FlossTube #16 (2/17/19) : Nashville Needlework Market Release Announcement

Hello everyone, my name is Beth Twist and
I am the designer for Heartstring Samplery. Today I am going to show
you my new releases for the upcoming Nashville Needlework Market. That’s all
I’m going to talk about today. Usually in my videos I talk about other things, but
today we’re gonna get right to it. First up is sort of a re-release. This is
a sampler that I designed for my very first retreat that I taught at, and that
was at the Dyeing to Stitch retreat in I believe it was April of 2017. It’s
been a little while ago. The retreat attendees seem to like it a lot and so I
decided to save it for a market release, because it’s a lot of work getting
designs ready and it’s kind of nice to have a couple of sure things that I know
people will like that have all the work has already been done. I saved this
for you for this year, it is called The Stitching Life. It is somewhat
reminiscent of Dutch style samplers; some of the birds and bouquets remind me of
those I’ve seen on Dutch style samplers, and the lettering as well. Underneath the
alphabet, we have the words, “I could use a little more stitching in my life”. isn’t
it true? And then down here with the motifs for baskets of flowers and birds
we have some scissors a needle and thread. Because it comes with
alphabet up here, it’s easily customizable by whoever stitches it with
their initials. I put mine here BWT. If you don’t know, W stands for my maiden
name Whittaker, because my actual middle name is Ann. I used to initial my
samplers BAT, and people would say, “why do your
samplers have the word ‘bat’ on them? Do you like bats?” Well, I think bats are cool
animals, but not enough to put the word ‘bat’ on all of my samplers, so I changed
my initials to be WT and that’s it. This is stitched on R&R Reproductions… I should have my information in front of
me I’m so sorry It has been a week! So my I got a call
from school on Thursday morning at 11:30 that my son had fallen and was hurt and
did not want to move from where he was laying. I said okay I’ll be right
there and I raced down to the school. Sure
enough, he was still laying there. He was in a warm dry room, he was not alone, he
had ice packs on his arm, did not feel like he was neglected. He’s a big kid and
he didn’t want to move and the teachers were like okay they respected him and I
was really glad they did, because he ended up having both bones in his wrist,
his left wrist were broken. One of them stayed in alignment the other one was
completely displaced; did not break through the skin fortunately, but ended
up being an entire day of urgent care and emergency room. He got exceptional
treatment at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland and when we left the
hospital around 8:00 p.m. that night the follow-up x-rays look really good
and his bones are lined back up where they should be. We’ll see an orthopedic
surgeon on Monday morning to find out for sure. Anyway, my week has been
completely thrown off kilter and I’m having a hard time getting back into
sync with where I should be at with market prep. So this video is coming out
late and I’m not very organized and I apologize, but I am mother first and I’m
sure you all understand that. I’m designer second and I feel blessed and
privileged to be a designer and to be able to present you with
my creativity. It seems like people keep accepting my creativity and wanting
to bring it into their shops and into their homes and that is amazing to me.
So anyway, number one release The Stitching Life, this will retail for $12
and is available for everyone. It will be a simultaneous release at Market and
then when I get home from Market, it will be available to be ordered by any
needlework shops who don’t attend Market, and will also probably be
offered within a week, maybe two, depending on how busy I am when I get
home, in my Etsy shop for direct purchase. Number one. Can you still kind of see it there behind me? I’m sitting on the floor in the corner of my office because it’s
Saturday and we have company coming and so the kids are cleaning house, and my
husband is in and out of the house, and it’s kind of noisy and chaotic
downstairs. So I’m filming in a corner of my room. So a sort of companion piece to
that sampler is this little pin cushion it’s called Stitch or Die. Because if stitching were taken out,
taken away from me as a hobby, it would be really difficult for me. I love
stitching. So although it’s not really true you know, if I were in an accident
or paralyzed or got arthritis really bad and I couldn’t stitch anymore, I wouldn’t
actually die, but sometimes I might feel like I want to die. So a little
tongue-in-cheek funny ha-ha; Stitch or Die. It uses the same linen
and threads called for in The Stitching Life, which are Gentle Arts and R&R Reproductions. This will retail the pattern will retail for $10. I have the third release is called The
Cat Sampler. I love how this one turned out. I’m so pleased with it. Several years
ago, I think in 2011, I released The Dog Sampler and this is a companion piece,
because the layout is exactly the same. The house is the same dimensions, the
overall design is the same, stitch count, these little trees are the same. The
difference is that the house itself is a different style; on The Dog Sampler, it
looks like a brick house and this is a red painted house. This one has a little
kitty cat up in the window, that was my daughter’s idea, a large cat over here, a
space for somebody’s initials to go in, and then the quote down at the bottom is
by L.M. Montgomery, who wrote the Anne of Green Gables books. This is from a
different story that she wrote, but it says, “A house isn’t a home without the
ineffable contentment of a cat with its tail folded about its feet”, and then a
sweet little row of kitties in all different colors. It’s about time,
right? 2011 is a long time ago I should have brought The Cat Sampler out much
sooner because I think we probably have equal numbers of cat lovers and dog
lovers in the cross-stitch world. So here it is, now your chance. This pattern will retail for $12. Oh, this one, and the Stitch or Die pin cushion are also
general releases, available to everyone right away.
I have one more that falls into that category, so for total, that will be
general releases, this one is the next in my Magical Elixir series, which honors my
most beloved beverage: coffee. I have this one mounted on a Lone Elm Lane box.
This is a box design that she came out with, that
Stephanie came out with last year, that I really love. It’s got a more primitive
finish to the paint; this is in black, and there’s the Lone Elm logo on the bottom.
Here’s the design, it says, “I don’t have a problem with coffee, I have a
problem without coffee”. I don’t know what else to say about that. This is stitched
on Picture This Plus, and the threads are a combination of Classic Colorworks,
Week’s Dye Works, and The Gentle Art, because I felt like I needed, had
particular shades that I was looking for and I had to pull from different piles
of threads to find the shades that I wanted. The colors in this, by the way, are
all the same colors that I use in my entire Magical Elixir series, so somebody
could stitch two designs from that series and they would complement each
other very nicely, or they could stitch the whole series together, and it’s all
of the same colors. So this is called Coffee Drinker’s Confession, it will
retail for $10, and is a general release that will come out at the Nashville
Needlework Market. The final two designs that I have, yes I have six this year,
I’ve never done that many at Nashville. I don’t know how some of the designers do
it that have like a dozen new release releases at Market, because it’s an
intense amount of work for me. Maybe because I still have young kids at home?
I don’t know, I may never do six again, because it’s been a lot
coordinating all of this. I have two exclusives this year, and I think
everybody is going to be excited about these. I’m only going to show you a
mini little sneak peek at each one of them. Many of you know that last year
in January, I launched a series called Festive Little Fobs, and one per month I
had a set of little scissor fobs; they each had nine little design motifs in
each of the sets, and they were seasonally appropriate. We had
Valentine’s, Springtime, I had one to honor Beekeeping because I’m a beekeeper, I had a patriotic one, but they each kind of aligned with the month. I was
going to end the series with twelve, and that’s all I had planned for, and
sometime right around August or September, I suddenly thought of two more
themes that had never occurred to me. I thought, “why didn’t I think of those two?
Those are great, but I couldn’t replace any of the others that I already had
because I liked them, and so I decided my evil plan was to secretly have two
add-ons that I’ll be releasing at Market the first weekend in March. So they are
called Festive Little Fobs Teatime edition; I had a Coffee edition, and now I
will have a Teatime edition for those of you who are not coffee drinkers. I
have the Barnyard edition both coming out, and there I’m not going to show a
full picture of all of the fobs. I don’t know, I’m trying something new. I
typically have full disclosure, show you everything that I’m coming out with, but
this these two I think you’ve seen enough of my Festive Fobs series that you
know whether your customers are going to like them or not, and you’re going to
know whether they’re gonna like these two themes or not, and I think that’s
enough for you to go on. It adds a little bit of mystery and excitement. When you
come visit me in Nashville, you’ll get to see the models,
you’ll get to see the cover photo that shows all my designs in each or nine
fobs that come with each set. I am just going to do a quick flash of the
Teatime edition, I’m not sure how this is going to work because they’re on a plate
with some scissors and we’re probably going to lose some of them, but this will
give you a sort of idea of colors; sorry, I didn’t plan this very well. So here we
go without further ado, my fingers are gonna be all over them,
Teatime edition. I will show you one little fob so here’s a little tea cup
with a spoon and that’s all I’m going to show you of that one. I will do the
same with the Barnyard edition. Barnyard! I will show you, let’s see what do
you want to see? Red tractor. So we have represented in Teatime: tea bags,
tea pots, tea cups, and tea strainer, lemon wedges, and they’re kind of nice pastel-y
Teatime. In this series I try to reuse all of the same colors over and over again. So if you look at the colors that have
already been used in past fob releases, you kind of have an idea, but the the Teatime is a little bit more pastels, whites, I don’t know, tea party appropriate colors; springtime. The Barnyard one is more, you know,
the browns, the red, the blue, the green of grass, that sort of thing.
Hopefully that is enough to pique your interest. If you’re a shop owner and you
will be attending market, I have sent out by the time you see this video, I’ve sent
out an email announcement that shows more specific information about the
designs, and also information on how you can give me pre-orders. Because yes, I am
accepting pre-orders. I personally feel like it helps me gauge interest in my
designs and if necessary I can increase the amount that I bring if it looks like
I’m gonna get so many pre-orders for something that maybe I need more. Because my goal is to never run out of charts at Market. I don’t I don’t want you to go
home empty-handed, and I also don’t want to go home and have to immediately start
sending out orders. That’s my policy. If I run out at Market, as soon as I get home, I will mail to you whatever you
ordered and paid for. I’m gonna have you pay up front; shipping will not be a part
of what you pay for if I run out. Now if you want me to ship your charts to you
from Market, but I do have copies of charts there, I will charge you shipping.
It just to me makes the most sense to do it that way.
If I run out at market you don’t get what you want, I’ll come home and mail
them to you. But I don’t want to have to do that, because since the holidays were
over, I have been working on market stuff and I’m ready for a break! I’m sure you
understand. I want to show you two more things that are sort of peripheral
items that I think that you would like to offer in your shops. The first, these
are going to be available for pre-order if you would like, and they are sticker
sheets. I’m pretty excited about these. I came up with four themes of
sticker sheets. The first the theme I called “Cross Stitch Nation”, and it has two
sizes of the Cross Stitch Nation design, and then we have other sort of stitcher
related designs this is The Stitching Life and Stitch or Die, and then I also
added in one from my Proverbs series because it just was the right fit. This
is called the Cross Stitch Nation sticker sheet. We have an Adam and Eve
sticker sheet which has two copies of His Eye is on the Sparrow.
It’s got Permit Me Not to Stray, which is a little Adam and Eve with a flower
bouquet, and then In the Garden, which is another Adam and Eve and then I added in
Baby it’s Cold Outside and four little patriotic bouquets because I just
thought that they were a nice addition. I have the Red House sticker sheet because
I have two on it with red houses and I added in some others that I thought
looked nice with it even though they don’t have red houses, and then the final
one is the Coffee sticker sheet, and these are all designs from my Magical
Elixir series that have to do with coffee. We have the Fairy Coffee Mother,
we have a little coffee grinder, Coffee Quaker, the new Coffee Drinker’s
Confession, Coffee Saves Lives, and C is for Coffee. These are, I’m really pleased
with how they turned out. They’re just a nice little die-cut peel off sticker that
can be used to decorate your laptop computer, or your iPad, they can be put on
in your scrapbooks, they can be used when you send cards to your stitchy friends.
These are going to retail for $4 a sheet. It was hard for me to come up with a
fair price, and I talked to a couple of friends who do scrapbooking and they
said they often pay up to $6 or even seven for a sticker sheet like
this, so I thought $4 seemed more approachable, and yet these cost more
than I expected to make and package so hopefully that seems like a fair
price to you as well. I am bringing to Market a limited amount and these are
something that if I run out at Market, once they’re gone they’re gone. I
am going to offer them for sale in my Etsy shop to my direct customers some
time following market but probably not right away.
I would I would guess that I’m gonna give it probably a month after market
before I put them in my Etsy shop, so I guess in that sense they’re an exclusive,
but they’re not a reorder-able exclusive, if that makes sense. I’m hopefully
bringing enough that I won’t run out, but if you think that you know you want a
substantial number of these for your shop, or if you want your needlework shop to make sure they have them for you right away at their Market release party, make
sure you put your pre-orders in. I have I have I’ve never sold stickers before, so
I don’t know what to anticipate and how much people will like them and want them.
These are pre-order-able. I have one final item that is not available as a
pre-order. I’m bringing a very much smaller more limited amount because
they’re seriously labor-intensive and they are necklaces, pendants. I’ve done
these in the past but these are a different a different take on what I’ve
done in the past, because they’re double-sided. So in the past I’ve done
little round pendants with a glass glass dome over the image but it’s
single sided and I made them so that they could also be used as a little
dangle on your thread keeps. These are going to only come with a chain for a
necklace and it’s a I believe it’s a 24 inch chain so it’ll be sort of a long it
does not have a clasp on the back you just put it over your head like that but
they’re they’re double-sided and so they’re themed, and from the side they
look like a little bit of a you know they kind of look like a little ball.
Anyway, I’ve got multiple versions I think I came up with I think there are
48? 24. My brain is so fried, that day in the emergency room really did a number
on me. Anyway, this is one example and it has little motifs from The Stitching Life on it and then on the other side it’s from my Stitcher’s Resolution design
and it says “stitch all day”. You can see how it’s reversible, which is lovely.
I also got multiple colors of metals so that was like a bright silver, we also
have black, and this is images from my Never Let You Go design, it’s got the
house with the people and then a bouquet on the back. It has a little swivel
lobster clasp that’s holding the pendant and these will come packaged so that you
can put them on the counter in your needlework shops. Here’s one that’s got
coverlet themed, this is a patriotic one, this one is M is for Mermaid, and then
then on the back there’s a mermaid motif, and then this is a Coffee Quaker. There are
many more I tried to come up with lots of options for people to choose
from; multiple colors of metal; but I’m only bringing a hundred of them to
Market, and once they’re gone they’re gone. These are not going to be available
for pre-order they’re not going to be available for reorder and the only
reason I would ever list them in my Etsy shop is if people don’t want to buy them
at Market and I have some left over. They’re just so much work. I think I
counted that each pendant I handle 16 times before it’s done and I’m
wondering if I’m crazy for making them. They will retail for $24. I think that’s
a fair price we as women often pay much more than that for our jewelry, right? and
there’s a lot of time involved in making these, and I think that’s all I have to
say about that. They were fun to make, but 100 of them was enough. I was yeah, that
was enough. I hope you like what I have to offer this year. I am really
looking forward to Market. This will be my fifth year attending Market, and it
just I so look forward to connecting with other designers and with needlework shops, with the suppliers of the fabrics and threads and everything that
I use, and it’s just it’s such it’s such an inspirational environment to be in
for a weekend. It’s a great chance to connect with stitchers. I don’t have a
whole lot of stitchers close to me so it’s it gives me a nice boost to get me
going into the next year designing, and I look forward to seeing those of you that
are going to be there. Come in and say hi and introduce yourself to me if I’ve
never met you before. I will have a couple of helpers with me
so you depending on what time and what day you come by my space I may be busy
with other people but if you really want to talk to me just come back or hang out
for a little while and get my attention and I’ll make sure that I give you a hug
and shake your hand whatever say hi I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and
thanks for watching this video. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, assuming I
get this uploaded while it’s still the weekend, and if not have a fantastic week,
and I’ll see you again soon. Bye bye!