the middle so the reason I picked this is because I’m working on
the Queen so I can I can stitch right off of where I was continue on her dress
and it’s on the Queen so that’s royalty so that’s what I’ll do next once I
finished the 200 stitches on brave and then task number five is the troll so
this is your largest project and I had a couple I don’t know what my largest
project is like and do they it just width by height or is it like actually
number of stitches because I’m not really sure but no one can say that
that’s the cross stitch is not a trophies so this is what I’m getting
used for it mostly because sticking on big right shape of life me missed it
they just like when I sit on one I want to stitch on the other so here is where
I’m at with that and I just love this one so much so a hundred stitches ins
isn’t gonna get me too far on this but like I said I have so many ideas for how
to make this fit on the seven challenges um so maybe getting a lot of love this
year I need to just like start stitching them and and just pick challenges but yes then the next one is potions and
logic so stitch on something that puzzles you such as specialty stitches
or new threads so I’m going to search on berry chatelaine and boy does this
puzzle me this is my first styling it’s the Scotland mandala and I’m just very
intimidated by it I don’t I don’t exactly know why I’m intimidated but I
guess it’s all the different kinds of thread and the beads and the specialty
stitches and I’m working this from the center out like as you normally would
for a shadowy mandala which is not how I like to work things so that’s kind of
like messing with my head a bit too but yeah I’m not very far on this one either
because like I said it just it’s just freaking me out
I can’t explain it so this is where I’m at and I need to look at the I need to
look at the pattern and see if I can count over to some specialty stitches
which I’m sure I can I’m sure there are specialty stitches in there but if I
can’t look at there aren’t any close enough and I’m comfortable counting I
might just save this whole pattern puzzles and intimidates me I don’t know
that’s silly right but it does so this is a which’ll actually which I mean I
know I’ve mentioned before I’m normally not a fan of but it this is really a
nice fabric it is a I don’t have to count
it’s a Jill Blane Oh 28 count hand i dublin inch i t’s and I used the viewer
is that what it’s called to see which one to put behind because I
was partly liked I really want and I swear shadowing because you don’t even
see that much other and then I thought like you know behind
the castles there’s like the sky I think you stitched that though but I put it in
the viewer and it looked really good on this one it really made everything pop
so I guess there’s like just enough fabric see through that it was it’s
gonna be so good and I haven’t even finished hitting it up yet
all I have for it is the DMC I haven’t bought any of the specialty threads or
beads or anything yet because I just didn’t gonna spend that much if I was
gonna be too afraid to ever stitch it and so I figured I’ll start with the DMC
and and just buy the rest kind of as I need it so but this one puzzles me
remember that’s silly but that’s my answer and then the last task for this
week so the last one that I know about is the mirror so stitch on something
that you love all my patterns but I was missing with some stabbing pain by McFly
stitches I started this and just did the outside border but I don’t know right
now this is what’s calling to me when I get to this point I might not be feeling
it I might I make she’s something else but um so I’m at and it’s just it’s not
showing well on the camera but um I converted all the Blues to greens and
this is that Stardust ADA so it’s like sparkly and gold and I can’t get the
greens to show correctly but I don’t know trust me they look really nice with
the coal today so that is as far as I got with plans and then on Monday
they’ll release um the final January homework and I assume have something to
do with fighting query or Voldemort and I I’m so excited to see like what
they’re gonna do because January ends Tuesday Wednesday I don’t know if it’s a
short week so um I assume it’s gonna be like a really
short homework so it might be like when we fought a troll a week or two ago we
just had like we didn’t know how long we’re gonna have but we assumed at least
24 hours I think and they told us at least 24 hours and we had to post a whip
and then work on it and then that was like fighting the trolls by working on
our whip so I don’t know it might be something like that I’m like something
easy and not seven hundred to fourteen hundred stitches but if they’re gonna
cut it off in the middle of the week I assume they’re gonna give us a pretty
simple homework just because a lot of people need the weekend to do heavy
stitching so so next I just want to do a really good tag and it’s by Shira Cheryl
at tranquil stitches and it’s called the true confessions tag and she gave me the
sweetest shout-out in her last video I think it was number 41 and that’s also
where she posted this tag and it was so nice I was just blushing and giggling
like a little schoolgirl it was really cute
so you should go watch it and that’ll make me blush even harder that I just
sent you to watch someone say nice things
so I know we into the true confessions tag so number one what’s your sign I am
a Gemini number two have you ever been skinny-dipping I haven’t like I said
last time I lived in Pittsburgh so even in the summer the water is freezing it’s
not like a bathing suit really offers you any extra warmth but yeah it’s
literally never crossed my mind just can you do
number three what TV show is your guilty pleasure I have so many honestly I
typically watch guilty pleasure shows like hey just I don’t know I don’t want
anything too deep so like right now I’m watching that Grey’s Anatomy again and I
just finished watching you on Netflix messed up but that’s definitely a guilty
pleasure to show to number three do you hide any food from your family members
we hide treats from my daughter that sounds like she’s a dog we just hide
like candy and cookies just on a shelf she knows they’re there I’m not hidden
she just can’t reach it so she has to ask for them um the shelves that she can
reach only have like healthy snacks that’s it number five who was the first
person you kissed I honestly don’t know um I’m pretty sure I had a boyfriend in
preschool there are family stories about him Eddie I think so number six what is
your worst habit Kathleen I actually like had to think about this for a long
time because you know I’ve quite a few bad habits and I asked my husband and he
said caffeine and I was like Oh duh I drink way too much coffee number seven
do you sleep with a stuffed animal again personal here but I’m ashamed to say yes
I do a little stuffed tiger named Maharaja that my husband got for me when
we went to Disney with my sister a million years ago I don’t even know it
was probably at least ten years ago yes number eight if you suddenly became
invisible what’s the first thing you would do I don’t know Cheryl said she
would play a trick on her husband I thought about like sneaking into
preschool and watching my daughter because she acts so differently around
other people and then as soon as she sees that were around she’s like she
almost like reverts to acting more like a baby um with us but then at preschool
like they tell us all these things that she says and does and like it’s so hard
to believe that she’s still grown up there but what sounds most appealing is
to just go somewhere like a library and sit in the quiet and stitch and really
and just be totally left alone for a little while just like off the grid
check out number nine do you have a silly nickname I don’t know if it’s
silly my sister a lot of my family calls me Lola my sister’s younger than me and
that’s how she said my name when she was really young and it’s stuck but I don’t
know number ten have you ever eaten something off the floor you know I’m
sure that I have but not like as a child and certain I did but no I don’t number
eleven have you ever been stood up and number twelve
have you ever used someone else’s toothbrush he’s probably gonna gross
everyone out but I use my husband’s toothbrush all the time if I like
misplace mine if I forget to take it on vacation I don’t know it doesn’t faze me I don’t think he loves it but he’s never
stopped me so so that was Cheryl’s tag I thought that was just a really fun
I mean it’s brand new but obviously haven’t seen it before but fun questions
so thank you Cheryl for the tag and thank you again for the shoutout
it was oh I was so touched um one more thank you um I wanted to say thank you
to Kate and Vicky again for running this Harry Potter group just the amount of
time it must take these ladies is astonishing you know they have lives
they have families they have jobs and they’re still spending an insane amount
of time running this group so I just wanna say thank you and you know kind of
remind everybody that we should just follow the rules and be nice and not
make this any harder than it has to be because I would be crushed if they
decided that they couldn’t keep up with it and stopped partway through the year
or something so let’s just do what we can to make this as easy as possible
because it really is so much fun and I mean I
I’m on book number seven or eight to this month already because of this group
and to put that in perspective since my daughter was born three years ago I
maybe read ten books in three years I just I was an avid reader before that
the year before I got pregnant I thought I think Goodreads says I read about 120
books but then I don’t know mommy brain I guess I just could never get into a
book I couldn’t like focus enough I couldn’t stay attentive so I kind of
sort of like listened to audio books read a book here or there but it was I
mean really hardly anything or taking months to get
the move on audiobook and that is how I’m doing most of them now I’m listening
as I stitch but I’m just so excited that I’m eight books into the year seven
books into the year already I’m just really enjoying it and I’m enjoying all
these projects this is only two weeks and how many projects did I work on like
ten or something I mean that’s crazy to me I I always thought that I couldn’t
start a floss too because even though I have a lot of whips and somewhat of a
monogamist stitcher I would stitch one thing like per week say um maybe two in
one week and so it’s just like what am I ever gonna have to show and now after
two weeks I feel like I waited too long like this is gonna be a really long
video especially compared to my first one I feel like I’m gonna need to start
stitching or start filming like every week to keep up but I mean so far I
really love it it’s been so nice to put to feel like I’m making progress and
still many of my WIPs it’s just been it’s been a blast so then the very last
thing I wanted to say I had someone comment on my last video who is also
from the Pittsburgh area and she’s asking if I knew of any Ellen s’s around
here and I don’t I’m pretty sure there are
none the Ellen s is that I have seen what LMS I have seen they’re really like
more embroidery but they think they have threads but I’ve never seen
L&S that sells patterns or fabric I have to get almost everything online or in a
big-box store so I’m just curious if anybody else out there is from
Pittsburgh and you know of somewhere please let me know I would love to check
out some you know shops and supports and local needed workshops and then lastly
anyone from Pittsburgh if you know how many frames shops the only ones I know
of are like big box stores I’d really like to support a smaller
shop um like a mom-and-pop shop but I’m like I would like a recommendation
someone that can handle me to work that is dumb needlework before and I’m scared
to him this stuff over to someone who doesn’t who doesn’t typically do that so
if you know of anything please let me know and that is it for today this is
gonna be such a long video I hope that you stuck through and like I said I’m
gonna I hope that I’m gonna get to film every week I actually like was looking
forward to filming so much last weekend I thought I might do it um I don’t know
if you can see like right there my husband and my daughter bought me um
flowers to put in my video Dharma’s dead now cuz that was a week ago and this is
the first time I had a chance to film but hopefully I can find some time in a
week and that should make it easier to you because and we’ll have nearly as
much to talk about so that’s a plan and thanks for spending some time with me
and have a great day