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Hi stitching friends! It’s Amanda Mae
with Ardith Design. Welcome back to my channel. I’m here today you know be the
thread that helps connect historic needlework to contemporary needle art,
and I want to thank you so much for joining me for my 17th episode of Flosstube. It is mid November 2018 here in the mid-atlantic we’re gonna looks like
we’re gonna get that ugly four letter word S-N-O-W. Snow. yes yes yes I’m not
ready, and it’s been a very interesting week for me. I’d love to share a little
bit about my week, then I’m gonna do a pattern inspiration inspired by my week
and I’d like to show you that, we’re gonna do my haul. I went to some
Christmas craft fair markets this weekend in the blistering wind .and then
I would love to show you a couple of my completed patterns they are literally
completed. They are FFO-ed. Finished fully fully finished products. I’m so excited. I
can’t wait to share them with you and then I have a couple questions at the
end for all of you so let’s get started. week I was really excited on Thursday I
went to a learning class at the local college and learned how to do a wild
ferment soda, which means I learned how to make a ginger soda like real ginger
soda and I was so excited to go, and that excitement quickly diminished when I
found out this was Thursday of last week, that my my last home before moving to
Maryland uh burned to the ground. I lived in Paradise, California and I family and
friends in Paradise and I couldn’t get ahold of my family for a
little bit um thankfully my mom is alive she got out with her three pugs–
flames on both sides of the road going down the Skyway and she escaped. Her home was not as lucky, and it completely destroyed, as is most of the town of
Paradise. it’s a population of about 26,000 people. it’s gone. it’s gone.
um so it’s been very emotional for me. my mom had all of my art that I did in
college in high school and most of my theater costumes you she had a lot of my
memories she had all my baby pictures well except I want to say I have about
20 baby pictures, but the rest of it all the scrapbooks all all of that stuff
it’s all it’s all gone. this week was very emotional for me, and one of the
things that I did was you know what I channel my channel my sadness into some
productive things and and my mom’s okay. that’s awesome,
and the my Facebook feed is being flooded because like tons of my friends
that I went to college with and high school with have been impacted by this
by the Camp Fire [#campfire] in Paradise. I channeled my sadness into doing some creative
stuff, going to craft fair just trying really hard to keep moving forward. and
one of the quotes that I loved growing up I loved there’s a “Bull Durham” quote,
it’s a baseball movie with Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon it was from the late 80s
88 89, and one of the quotes is you know, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
sometimes it rains.” Alright moving on. I want to show you one of the things
that I decided to make and that was a a cross stitch pattern. it’s mostly back
stitch but cross stitch nonetheless and this is modeled after the Black Bear
Diner in Paradise, California. Black Bear there they have several locations
throughout California I don’t know if they’ve moved into Oregon and Washington–
I didn’t look that up–but this is a bear trio. Um. So here’s my original art here.
I made a coloring book page for the kids or adults alike to color, and the pattern
this is what it the digital rendering of the pattern, and I’m gonna I’m actually
gonna start stitching this. I think it’ll be good for me. I think it’ll be
therapeutic. art therapy is a thing, and it was very cathartic for me to create
this design in memory of my mom. thank goodness my mother is alive. her house is
gone, but it’s time to make new memories. keep moving forward, stay positive, start
all the things. Alright thank you for listening to me about my week. I showed
you last week that I went to go vote, the weather had cleared up, we had had a
tornado in our small town, and one of the pillars of the community and one of the
farms that’s been here since like 1942 it got demolished. like it’s just been a
whirlwind of a few weeks, but thankfully I have cross stitch, and I’m designing
and it feels really good to create, and I wanted to show you my book that I
briefly showed last week in a [inaudible silly sounds to signify fast and speedy] up fashion. it the cover art. I drew it all. it
is modeled after a turn of the 19th turn of 20th century, honestly it was like 1898
book plate. book plates were like the stamps or sticker type things that they
that individuals would put inside their own library books. usually the more
affluent would have bookplates, and people before having “man caves” before having
you know the “she sheds” in the sewing rooms like the whole sewing room type of
thing people had libraries. people, you didn’t sit around the TV obviously the
TV hadn’t been invented yet, but they had the bookplates, and you would write you
know my this book belongs to such and such. so this was modeled after one of
the mermaid book plates. hello I love mermaids! [laughs} and she is catching all of her charts. Her charts, her books, like she’s like, “Oh I have to organize this!” and I
have a tiny little image of what the inventory page looks like, the joy
pattern that I did, and then the Fancy Font Sampler. so in this book it’s 113
pages and it’s got the inventory. It’s got a hundred pages of just writing down
your inventory: your patterns, title, designer, the pattern dimensions, finish
design size, where did you get your pattern, is your pattern in a specific
project bag or storage area, important pattern details ,what is the theme, are
there any specialty stitches, do you need any special finishing supplies if so
what, and then I even have at the bottom here you can rate, once you finish you
you know date of when you started, date of completion, or the “I give up date.” If [laughs]
what Theresa, Kitten Stitcher she goes, [sings] “Give up don’t want to do it. give up you
can’t make me do it.” you know if you don’t finish it or you pass the stash or
whatever you know your “completed” date, and then you can put down rating from
you know zero to five stars the joy it was to stitch. I’m really excited about
it. also in this book I wanted I give an example of how…Here’s the Fancy Font
Sampler, and I give an example of how to use inventory page for the Fancy Font
Sampler here, and then I have the chart printed it’s a two-page chart facing
page, and then I have it repeated again all to show you the view of all on one
page. then there is the Joy Whimsical Ornament. and here it is. I want to show
you in real life in real life what it looks like. and thanks to Michelle
Garrett Bendy Stitchy and her love of trivets hashtag “hashtag buy all the
trivets [#buyallthetrivets]. This is my joy ornament, but I decided to turn it into a wall hanging.
I used the Priscilla Blaine’s method of decorative ribbons and magnets. then I
used Vonna’s tutorial on the folding and I tried really hard to get my corners
crisp. using a using a knife to cut my foam core board with two small children
wanting to “help” [giggles] I I think I just need to break down and do what Vonna does where she just orders her cardstock already pre-cut and orders foam core board
already pre-cut because holy moly I mmm-noooo. I’m really excited like I said I
used the magnet technique and I used the washer, so I’m gonna I’m gonna pull it
apart just to show you how I did this. I stitched it on R & R Reproductions
linen the coffee tea dyed and you can see it’s got some really awesome kind of
age-y coffee [staining] to it. The stitching is Gentle Art Endive Green. and I was laughing so hard
because Beth Twist just did her latest Flosstube video a couple weeks ago and she
made a comment that she is expanding her color palette and she goes, “and I I just
I have to get away from endive. I just you all know that endive is my favorite
green to stitch with.” And I am sitting there I’m literally like belly roll
laughing at Beth Twist going like, I just just did two patterns not one but two patterns that I published using the
Gentle Arts Endive. Anywho this is my finish. I have a collection of rounds
from my from a friend who does woodworking. I asked if he would cut out
rounds for me and he did so I made I used the rare earth magnet, hot glue, and
it because this is a metal trivet it could come it goes right on. then I got
these really cool because I’m really into gnomes I don’t know if you all know
that about me but I like love gnomes, so I’m gonna do some stuff so I had the
decorative mushrooms. hello! put a mushroom on it! and then I have the
mid-century deer here, and I decided to make a little pick like Cathy Haberman just showed in her latest Flosstube video for her 14 months
of patterns that are coming out. they’re really cute with this little
clipboard I’m like, “I have to make that clipboard Cathy!” Oh my gosh!
Anyhow she was showing how she does the ribbon was just putting the pin in it.
I’m like, “Put a pin in it! Put a pin in it!” so Thank You Cathy, and so I put on this
little deer. I put him on a pin. I’m gonna take this off and show you– oh here
real-life folks here we go. Whoa, that magnet is strong. so here is the “help-wanted”
trivet that I got. I put the washer on. I used hot glue. I was gonna use e6000 glue
it didn’t happen I used hot glue. These are the little cute caps that came in
like a set of eight. I think they were all kind of bunched together, and I love
them! Then I did felt backing. I did and then, I put the small magnet on my piece
itself and the washer here. Alright, the next ornament I want to show you is my
fully finished Noël ornament. and I want to thank all of you again for
your tremendous a Flosstube inspiration. I have my rickrack. love rickrack! this is
the ornament that I got at the dollar store. the dollar store! I can’t believe
it, and then I put– it came with a little like a couple of the berries and then I
took out of my button collection because I have jars of buttons like that’s kind
of another one of my weaknesses and Suzy Reno posted in one of her Floss
Tube videos. I love Suzy Reno, the Renuzit doll [laughs]. Suzy posted about how she likes to
get the little ephemera jars with all of them like goodies, and the coins, and the
old photos, and the watches and the buttons– and I’m watching it I’m going, “I do too
Suzy! I do too! Can we be best friends?!” So I got into one of my jars of buttons and
I hot-glued the buttons on. then I followed the Priscilla method again and
I’m gonna flip it the back is not as pretty as I’d like it to be
however real life here we go. I attached it again with hot glue. this is the
ribbon the thick ribbon that you can get at the big-box stores and coincidentally
enough it is wide enough I think you could make it into a bell pull. Ideas are
brewing, and I used my kitchen the Pioneer Woman her her kitchen the sticky the
sticky cabinet liner cabinet liner there it is. I use the cabinet liner on the
back here, and I’m really happy with how this turned out. I wanted to put more
goodies down here and then it just started feeling cluttered. I feel like
there rickrack it could be it’s only necklace but anywho it’s finished and I
love it! my little red glitter truck and then the trivet, and you know Michelle
hashtag by all the trivets. alright. I want to talk about some of my haul this
week. I went to a couple of the Christmas craft fairs. I went two. super pleased
with the two that I went to and then I went grocery shopping because you know
real life [giggles] and but I got some awesome craft stuff to add to my collection. I’m
so excited to show you so we’re gonna start off with the starched crocheted
ornament and he’s a little Nutcracker. I love him. he’s gonna go on one of my
trees. the next item I haven’t even opened her yet she’s handmade she’s
Christmas Bell from Lower Vintage Artworks out of New Gloucester out of
Maine, and I love her. I might end up gifting this I just think it’s so
awesome. Uh so I have her. then I got I got a little plastic canvas. it’s really
darling. it says “joy” and they did a good job they did the backing here, and I
actually have these round plastic pieces in my craft stash and I think what I’m
gonna end up doing is learning how to make deaddrop buttons no not deaddrop
buttons dorset buttons because I need more hobbies. more hobbies! [giggles] anywho I
really like these the plastic canvas. they made the tassel with the yarn and
then the back is nice with the red felt. I think it’s really awesome I love I
love Christmas I love it! alright the next one is this little
angel, and she’s made with rick rack. and I love her little face. she’s got she’s
made up like a cotton you know she almost looks like she was me from a t-shirt material. and she’s got a hand painted
painted face, she’s got her hands clasped together, she’s got the yarn hair, and her
bottom it’s very heavily starched and then the pinking shears took to cut the
fabric. I’ve never seen an angel like this, but I really like her. another
collection I got [giggles} I couldn’t find any trivets and I I mean I put forth a
valiant effort to find those trivets. show me your trivets! show me your
porridge Bowl! show me all the things! within reason, but I got a giant wall
plaque spoon. the ladies [laughs] the ladies were laughing at me. They were like, “Amanda Amanda
what are you gonna do with that huge spoon? and I said, “I’m gonna finish and I
will put cross stitch on it. cross stitch!” I don’t know if I’m gonna take off this
little decorative thing and put the cross stitch over this it’s hand-painted
by Jane. thank you Jane! or put it on the back. I might put it on the back that way
I have choices for my big spoon. the next thing I found was it was, it was really cool too.
it was actually rolled up in the kitchen napkin section and I’m like, “I don’t
think that’s a napkin. that looks like Aida. I like I like eyeball that Aida. you
all know. you stitchers, if you if you thrift enough or you’re going to
they antique stores enough, like if you see that little of Aida you’re like,
“that’s cross stitch!” like you know you know. so I saw this. it was all rolled up,
and I’m gonna show you how it was rolled. [singing] “rollin rollin rollin.” it was like
this. I was like, “oh that’s a cross stitch. that’s got to be a cross stitch.” and it
had the masking tape around it like hello masking tape masking tape on
everything. this is actually an empty bell pull, bell pull template. so I
picked that up but so it’s like this I’m like, “okay I’m gonna I’m gonna take a
chance I know I know there’s cross-stitch in there.” and it did not
disappoint. look at this. I got “silent night” I
believe it’s finished. I believe it’s got the metallic silver, Bethlehem and the
stitching here on blue Aida, it needs to be finished. then I got this, and I don’t
know who did it. I don’t know if it’s finished. I don’t know… well I know it’s
not finished because the Snowman they don’t have their eyes, but other than the
eyes I’m not sure if they’re like what else if there’s stuff that goes on on
this side, but I I love snowman, and hello if any of you know comment below
and tell me if about it if they if you recognize this pattern. if I can find
this pattern to finish this or if I just leave it as is I’m just make it into a
pillow. I want to put eyes on the snowmen, but other than that I don’t know if this
is done or not. so again, if you know comment below tell me what do I do.
alright the next couple pieces are embroidery and they’re stained, but I
think what I am going to do look at that butterfly. I’m thinking this is from one
of those old school kits the Vogart fabric and here you can probably see the
staining. I want to do a real quick shout out to the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective.
they do tremendous work saving like fabrics like this that would otherwise
go into landfills because of the staining. they like cut it out, repurpose it,
dye it, over-dye it. like it is amazing what these creators are doing I think the
group has like 50,000 people in it or 46,000
it’s a global group. I’m a member of it, and when I saw this I’m like this I I
need to make a quilt, like cut these out and put them in a quilt or add fabric on
top of this and make like a mixed-media quilt, or add doilies on top and like do
it a doily collage, but basically you know how can you repurpose some of these
historic needle art things. I mean that so this doesn’t get destined to get
thrown away. the next piece is it’s so cute. this is the one I’m like, “this has
to be a doll bed or baby blanket thing.” look at this little thing! look at that
the precious little baby. oh my goodness and it’s got the pink and a little
animals little lambs and the chart it says it’s from Vogart, made in the
United States on cotton. stitched on cotton. very cool. That is the
embroidery. then I found, as many of you know I love mid-century, so anytime I can
I find mid-century ephemera or craft stuff I’m like, “yes give it to me!” I found
this and there are Maryland decals, but look at that fun packaging. I just had to
have it, and it’s it’s interesting to see I don’t know she’s interesting I just
like this stuff, and then I got a box full of hankies. are you ready? I feel
like doing like that “Pretty Woman” thing were they like open up they like cuz I
like it on the art okay I’m gonna stop trying to be all cutesy wutesy cuz it’s
not working out I just look like I’m fumbling around [takes a drink of soda] today’s video is brought
to you by a dr. pepper cherry it’s actually really good. I don’t know I
can’t have diet soda, so this is this is good. it’s full sugar. I mean you
if you’re gonna drink a soda, commit. and then and then I took that sugar I took
the sugar class last week on how to make soda naturally, and they said you have to
add a caloric sweetener there’s no like fake sugar, like you gotta feed
your ginger bug real sugar I’m like, “yeah sugar sugar sugar show me this sugar mmm!”
I love this cool vintage box, and inside are all of the really fun hankies. some
of these have never been used! we’ve got the little birdie look at this one. it’s
got the scalloped edges, and it’s the real thin and it’s I I want to say it’s
machine embroidered, and I love its got yes here it is here’s the sticker. I saw
the sticker like that’s so pretty I have to show everyone and of course I didn’t
bring a backing fabric sorry. the original sticker it is “Carol Stanley
flower of the hour made in Switzerland.” Wow the next one is a gorgeous African
violet it’s got the purple scalloped edges gorgeous Pinterest there’s a
really cool tutorial on how to fold a hankie into a dress, and you display the
hankies on the wall and that’s the origami fold into a dress. here is
another one, never been used, all cotton. “A quality product.” I love it when they like
have to really tell you that this is “quality.” Like “Elf’ [the movie] with Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell and he takes her on the date and he’s an elf you know from the
North Pole coming down to New York City and the sign of this late diner this
like hole-in-the-wall diner says, “World’s Best Coffee!” And Elf is like, “this is the
best coffee in the world we have to go. drink it it’s the best.” no it’s just it’s
just advertising. It’s just advertising. So “a quality product.”
world’s best coffee. this one I love this. it look this one does look hand-stitched,
and it has its original sticker “all pure linen made in Ireland.”
I love the stickers, I love the tags, I love it. I love it. and then the last one
is another African violet made in Switzerland all cotton hanky it is
gorgeous. I have I I love hankies. I have a collection of Valentine’s Day hankies
that I bring out when I decorate for Valentine’s Day, because again my
favorite holidays are Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. the
vintage Valentine’s, the vintage hankies, pink pink pink pink pink alright oh and then my last little bit
of haul I haven’t even opened it. I have another mystery package that I got, and I
thought if you don’t mind we’ll open it together, and see what’s in
here I could be a dud it could not be. my husband’s laughing a me. he’s like, “Amanda why are you buying these random things?” I go, “Because I want to open
them on camera!” alright here it is. I paid 50 cents for a manila envelope with da-dit-da-da masking tape but I kind of I peeked in and I saw some yarn, so I I
paid 50 cents that I at a craft sale. alright here we go, ready? I see Aida! Is that Aida? AND I’m being stabbed! Ouch ouch ouch!
okay there’s the needle. I just stabbed myself with a needle.
It is not Aida. in the dark it looked like Aida. oh look it’s got okay it’s got the
needle is attached. alright I’m taking off the a needle. oh that’s a big sucker.
look at that needle. oh this all right here we go.
what is this? it looks like there’s two identical kits. American Eagle. awesome! American Eagle it’s got the yarn so is
this crewel embroidery [inaudible company] American Eagle stitchery picture in it
oh it’s got the outline stitch, lazy Daisy, satin stitch, straight single
stitch, surface satin stitch, and the split stitch. it’s got all the different
colors. awesome. that is awesome, and it looks like it comes–I got two of them! [sings] “hot dog
hot dog hot diggity dog” alright you can tell I have small children. well thank
you for opening that up with me! I assume the second one yeah it looks like it’s
the exact same thing I don’t want to stab myself with another needle. someone
got two kits and never started them and I I understand. I’m so excited
thank you all for joining me this week.