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hi friends its Leah, aviatrixstitcher.
thanks for joining me today. this is a channel where I talk about cross
stitching it’s been over a month since I’ve posted a video and that’s not for
lack of desire just lack of time and energy since I since my last video
school has started and I’m in aviation school normally I would be flying today
today is Monday that 24th September but my lesson was canceled today because my
instructor is getting married so um so I had a break in my schedule and I thought
videos long overdue I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and stuff is
building up so I’d better get on it so anyway like I said today is the 24th
yesterday the 23rd was my birthday and let’s see I had an OK birthday I
mean it wasn’t great to be honest because my son is turning 3 in December
and yesterday was a very difficult day for him just emotionally he just for
some reason woke up on the wrong side of the bed he didn’t like anything he
didn’t want to talk about anything he didn’t want to do anything he just cried
a lot and yelled a lot oh I don’t know those of you who have experienced
toddlers might know what that’s like but or if you’ve been around small children
I’m sure anyway so it was kind of a rough day but
we still tried to salvage it a little bit we we went out for Indian food which
is one of my favorite things we we went out for Indian food and then we went out
for ice cream and yeah it was tasty and then my husband put together a fish tank
for me so now I have a fish tank and I’m so excited because I love fish tanks
like I love I love having fish but I just don’t love the setting up and the
maintenance so um early on in our marriage he had promised me that someday
he would get me like he would get me a fish tank and he would do everything and
that would be like his gift to me is just him maintaining that for me to
enjoy so we’re finally there and I love it and they’re so soothing fish are so
soothing to watch aren’t they um anyways kind of got off-track there um so in
honor of my birthday I would like to give away this kit
oops sorry for the glare let’s try this no this was better okay so this kit is a
Riolis… nope it’s not Riolis it’s design works I actually bought this for
myself a few years ago when I didn’t have anything to stitch and I was
waiting for my household goods to be shipped to me but I never got around to
it and since I’ve joined floss tube
I’m just so way more things that I really really want to stitch before I
would stitch this so I just decided to share this with someone else who is
going to love this so this is my birthday giveaway if you
would like to be entered first of all don’t say give away your
comment would be deleted right away be a subscriber and leave a comment
below telling me what your favorite season is and why. my favorite season is
summer but I would qualify that with summer in the Upper Midwest because it’s
not quite as harsh but I love green spaces and water and flowers spring is a
very close second for me because I love when the flowers come out and the birds
are singing and everything’s new and fresh and green so let me know if you
want this. oh be 18 because I need your address and if you’re not 18 get a
guardian a parent or guardian to ask for this to enter into the giveaway for
you um and I’m not very good at shipping things out in a timely manner
I can either ship things out pretty late or too early but I can’t quite get
things out on time I don’t know why it’s really silly
but just be advised that if you win my giveaways at any point in time you just
you might not get it like right away I I really I have no explanation for that
because I I am a task oriented person I just it just escapes me I I don’t know
so so while I’m talking about gifts I’d
like to tell you a story about this funny generous thing that happened to me
another stitcher Charlene, The Grateful Thread she doesn’t do videos but she has
an Instagram account and she comments here on my videos a lot so I’ll link her
Instagram account below in case you wanted to check her out but anyway um I
have this project that I’m working on that if you’ve seen my videos before you
know what I’m talking about it’s window and garden and in my last
video no two videos ago I had mentioned that there’s these DMC flosses that are
required for the design but you can only get them in the pack the DMC pack of
newer colors that were released in 2013 and I didn’t want to buy the pack
because I only needed one color so she contacted me and said that she had that
pack of colors and that she would like to send me the color that I needed it
was 38 90 and I said that’s awesome thank you gave her my address expected a
package to arrive and it it never arrived so I reached out to her and I
was like hey did you send my god you know um and she said yes she did send it
and it was at that point close to four weeks
I something anyway close to that it was a long time since she had sent it and I
hadn’t received it so um I was super bummed because you know I assumed that
she only had the one the one DMC 38 ninety but she said no worries I have
another one I’ll just send you this other one that
have I thought oh my goodness how amazing is that that she had multiples
of this color and she’s willing to sonmi too you know who knows where that first
one is and then I went back to my chart and I checked that I didn’t need any
other colors from that box but it turns out I did so I asked her hey any chance
you might also have 38 94 and she said yes she did and she would be happy to
send me that as well so she sent me a second package and um I
think she sent me the second it she said she told me she put it in the mail like
on a Friday and Monday the following week I had a package in my mailbox from
her and I thought wow I really hope she didn’t spend like extra money to get
that expedited to me, I didn’t need it like right then but I opened the package
and it just had the one floss in it and so then I knew that was the first
package so I ended up getting the first package and the second package later on
in that week but so not only did she send me two of these 38 90s but in the
first package she sent me also this gorgeous fabric hand dyed fabric by
Rolanda look at this it’s a ginormous piece of fabric look how pretty that is right
look at those purples so she said she she sent me this piece
of fabric um along with some candies which I have eaten already they were
delicious thank you so much for those um the floss and a handmade card isn’t that
pretty and she had some very encouraging words inside which all keeps myself but
honestly they they really mean a lot to me so then when I received the second
package imagine my surprise when I discovered a
second piece of this amazing fabric two pieces two huge pieces of this amazing
fabric look at that so um Charlene thank you so much I mean
I don’t know how many times I can say thank you and it just won’t be enough I
I feel like this is so generous for you to not only send me one piece of fabric
but two pieces of fabric and two candies and also two of these 38 90s and one of
these it means so much to me thank you so much for that so since she sent me
these fabrics I I asked her if she would like one back you know because we
thought the first one was lost and I asked her if she would like one of these
pieces back because I mean these are nice fabrics but she said no please keep
them and I was like wow wow so um I went on a pattern hunt for these for this
fabric and she even said herself that this this is sort of a brave fabric um
this this type of coloration is kind of hard to find like the perfect pattern
that will go on to it just because like the fabric itself is so much to look at
that you don’t want a pattern that’s gonna clash with it
so um I actually found something that I think it’s gonna work really well um I
was planning to tell you what it’s going to be but I think I’m gonna wait until I
receive it so that you can see what’s gonna go on here I think that’ll be
better so I have something on order I think it’s gonna be perfect but I do
have two pieces so I did get a smaller pattern that’s gonna go on here but I’ll
show you in a little bit when I kind of go through
some of my Hall so um again Charlene thank you so much that was it was it was
funny like not funny funny not funny that she had to send everything twice
and that eventually I did get both but stitches are the best people I just have
to say that um so let’s see before I get into my own stitching I have another
story to share with you um so as you know I live in the Upper Midwest and
every year I try to make it to the Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair is this huge event it rivals the Texas State Fair for the
largest every single year and the Minnesota State Fair tends to have the
same amount of visitors in half the amount of time so so I guess you know it
just depends on what you consider to be bigger what those guidelines are but
anyways the Minnesota State Fair is awesome
I try to go every year my husband and I go it’s right around our anniversary so
we try to make it sort of like an anniversary trip and anyway the reason I
want to talk talk about it this year is because I met another stitcher she is a
vendor um I love the Bazaar if you’ve ever been to the Minnesota State Fair
you know where the Bazaar is the International Bazaar ever since I was
little that was my most favorite place to go it has just a slew of
international vendors that so international goods it’s like a traveler’s paradise
I guess maybe so anyway this year I went to I went to a booth where they were
selling where they were selling like Hmong gifts and the the booth owners
were both Hmong and I was looking around and I noticed that there were these like
embroidered not tapestry but I mean they were like they were embroideries that
sort of told a story there there were all these little people you know what
I’m just gonna I I got something from her and I’ll show you sort of what I
mean she hand stitches these stories and okay I just I have to show you I can’t
talk about it before I show you so this is all hand stitched look how beautiful
this is and it tells a story what originally
attracted me to her booth though was an even larger an even larger stitching of
this story and she saw me admiring these and she came over and she started
telling me that this is her story she stitched this with her mother and this
tells the story of how she fled Laos into Thailand and eventually China and
eventually the United States the story was so touching I’m actually getting a
little emotional right now so the story was so touching that I asked her to
explain it to me while I recorded it so that I could share it with you and I’ve
recently I’ve recently learned how to merge movies with my with my editing
software so hopefully I can insert it right here but if not it’ll be at the
end of this video but anyways so what you what I just showed you was the
smaller version of the large one and I took a video of the large one and she
explained how it’s her story and how she stitched it to describe her experiences
and with any luck I’ll insert that video right here: village life and ah we had no
beautiful house that we cut a wood or bamboo to make a house then we um then he made rice powder then escape to the forest and
jungle it is a Vietnamese soldier then we stay the jungle for couple months so
we try to cross the river to Thailand and we cut a bamboo to put under your arm and
you can fly in the river so when we got Thailand so we say please don’t kill us we like to save our lives Then we get to the policeman take me to
the camp that I stayed the camp for four years to wait from the lambo(?) to
come to the United States. my story’s very funny you know yeah when I got
here I got here in 1979 March and I get there so I don’t know how to speak English at all
I pull my finger print in the paper you know when they come to the door they say we have Hmong interpreter in Saint Paul but they take me to Minneapolis and say how we survive like that for long time so he said tomorrow your sponsor get your food
and she they will get your food and clothes and I say how can I I don’t
know how to do it and he say follow them and if they say anything
you just follow that them you know and they come to the door did they say hi I
say hi and they say my name is Mary yeah I say my name is Mary and she said no no no I’m my name is Mary I said me I’m Mary yeah and they get a food for us
and we don’t know how to say anything for them and they just drop the food right there and they left yeah and made me cry you know I said why they drop the food right there and I don’t know how to tell them what happen and how can I do for them you know, so. right now my english not so good too. Oh no your English is wonderful it’s wonderful. thank you. so you said this is
also your story. is my story yeah I’m from China to Laos and Laos to Thailand and Thailand to United States and we raised the hand to get a number to come to the United States. and you made that with your mother? yes my mom and it took me about two months to finish. It’s just beautiful. Thank you. and you said these these here are for the mountains? these represent for the mountain of Laos right because in Laos theres a mountain in the
village so this represent for the mountain. thank you so much for letting me record you. thank you thank you. so as you can imagine that
story is incredibly touching and when she showed me that she had a smaller
version of that masterpiece I had to have I had to have it the story’s stories and experiences of
refugees touch me deeply I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with
refugees I have no words okay I have no words and
I’m getting emotional thinking about it so anyway um be kind to refugees they go
through a lot things you can’t imagine and by the end of this interaction with
her she was crying I was crying we were hugging and I have this beautiful thing
to remember her and and to hang on my wall and this is going to… I okay
actually maybe you can help me decide how to hang it because this is this is
sort of quilted you can see it’s like quilted and on the back it doesn’t have
any loops or anything but I don’t know if this is something that I can put into
a frame that’s sort of what I was hoping to do is put it in a large frame but I
don’t know how I would do that would it be better to do a simple like to add
some kind of loop here somehow and just kind of drape it on my wall or what’s
the best way to do that I know a lot of you do quilting and wall hangings so if
you have any input there you know that it’s a treasure I wish I I wish I could
have afforded the the big piece I mean she she wanted quite a bit of money for
that one and it’s totally worth what she asked me I mean what she asked for it
but I just I can’t right now but this was this was okay
mmm okay anyway moving on I hope you enjoyed that and if you oh I do want to
say that if you ever do get to go to the Minnesota State Fair and go to the
bazaar I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that booth there before in previous years but
I had just never stitching hadn’t been quite as prevalent in my life so um it
it didn’t jump at me like it did this year she did give me her card
she sells things okay gifts made by hand authentic Hmong
needlework she said that she doesn’t speak very good English but her daughter
does okay let’s see if I can get this without a glare there so if you’re
interested in I don’t know anything that she has to offer for anything I don’t
know there’s her information she said that if
you call her daughter can help her you know understand or whatever but honestly
her English is really good but phone conversations can be a little bit more
difficult for people who you know who have English as a second language or
third language okay so that concludes the storytelling portion of my video I’m
going to get into my own stitching now so to recap we had arbitrary August and
I had a great time seeing everybody’s progress with arbitrary August that was
that was really fun it was a fun exercise like for me you know what I did
is I just had an abbreviated list of my WIPs
and I used the tiny decisions app to decide what
work on on the days that I was able to stitch so I’ve learned that I do not
really like very strict rules about what I can and cannot stitch on a certain day
typically I don’t really schedule out specific days of stitch a I usually just
have a list of things that I want to work on in a certain month and whatever
speaks to me on the day that I can stitch is what I choose to pick up and
work on and if I can’t do that I don’t enjoy the stitching as much and I think
that that sort of negates the whole purpose of stitching really because it’s
supposed to be therapeutic and so so I did it and I’m glad I did it I think it
did help me to get things together and to you know get get things done but I
just want to go through like what i what i stitched I guess um this was on my
list it’s red workhouse actually I don’t know what it’s called
if you speak Russian you can see the name right there I’ve had some questions
about these panic attacks to the actual product in case you want to order it
from the pan of site it’s a Russian website it took probably
two months to get to me and the shipping was the shipping was the same price as
buying three of these panic attend civ but worth it I guess ya know it’s worth
it so this is this is my progress on this I had to move the
I had to move the q-snap frame and I’m not going to take that out to show
you the you know the whole thing yet but since you saw it last this entire tree
has been stitched I’m sorry it’s cut off a little bit here I’ve been posting
pictures on Instagram as well so if you want a more if you want a better picture
of anything that I’m talking about today you’ll more than likely find it on my
Instagram profile @aviatrixstitcher so I like how this is turning out it’s
as beautiful as ever all I have left is this this bottom row
and I don’t think it’ll take it too long this is what I have left right here I’m
not sure if I really like how the shading turned out on this trunk but I
think I’m gonna keep it just because I don’t want to take it out I don’t want
to redo it you just want to you know you know you know what I mean that’s too
much to take out just because you don’t like the way the variegation
panned out but anyway it’s going well listen it’s going off okay um another
one that I worked on a lot is window in garden this is what it’ll look like I’m
stitching it at 90 degrees that’s all explained in previous videos and this is the one that Charlene helped
me to get the these blues and greens that I needed so I was able to finish up
this when these window panes with the blue that she gave me and I haven’t used
the green yet I don’t think this one this might be actually yeah that’s my okay
this is the green so I’ve used the the blue and the green in this one already
green in the blue and here’s where the top is gonna be here’s the left side and
here’s the bottom and I’m just working on reaching the right side up here so
it’s actually I mean it’s about the size of my hand so it’s a little smaller than
I anticipated but that’s awesome because I think that this will be pretty easy to
finish off there’s a lot of back stitching that still needs to be done
back stitching will will add a lot I think on this one so the the full
crosses and the half stitches are still or are almost done and then I’ll have to
move on to the back stitching in French knots there’s lots of French knots to
because there’s like flowers that are mostly French knots and since so summery
and um I am planning this year to do July in Christmas since I did Christmas
in July so this is definitely gonna come out for that I haven’t been able to work
on it at all since August but it’ll definitely come
back out in December when I do July and Christmas actually I might do July and
Christmas in January instead of December but just keep that on your radar in case
you wanted to join me in July and Christmas we’ll have a hash tag and
everything so there’s that okay okay
what was next oh okay I also did my stocking this is what it will look like
candy cane stocking and it’s on the frame that’s how far I am I can’t really
remember exactly what I put in since my last video since it was kind of a while
ago but I worked a lot on this tree I put in a ton of this green like the dark
greens especially so like all these all these dark greens everything here and
then I put in a little bit over here now this all needs to be back stitched as
well so I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me originally I thought that I
could have this done by Christmas this year and I just
now that the semester has started I know I’m just not going to have enough time
to get that finished by this year but it’s okay I mean it’s okay right I don’t
need it done it’s just for me it’s just for me so whatever whenever I get it
done it’ll be fine and meanwhile I just enjoy working on it whenever I can work
on it I love these Gold Collection dimensions
kits because you get so much detail with just a little bit of a space and I love
that I think they really come to life so anyway let’s see what else I worked on
Adams menagerie this is what it’s supposed to look like
sort of but I’ve changed the colors a bit and I’m using a colorful fabric and
I’m getting to the point now where I’m I’m gonna have to start thinking about
what I’m gonna do with these words I don’t like the way it started I don’t
like the colors I don’t like how this border looks around the words so I’m
trying to decide if I want to change the font completely or if I just want to do
the font that’s there but um I actually think I’m gonna do it in the elephant
color um you know what let me show you where I mean where I’m at here’s where
I’m at I’ve made a lot of progress on this since you saw it last I have put in
this entire giraffe and this goose and I finished off this cloud type thing and
I’ve added this entire cloud type thing I say cloud type thing because I think
it’s actually more like it kind of reminds me of if you’re looking at
mountains in the distance because there’s green in there so there’s green
in there so it kind of reminds me of you know mountains in the distance at
Twilight um I still have to add an ostrich here and I have to finish off
these hummingbirds I have to finish some little details on this goose and I have
some class of some sky stuff to do over here and then like I have a couple
animals Adam is supposed to be over here so I’ve got you know I’ve got a decent
amount left but I’m really happy with my progress so far so what I was thinking
for the words I I think I’m gonna do it in this color the same color as the
elephants you think that’ll look good what do you think
that is that the right color to go with would you go with a different color I
don’t think I want to do a purple because I think it would blend in with
the fabric too much and you can see the purple colors in the clouds they do just
kind of blend blend in but I don’t think I want to do the yellow like yellow /
orange because I think it’s too contrasting like I think when you look
at it that’s all you would see it’s just these yellow words so that’s what I was
kind of thinking this elephant gray I know what do you think surprisingly this
is the most popular project on Instagram I thought the red work would be more
popular and it is pretty much neck and neck but just just barely I think it’s
the Adams menagerie that has like consistently more likes so that’s
interesting there was one day excuse me and there was one day during arbitrary
August where it selected Wilde and I went totally wild and I went totally off
my list of projects that I was supposed to be working on that month and I went
for this one because I missed it this is another panic it and I’ve had a lot of
people ask me about this one as well because it is unique I mean I I haven’t
seen anything else in the style and it’s hard I think it’s hard to find
african-themed kits or designs just in general there’s like there’s lots of
Asian designs out there there’s like no South American designs hardly any
there’s a few but I’ve been looking there’s not a lot of options anyway this
is where I am this is the boat and part of
poll this needle minder actually got a lot of comments on the needle minder as
well um this is from Gina’s unique boutique on Etsy and I’ll link her below
there were three options there were three coloration options for the Hat and
earring but they were all pretty and I liked him the face is opposite of like
when I ordered this the face was facing that way
her face was that way so it’s flipped which is fine I mean it’s still pretty and I would still it’s really pretty
anyway that’s where I am on that and I’m calling this one
what am i calling this one African fishermen because I can’t read Russian okay um another thing that I did that
wasn’t on my arbitrary August list but I just wanted to work on it one day was my
name focus anta there’s some fat guy in apple coat and I I think I grabbed this
one because it was easy to do in the car and so I just added more background over
here and then I just decided to start the top of the tree there’s three color
green in there three colors of green I think that’s gonna work fine I’m doing
this one over to I was worried about coverage but I think it’s really fine
it’s on 40-count see so I like this I did a major color conversion that I
talked about in previous videos I’m not going to talk about it again but
obviously you can see I went from yellow to blue this one I probably won’t get to this
one again until December ish you know Christmastime and then the last thing I
worked on for arbitrary August was Max’s moon and I’m stitching this one with
stitching Beca and for the summer time we just focused on the moon and I did
complete the moon so I had this I had this on my on my arbitrary August list
until the moon was finished and then once the moon was finished there’s kind
of cleared so once once this was finished I took it off the list for
arbitrary August and now I’m gonna I’m going to start working on it again
because it’s technically fall and what we have ranged what Becca and I have
arranged is we stitched the moon over the summer now we’re gonna go to this
piece here we’re gonna stitch this one in the fall and then wintertime is this
this section and then spring next year is gonna be this stump and then whenever
we have time and want to work on it we’re gonna work on max I I might just
have to qualify for myself that if I don’t have anything done on next I’m
gonna have to start working on him in the summer so that I just keep myself
moving along this color palette I I bought this kit I bought this kit years
and years and years ago before I knew what I really really liked to stitch and
what I really really didn’t like to stitch and this color palette is not not
my favorite I don’t like stitching black and white and brown and this is all
white and brown and then this is gonna be black and white lots of black and
white and here’s some grains I love green the love stitching green so I
think I’m actually gonna enjoy this part but now now I’m able to just
like when I see something that I like that’s in a color palette that I just I
know I don’t like to stitch I am to the point now where I’m like Lea you don’t
need to buy that you can just encourage other people to buy it and stitch it so
that you can watch them stitch it and enjoy it that way and that usually works
out really well for me I I love to stitch vicariously through all of you so so that’s on my that’s on my stitching
plans for this coming month and up until up until winter time is I’m just gonna
focus on that little branch and maybe I’m probably know I’m probably not gonna
get to the little kitty I just I know I’m being real with myself right now
um and then I have covered everything that I’ve stitched in arbitrary August
so that was pretty fun um I I think if we do it again next year I probably will
I probably will play along like I did this year in a similar fashion where I
just have a list and abbreviate listen it just tells me what stitch that day
and then I also sort of made a rule for myself so that I didn’t feel trapped I
said I told myself that if I didn’t want to stitch what the what it told me to
stitch that day that I only had to put in one length of thread in that project
and then I could move on to whatever I wanted to stitch that day and that
seemed to work really well so that’s it yeah that worked really well for me um
so the only I’m just looking around here to make sure that this is the only no
I’ve got two things so I’ve got two more projects that I was actually that I’ve
been stitching on that weren’t part of arbitrary August this is a really really
fun one called scuba dooba by raised the roof and I had admired this for a long time I
had it on my Etsy favorites and then one day I was just sort of scrolling through
my Etsy favorites and I realized that this chart was only a dollar 50 and I
asked myself Lia why haven’t you bought that yet it’s only a dollar 50 and you
need that in your life so I listened to myself and I bought it and I’m glad I
did it’s just super cute I mean look at that look at that it’s so cute it’s got
an octopus and I don’t usually do alphabets but this is really cute and I
don’t I don’t know why I don’t do alphabets it’s not because I don’t like
them it’s just that I don’t know why I don’t do that I just haven’t yet so this
is my first alphabet piece and I decided to do this on 28 count Monaco to over
1/2 stitch and I’ve just been doing this in hand so far and this is where I’m at
I am using a combination of fancy flosses and DMC on this the whole
pattern calls for fancy glasses however there is there is a DMC conversion
included this is mostly charted for weeks dye works and and gas threads but
then there’s DMC conversions for everything I don’t I don’t necessarily
like all of the DMC conversion suggestions so I’m just I’m doing what I
want with this one I feel like it’s whimsical enough that it really doesn’t
have to be exact at all and I actually have purchased some fancy
flosses specifically for this one because I there’s a specific color of
octopus that I really like and I I didn’t bring it out here to show you
because I just decided not to show you my floss purchases this time because you
guys have all seen flosses and I don’t know but I got one specifically for this
and it’s more of a purpley red or maybe it’s like a reddish purple but it’s like
you know octopuses are often like a reddish kind of color and and I like
that so that’s what I’m going with anyway this is so fun so cute so fun and
a funny thing about this scuba dooba um I was looking through the the chart I
love how it’s charted by the way this is like so easy to read it’s so easy to
read and the floss is the the floss chart is right next to the design so and
that’s something I like about dimensions as well they do that too or that you
have the you have the floss section right next to the chart so you can
easily just reference like what comes in the next door I don’t know I was reading
everything on the back cover and it said that if you have any questions you can
contact Shakespeare speller and I was like shakespeare’s peddler isn’t that
kitten stitcher and yes it is down at the bottom there’s a copy right
Theresa finet and Susan Rayner who is Susie Reno she also makes videos and
she’s on Instagram and Teresa’s kids kitten stitcher which a lot of you know
already and she does shakespeare’s peddler so um I asked Teresa on one of her recent
videos to give us sort of a history on raise the roof designs and that was
really fun to learn about so um I think it was like maybe two or three episodes
ago but I I’m sorry I don’t know the number or when it was but anyway I’ll
link both of them below um but I just thought I’d let you know
raise the roof designs so cute and I haven’t seen anyone stitching this one
they did a lot of Halloween stuff Halloween’s coming up they did really
cute Halloween stuff I don’t really get into Halloween stitching um so they
didn’t really appeal to me personally but they were cute enough that I thought
you know lots of people who like those the other the last thing that I’ve been
working on is actually a birthday gift to myself I’ve been waiting forever to
get Amy Minton designs missing-persons file number 1018 um this is what it will
look like well there you go now I don’t know if you can tell but this is a
beautiful sampler with a dark secret in the flowerbed
and I think that’s so funny I sort of have a dark sense of humor about these
kind of things and when I saw this I instantly fell in love it was
instantaneous love and I had to have this and I’ve been I’ve been thinking
about this for months and months and just waiting for my birthday and then
towards the end of August I just thought you know I can’t order it on my birthday
because I won’t have it for my birthday so buy it
I hate decided to buy it from traditional traditional stitches calm
and I had a really good experience there I would I I love traditional stitches
calm they were very prompt in I had ordered a few
things from their website and they didn’t have something in stock and they
told me right away they gave me a substitution for a fabric that I wanted
that I really liked and they also gave me the option to order a different
fabric that I needed and I said no thank you I’ll have to get it somewhere else
and it actually was this fabric I decided to oh boy see-through um I
decided to replace the fabric for this because I don’t really like brown and it
was lamb’s wool came with a lamb’s wool linen it’s just too Brown for me I
didn’t like it so I got this star sapphire linen still 28 count and it
works it works really well with the threads provided it’s it’s good
coloration like I really like it so so it was a good substitution and I got
this from one to three stitch they had it in stock so I had to go with that and
I will have some extra fabric and I have plans for that they don’t share at a
different time but these are really fun so any mitten designs the mystery series
comes with a mystery story and if this one in particular came with three
chapters of a mystery and the instructions are very very clear very
step-by-step she tells you to baste I don’t know if I’m I don’t know if
basting is referring to gridding like these lines I don’t know if you can see
I went out and I got some I went on got some floss that’s used for embroidery
machines you know like on sweatshirts and stuff
you have like the embroidery I wouldn’t get that kind of floss because it’s
super durable and it’s super slick and it’s super thin so it works
absolutely perfectly for gridding see so she has very specific sections that she
wants you to grid off there’s it’s very hard to see I guess on this video but
you can see where I gridded and then she has your stitching your stitching begins
in a certain spot and she has you work on specific sections at a time so this
was the first one and there’s a specialty stitch here called the
Montenegro stitch it’s very easy to do it just takes a little bit of extra time
then crossed like regular cross stitch module and then there’s also a double
running stitch so this is not a back stitch as a double running stitch so
Montenegro down here and then double running up here another thing to note
about this is I decided to stitch this in hand and let me tell you why um
kin stitcher I started watching her videos pretty recently like within the
last couple of months and she started doing she started doing instead of a
stitch with me video she decided to do hang with me video which I much prefer
to stitch with me videos I actually don’t watch stitch with me videos
typically I’ve watched probably less than 5 stitch with me videos to date
because I don’t typically stitch while I watch floss tube so if I am just
watching someone stitch like just you know just the fabric and just the
stitching part if I’m watching that part for like
an hour I just can’t it just I just can’t and
there’s nothing else that I’m doing at the time so anyways so I actually went
Risa posted her hang with me video I didn’t know it was gonna be like a
stitch long but the way she sets it up is sort of like her cameras from a
distance and she’s sitting in her stitching chair and she’s just stitching
along while she’s talking and when I was watching her stitch she had she used
stitches in hand and no jokes she was just like at this rate I can’t stitch at
this rate I am so much slower than this so I thought to myself what is she doing
that I am NOT doing then I need to do and I think it’s because she’s using the
sewing method and I know a lot of people that I have a lot of floss tubers that I
watch also use the sewing method and they talk about how fast they are at
stitching and it’s because they’re using the sewing method and I so I knew like I
knew sewing method was fast but seeing it with my eyeballs was just a
revelation and so I decided that um like I got this kit right after I had watched
her video and so I thought I just need to try this stitching and hand thing and it works real good I can stitch really
fast using the sewing method and especially this is all um this is all
double running so say you have eight a cloth this is not a de but say you have
a two cloth what you do is you’d go up one down the next up one down the next
up one down the next so you kind of go this way like that and then you know
pull your your thread through and then you go back the other way
just in the opposite so like you want to make
you want to make a solid line so wherever you had gone under the fabric
you want to go over the fabric but so going the other way you just go up one
Oh up one down one up one down one all the way down and then you pull it
through and then voila you have a line I don’t particularly like the way it looks
as much as I like back stitching because I think it looks just a tiny bit lumpy
but it looks sort of rustic can I say it looks rustic like a sampler you know
like like an old sampler I’m sure I’m sure this was like a really common
stitch for older sampler styles but um so anyway I just thought I would mention
that if you haven’t tried sewing in hand I mean uh stitching in hand using the
sewing method it you can you can really and even for these even for these
regular cross stitches I have been using the the sewing method and it’s working
really well for me so another another type of stitch is the it’s not a cross
stitch it’s a upright cross stitch or something it basically instead of making
an X you make a T so it gives it gives some good this is the same exact color
right in here this is all the same exact color but it gives really good texture so I love Amy Mitten she’s so clever um yeah I don’t know go and check her
out a mitten all right I’m trying to think if I have any more stitching and I
don’t so that concludes stitching portion of my video that’s everything
that I’ve been working on all of my whip my whips my works in progress so I’ll
share a little bit of haul that I got um remember remember this beautiful fabric
that I got from Charlene I decided um for one of the pieces of fabric so the
thing the the pattern that I’m waiting for for this fabric is going to take off
one whole piece of fabric for the other piece of fabric
I thought Easter designs might look really good on this fabric because it’s
it is purple it is purple but there’s actually a lot of orange and brown so
purple so purple orange and brown and white of course um I got this Easter
themed pattern to go on here so you think that’s gonna look good I am
considering doing this to over 1/2 stitch because this is 28 count and I
like the coverage for to over 1/2 stitch and so this will be sort of small like
this will be it’ll take up kind of a small section um the other another idea I had for
these for one of these was I can’t remember the designer right now anyway
it’s like a silhouette so it would just be one color which I think that was my
first inclination was to find design that was just one color that was sort of
chunky didn’t have a whole lot of tiny details because tiny details are gonna
get lost like if you were gonna put a long dog on something like this no you
can’t do that I mean a long dog on something like this would be just too
too chaotic I think cuz there’s too many like tiny
little details on a long dog and then the this is just like a whole bunch of
stuff going on so I was thinking like really chunky and there there was this
design called beasties and it’s something collection Courtney Courtney
collection the Courtney collection she has a there’s a chart called beasties
and I thought that would be amazing on this fabric but the problem with that
one is that there’s like this devil guy in the middle and there’s not super into
that so although I like that pattern I really really like that pattern it’s one
of those patterns where I’m like Leah you can’t just let other people stitch
that and admire it you don’t have to stitch it yourself so put that one side
and then there there’s there’s some other ones that I have in mind if I do
so if I do this one really small like I like I’m thinking really small I’m gonna
have extra fabric on on the second piece so I still haven’t completely decided
what I’m gonna do but for now that’s that’s what I’ll do for now and this is this is Ellen Maurer… Oh Ellen Maurer-Stroh is the designer it’s called Easter rabbit is on
clearance at 123stitch so I got that I love
violets purple violets they’re one of my favorites
they remind me of my great-grandma so and purples amazing Purple’s best color
ever and bunnies who doesn’t like bunnies and flowers that’s nice so got
that it’s a let me just say it’s a lot harder to find a pattern for a piece of
fabric than it is to find fabric for a pattern I think that’s just my
experience with this but what do you guys think do you do you agree that was
a Gold Collection stocking I’ve been looking at this one for a long long time
because I decided that this is the one that I want to stitch for my son so I’ll
put my son’s name up there and he’s just such a friendly guy he just he loves
meeting people he’s not shy at all loves to entertain very spunky and so I just
thought that this snowman with all the little friends coming and he loves
animals too I just I just thought that this was really fitting for him so as
soon as I finished my stocking the candy cane Santa I will start this one because
my son is turning 3 this year and I want him to have I want him to have a
stocking that he remembers having you know growing up like oh that was my
stocking when I grew up and then he’ll have it you know when he when he moves
out and everything so so actually I was considering putting mine aside and
starting this one so that I can finish this one before any of the other ones
since I haven’t really any work on that other one I don’t know
but that might that might end up happening so I don’t know I discovered a
new website called stitching bits and bobs they have an awesome clearance
section on their website and I went a little Han and I got a few patterns I’m
not going to show all of them because some of them are gifts and some of them
I just I don’t know if I’ll ever use them so they’re kind of going in one box
but I thought I would show these because I like them the work basket these are
work basket charts that I got from stitching bits and bobs this one is
called sampler row I really really like this one kind of architectural but sort of folksy
I don’t know I don’t know when I would get to this maybe next summer it sort of
depends on when I finish all of these other things like I’ve got some summary
things in the progress in progress like the window and garden and Adams nursery
and the red work house those are all pretty summery and they’re also like
over halfway I’d say over halfway done so this will this will be in the running
for something what I do next this one is so pretty it’s called
Valentine’s I really liked it I just thought it was really cute with all
those little bunnies and the roses wreath and like these quirky little
people Valentine’s so cute and then this is called for proverbs I
actually don’t really like the the proverbs that they chose to put on here
so when I stitch these I will not put those verses I will probably choose
different verses but I just thought the patterns were really really sweet and
they you know they’re they’re similar to this sampler Row one and then the last
thing I got from that website is a pattern from the cricket collection now
I’ve mentioned that I’m not a Halloween stitcher and I don’t really care for
Halloween in general it’s my least favorite holiday like I could do without
it just in general but everyone does Halloween stitching it seems like
everybody does and um a while back when I was really getting into stitcher lungs
like this time last year there was a lot of Halloween stitch lungs and I couldn’t
participate in any of them because I don’t have any Halloween designs so I’ve
been on the hunt for something Halloween themed that I genuinely liked that I
could stitch just at Halloween because I’ve got I’ve got a design that I do
just at 4th of July so if I have something to do just at Halloween I decided to do this one cricket
collection and this is called skeleton crew now the reason I really like this
is because I like skeletons and I also like natural like natural designs I
don’t I don’t love super uber cutesy things like cartoony sort of things I
like more natural like just just nature like and this applies to Christmas to my
Christmas tree decorations are actually all nature themed so
animals snowflakes berries pinecones you know you get the drift like nature
natural things so hmm the reason I like this one is because
it’s whimsical in the fact that it’s sixteen men on a Dead Man’s ship and you’ve got pumpkin skeletons ghosts
the witch is the only thing I’m not a huge fan about so I’m trying to consider
what else I could do like with that or if I should just do it just stitch it I
probably will just end up stitching it but this this guy is my favorite this is
that was the clincher I think when I decided to get this pattern it’s because
I I really like this sea monster and so I decided that since Halloween’s coming
up I probably need some fabric for this one so I can start so Janet this year
ideally I went to traditional stitches and I got 36 count alchemy by a picture
this ples surprise surprise another smoky blue model II kind of fabric this
is like my favorite you know it’s my favorite go-to picture this plus is is
definitely up there in my favorites I haven’t stitched on a whole bunch of
other kinds so it’s probably pretty biased but I just I really like I really
like their they’re modeling anyway so 36 count and I think this will be sort of
like foggy it’ll give it like a foggy feeling like you’re in the mist on the
sea so so that’s that um I think I show yeah so
I’ve shown everything as far as plans go September has been really busy so far
I’ve this month I have only stitched onto things I’ve only stitched on my ami
mitten design and I’ve only stitched on Adams menagerie those are the only two
things school has just been really challenging the semester for me the
learning curve is really high I’m in aviation school I don’t remember if I
said that at the beginning of the video or not but I’m an aviation school and I’m learning I’m learning how to fly by
instruments so I’m learning learning how to fly without being able to look out
the windows basically and there’s the flying part is actually really easy like
if you if you have any interest in learning how to fly an airplane I would
say go for it you can usually go to your local airport
there’s usually like a flying club or just anybody you can you can get an
introduction flight for really a decent price that was the first time that I had
ever gone up my my husband years ago bought me an intro flight as a birthday
present and I think it was only $60 which if you know anything about flight
training costs a lot more than $6 to do one hour of flight training because you
have to you have to rent the plane you have to rent the plane you have to pay
for the fuel and you also have to pay for your instructor so it usually it’s a
lot more than $60 but anyway where we going with this you can so you
do you can go up with an intro flight for relatively inexpensive and you don’t
have to get medical done beforehand but if you’re interested in actually
learning how to fly and getting a license the first thing you need to do
is see oh sorry that’s my coffee pot the first thing you need to do is see an
arrow medical examiner and that’s basically just a physician with knowledge about flying how it affects
your physiology and that sort of thing and they they give you an exam a
physical exam and they give you a medical certificate saying yes this
person is meets the health criteria in order to get a license so that would be
something that you’d have to do if you were interested in actually getting a
license and I’m sorry I don’t remember where I was going with that I’m just
talking about how busy oh yeah flying my instruments oh yeah so like so the
actual flying is very easy my husband says you can teach a monkey to fly and I
think that that’s true flying an airplane is not super
complicated what is complicated about flying is is
learning the regulations aspect of it like learning all of the laws learning remembering actually not just learning
but retaining the step by step procedures for certain types of
maneuvers in an airplane like you know like for instance right now I’m
learning instrument flight and just if I’m if I’m not able to see out the
windows and I’m just relying on my instruments if I turn left or right
there is a standard rate of turn and that is 15 degrees so so remembering
things like that is you know just they all add up and your brain gets a little
bit crowded and that’s when it’s a little bit tricky like okay I have to I
just have to remember all of these things and do things correctly or you
know but actually flying is very easy so I don’t know if I’m recruiting anybody
you hit this point but if flying is something that you are interested in
hearing about or if it’s something that you are interested in pursuing or if you
are interested in pursuing something in the aviation field that isn’t
necessarily being a pilot and you just wants more information let me know I
would be happy to talk to any of you about it and if this is something that
you’d be interested in seeing on my velocity videos like an aviation corner
I guess it might be something I can do maybe I can’t I can’t promise that I
could actually commit to doing something very structured at this point but I
would be willing to try if it’s if the interest is there but if the interest is
not there then that’s totally if I do okay um I think that that’s really all I
had for today um thank you for joining me thank you
for hanging in there it’s been over an hour at some point eventually like my plan is
to continue with these videos at some point I would really love to get to the
to get to a point where I can incorporate a weekly update video or
even a bi-weekly update video I think that would make it easier on me because
I just have a lot of stuff in front of me right now and I have been talking for
over an hour so my voice is a little bit sore and so at some point that’s my
intention is to move to more of a weekly bi-weekly video type thing but right now
is not the time and I don’t know when I can and anyway that’s all say thanks for
hanging in there with me when I make these really long videos it’s if you
don’t know the trick of increasing the speed on the bottom right hand side
there’s a settings and you can click it and and you you can select playback
speed and you can have normal which is just normal like is that you were just
sitting here with me or you can select faster time 1.5 or times 2 and your
videos will go a lot faster than if you can start watching at a faster speed so
that’s a little trick if you want to get in morphs lost tube time
but anyway I just I appreciate everybody hanging in there with me and watch my
videos and commenting please leave comments I I love getting to know all of
you whether you make videos or not you all
make this a very special experience and this is a community that we couldn’t
find anywhere else and or at least I haven’t found it anywhere else yet but thanks for being with me today thanks
anytime and I look forward to hearing from you and that’s it I hope you have a
great fall if I don’t get to you within a reasonable amount of time hope
it kicks off really well for you and yeah take care bye