Flosstube #1 Mid-March

Hi flosstube my name is Leah channel name LeahNoel It’s nice to meet you, I am relatively new to floss tube I just discovered it less than a year ago and maybe some of you have noticed my comments on your channels and Maybe you’ve seen some activity on Facebook ’cause I’m in some of the groups But anyways, I thought I would make my first floss Tube video and Try to be a little bit more interactive on floss tube I’m super new to this and I don’t really know how to edit my videos very well, so if I’m able to I’ll you know I’ll do what I can but just bear with me and the quality of my videos while I learn So, I discovered floss tube like I said less than a year ago because I had a recent finish and I wanted to finish it myself frame it myself and I was searching on YouTube for ideas on how to do that and just through Some random Searches I discovered floss tube, and it’s amazing. I have learned so much in this last year Less than a year um lots of techniques lots of products lots of different types of cross stitching or just stitching in general And it’s been really Sort of life-changing So thanks for all of you who are already on floss tube making videos making all of this information available Because it’s really it’s made a huge impact on me So, thank you A little bit about myself I am Living in the Upper Midwest, and I’m from this area originally, but over the last ten years My husband and I have been traveling around the country and we’re happy to be back up here In the Nort’ Stitching wise I have been stitching Somewhat seriously since about 2010 so maybe about eight years now before that though like when I was a kid I want to say six That’s when I got my first cross stitch kit for Christmas and I Tried to teach myself how to do it But um you know, I I actually didn’t really have anyone in my life at the time who? did a lot of cross stitch um I mean so I have an aunt who does cross stitch and she actually She took my first project and she gave me some really good feedback and Helped me to helps me in learning how to start and finish my threads and how to Make my crosses Co all the same way and how to backstitch so the fundamentals. You know I did learn that from my aunt So other than my aunt I don’t Know anybody really who cross stitches So I’m just sort of learning still learning as I go through practice and Persistence and trial and error trying new things you know how it goes So In 20 and 2010 like I mentioned I Decided that I wanted to pick up cross stitching again because throughout my youth I had tried and I Actually, never finished anything. I’ve never I had never finished anything up until 2010 so I thought to myself Okay, I’m just gonna go out and start with something really small and That’s what I did I’m gonna show you I’m gonna kind of go through right now some of my finishes There are not a lot. I I haven’t finished a lot so anyways um I went out and I got just a Super easy looking kit That I didn’t hate But I don’t exactly care for it. I just it’s a anyway. It’s a dimensions little tiny kit Power-nap is what it’s called and I worked on this and I finished it in. I don’t know a week. Maybe less than a week and I thought this is actually a lot easier than I thought you know just I like here is a finish, and it feels good so I I went out and I got something more challenging and I This has been sitting for a while but Here’s what it’s it’s called baby blue jays, and it is a dimensions kit So you can kind of see and this has been sitting in storage for ages because I did not know how I finish it but Here’s the finished product. It’s wrinkled. I’ve got this tape on that on the Edges which you know I kind of regret but um and it’s dirty like right here, but I’ll try to go in a little bit um I Really really really enjoyed. This kid so much. I love the colors. I love birds Birds remind me of my grandparents, and I’m really close with them, so I you’ll see a lot of burden whips So I really like this And I thought I thought at the time that I could Maybe do a series of of birds you know this is springtime pattern so I I Have sort of been Still on the lookout for some seasonal bird Patterns that would go with this But I haven’t well. I have a fall one I Know which winter one I want, but I don’t really know that I want to work on either one And I am still looking for a summer pattern bird bird pattern So then then I Had to put cross-stitching away for a while because of life Circumstances, I didn’t have a lot of Time to put into it, so let’s cross stitching took a back seat for quite a while But I did work on one project throughout, I want to say 2012 to 2016 I Did work on one project and I finished it but? Unfortunately, I don’t have the finished product here, so If I can figure out how to insert a picture I will Otherwise you’ll just have to see that I made this Also dimensions petite kit called dreaming of Tuscany, and I this I? Made this with My One of my best friends in mind she’s my oldest friend and so After I finished it. I sent it to her as a gift and So like I said, hopefully I’m able to insert a picture but Maybe someday So, thank around the same time that I was trying to finish that kit I I Became pregnant with my first and only son and I started working on this and It came out alright I Haven’t fully finished this yet, and he’s you know he’s 2 now so but here’s the finished product Um okay to be honest, I’m not Super happy with my stitching because Um I don’t know if you can see in here, but do you see those lines? You can see the lines and Here just all throughout you can see you can see the lines the dents and I just I really hate that but I don’t know I’m still working on Trying to fix that so if you have any Suggestions for me, I would be willing to hear them When I when I stitched this one I Did I? Do I do my exes all at once so you know Xxx I know some of you do one leg and then one leg back And Lately and my current projects I have been trying to find an easy way of of Doing this and what I have been doing for these Sections that have just one solid chunk of color I have been Going one leg this direction You know all the way through and then going back and crossing it going up and down or vice versa you know so and that has been helping, but it’s kind of a pain and so another thing that Before I found flosstube I was very concerned with how the back of my project looked because way back when I was 6 years old Some of the feedback that I received from my aunt was that my back was very messy and that I shouldn’t have any knots and I should always run my thread underneath the loops of the other thing so My backs are very neat up until I found a floss tube So um like I’ll show you this I mean very Very neat backs. I did not like to Have any trailing thread at all except for back stitching And It just it just makes things a little bit more tedious, so um anyways I I have since stopped caring so much and the stitching has been a lot easier now that I don’t really care so much about what my back looks like anyways um I Don’t have a picture for this finish, but 2016 Christmas of 2016 I had this finish It’s a dimensions ornament kit. I think it’s called the piece ornament I I love this one this one is my favorite of all the ornaments I do have another one that is work in progress, and I’ll show you that a little bit later, but Chickadees in particular my me of my grandma So I love this one and very neat back Um Then Recently very recently a couple weeks ago. I just had another finish, and it is a Mill Hill forever friends I don’t have that picture either, but here’s the Here’s the fully finished product now. This is my first Beading kit Got beads as you can see And I did this for my sister-in-law who is a huge animal lover Just loves love’s loves animals she works at a at a high-end pet store and It’s always trying to educate everybody about Animal health and welfare and Appropriate diets for your pets and Anyway, I think she’s gonna. Love it. She doesn’t know that I have that for her so those are all of my finishes and in all of this time you know I just I don’t I don’t have a lot of finishes But it’s partially because I really haven’t dedicated a whole lot of time to cross stitching until the last Couple years, I’d say I’d say since 2016 I’ve really been Really investing a whole lot of time hours and hours So I will show you some works in progress I Will Gosh, I’m sorry. I have them all situated around me, and I don’t know which ones to start with um okay, I’ll start with an older one so this is an older one I I Got it from this book faithful inspiration. It is a Here is the finished product. This is what it’s supposed to look like It’s got a little prayer On there and I actually Wanted to put our own family prayer on there, so I don’t know if I will use what started But to be honest I don’t know if I can make myself finish this because I made a huge mistake a huge counting error and I had to frog a quarter of my work, so here’s where I am right now and I Miscounted over here. I miscounted by about 10 by about 10 Squares and so down here. It’s supposed to be level grass and my grass was like way up here, so I was Extremely upset, I thought about throwing it away. I I thought about throwing it away and I knew I knew that I shouldn’t and So to give myself a little accountability, you know I shared my situation on Facebook with whatever Cross-stitching friends I might have and it turns out I did have a few who cross stitch a little bit Or have in the past, and they encouraged me to just put it away Cool off. You know you can take it out some other day Just take out all the stitches which I’ve learned. It’s called frogging so I Did I waited I waited um? Months months and months I waited and finally I just Got myself together took it out ripped out all the stitches put it back And it’s stayed it stayed away. It stayed put away for Since then, and I I just don’t know I just don’t know if I can make myself do it again, but originally I was gonna make one copy for myself and then another one for a friend because I really I really like that pattern um, but I Don’t know now I I Know of so many more like patterns and everything How anyways So that’s an older one Here is another one that is from Etsy and I’m sorry. I don’t have a picture of What it’s supposed to look like and I can only really show you The name it’s called otter love And I’m doing two pups the design comes with one or two pups. It’s really cute son Etsy the designer is this is her name Sarah a And I’m sorry I’m not I’m just not going to Anyways Now this is two pups and I am Stitching this on 28 count Monaco. I think and We’ve got the the mummy in the daddy holding hands, and you’ve got two pups And then it’s going to have a ring of seaweed around it, and I am making this For one of my friends who has two children, and I think when I’m done I’m going to make my own for for myself with just one pup and This design has a lot of fractions, and I’m still okay, I’m sorry teddy And I’m still trying to figure out Teddy My dog very concerned about the mailman I Don’t know how to pause this so I’m sorry he’s German Shepherd Schulte mix and Maybe I’ll meet him some other time when I don’t have like You know more used to this setup anyways so this otter in pups the otter love design It’s really cute super cute, but it’s got a ton of fractions, and I’m still trying to perfect my method on that So I Put it away for a while because I was just kind of getting burnt out There’s a lot of brown, and I I really don’t care for the color brown so I Had to put that away for a while so since I’m speaking about Brown I’ll show you this other project that I have going on and this I have been working on since before Before the time that I told you I had to take a break this is a dimensions kit called honey bear I Love honey so much and these I just really love it I have a pipe dream to be a beekeeper someday and I almost went back to school to For biology I’m currently a full-time student and Pursuing my second degree and I almost went in for biology, which would have been probably a fatal mistake because I just I Love science But I just I can’t do science that makes sense Anyways, so I love bees, and I love I love the thought of beekeeping and this is how far iam It’s it’s just a lot of brown and I get really worn out really fast with brown So So this one’s been on the backburner for quite a while now, and I’ve been thinking about picking it up again At least to touch it and and to get to know what again And you know maybe just feel like it’s progressing a little bit Now that I know a little bit more about rotations And how this is like a normal thing that you know most restaurateurs go through it’s just kind of nice and reassuring to know that I I don’t have to finish everything You know all at once and I can just enjoy the process, and I am I’m enjoying the process Here’s another sort of older kit not older, but just um You know just older It’s called cream for kitty It’s an old dimensions kit And this has the same problem as the birth sampler that I told you about Here’s how far I am, but do you see the stitches on the cat. I’ll go in a little bit Closer so you can see I just I just hate that you can see all those lines all those ridges But this is just adorable And I really don’t have much left to work on just her the rest of her dress here the rest of her hair and Then some background, but that’s all half stitches, and oh yeah in the floor That’s also just half stitches so this this is It I don’t know what to say about it. It’s easy. There’s not a whole lot of colors It’s 14 count so it’s I Mean I think the reason why I’m seeing a lot of ridges is because it’s 14 count and also because I haven’t used the right technique to stitch you know I Wasn’t I wasn’t using my current technique of one leg this way, and then the other like this way So I Don’t know I my tree stitch it some day because I I just love it so much I love cats um Okay right now. Let’s see. I’ve got I’ve got a big Christmas stocking that I’m working on and this is my Favorite of all the stockings, it’s a dimensions kit and I’m just gonna pull it playfully out so you can see it’s a It is called candy cane Santa so that’s it should look like when it’s done, and this is going to be this is going to be my stocking so I Haven’t decided yet. What name I should put up there if I shall put Lea or if I should put mom or? Mommy because my son does call me Mommy now but I don’t know how long that’s gonna last you know like I Don’t know what do you guys think let me know what you think about that, but here is the Progress that I have on it This has been done mostly by stitching in hand but since Discovering floss tube I have also discovered different types of scroll frames and so I Started using American dream Scroll rods and this is called ez Ez tape I think it’s basically an adhesive almost velcro tape that attaches to your rods I Don’t love the stands The lab stands I mean because They don’t fit At least the one the lengths that I’m using they don’t fit in my favorite stitching spot So I Don’t know I don’t know Here’s another Christmas one that I’ve been I Just started this a couple months ago. I Think actually December it was a December new start. It is another it is another dimensions ornament Noel noel ornament, and these are so fast they stitch up so fast Of course I don’t have a whole lot of time to stitch being a full-time student and a full-time mom And my husband travels for work a lot, so you know I moonlight as a single mom a lot and It’s just hard to get cross-stitching time in Um let’s see I’ve got this Independence Day project going on it’s called patriotic angel I am not usually an angel person um I don’t know what attracts me to this one exactly it’s probably the dress I Love that dress And Okay, so You can see that. I’ve gridded this one and what a life saver I love gridding Since finding floss tube I have learned all about gritting and it is Amazing what I? Wish I had known about gritting when I was doing that this When I was doing this one Because I thought to myself oh, it’s just one color well actually two colors, but it’s just two colors this is gonna be the easiest thing ever no it’s not easy because you lose your place and If I had just known about gridding when I had started that project I would not be in the state of agitation that I’m in currently so Anyways this one. I I just used a white fabric pen to grid it and I Think I will always do that from now on with dark fabrics. I really like it I’m using pre gridded fabric on one of my own projects that I’ll show you in a minute And I do like that but um Not as much. I’m just looking around here. Okay. Here is since we’re talking about breading oh Excuse me. Sorry. Everything’s all over since we’re talking about gritting I Started this project this last summer I Love this one so much I’ve had it I’ve had it on my wish list for years and years and years and I finally decided you know what I’m just gonna go and get it for myself and I got it for an Extremely good price. There’s a website called a Bull run calm. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but everything is 70% off everything is 70% off and so I just load it up stuff charts that I I Don’t know if I will ever touch but anyways, I got this and I love it so much, but I Don’t know if I love what I’m doing with it, and I don’t I actually don’t know if I love the colors This is a is It boo Scylla or booty ‘la I’m not really sure if you guys know. Please tell me, but I don’t I don’t love these I Don’t love how these greens go together. You know some are like olive, and then sambar some are more Jungle, there’s just not you know not the same Tone really I think this is this Chart is going more for an antiquey kind of look and I Just am NOT super crazy with it so also I will tell you that I had just learned about gridding and different techniques of how to do it And oh you know look I taped the sides I don’t have a surge machine, and I don’t know how to do it So anyways um this is Gridded by myself. This is a 28 count Monaco fabric and I gritted it with fishing wire and I don’t know if I’m gonna regret this because because the The fishing line is Is pretty thick and Obviously this project will take me a while quite a while and um I Don’t I just don’t want to ruin the fabric so if you guys have had any experience with using fishing line for gridding tell me now please if I should just take it all out and Try something else I didn’t want to use the fabric marker because I read From a lot of people that the blue fabric marker does not come out very easily That you have to wash it in like hot Water and that just freaks me out So there’s a there’s a few things with this that I don’t really care for Um yeah number one is the colors. I don’t I just don’t love the colors number two I tried parking I Have never parked ever before and I tried it parking on this and I decided that this was not the right project to try parking on and I thought maybe I’ll just you know I’ll just abandon. I’ll just do a cross-country like I normally do Cross country I usually I stitch everything I take one strand I’ll floss And I just stitch as far as that will go and then I choose another floss and I just stitch as far as that will Go and and on and on But I also wanted to try I wanted to try Starting and ending from the front because I have this I have this on a scroll I Have this on my scroll frame? So that I can also learn how to ooh stitch two-handed, so I learned how to stitch two-handed with this piece as well And I love two-handed stitching That is amazing but oh I’ll tell you in a minute I I learned how to stitch two-handed without using a scroll frame or a force or a floor stand so It’s pretty interesting how it works but So now I just have this huge flaw see mess and I feel like starting over Is that terrible I mean I? Just I don’t I just don’t love these colors. I don’t I don’t love the border um You can barely you can hardly tell that There’s a whole bunch of colors in here, and I just don’t like that it does need some some back stitching Which normally I usually I? Normally save that until the very end you know I do a lot stitching person than the back stitching But I really like how some of you do back stitching as you go along Because I I would imagine that it just kind of breaks up the monotony of the back stitching not the back stitching is horrible but um Anyway, I was thinking about doing that so I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do. I love this Chart so much. It has some sentimental value to me But I don’t know I Don’t know what I’m doing with this, and so I just I sort of um. I I put it away. I put it away For a while I’m trying to decide what else I’m missing I’m missing some things um Excuse me I recently Kind of went crazy on Purchasing a whole bunch of stuff, and so I I’ve also been starting a whole bunch of stuff And I’m trying to find my starts here And I’m I’m missing something anyways so um So when I when I I know I’m sorry ah So I also Discovered Huge designs huge full-coverage designs Including heaven and earth designs and golden kite Mostly, thanks to Sarah at stitching mommy um hi Sarah whoa He is trying to get my attention, and so I’m just going to say this is my Dudley He’s kind of feisty he’s a Behrman he Berman’s are not supposed to be feisty but He’s little feisty and Anyways, what was I saying um? Oh so heaven earth designs? So I kind of just took the plunge this summer, and I bought my first chart I’m not gonna go crazy with this. I know I know a lot of people like to collect The charts especially when there’s a really good sale. I totally get that I Had to really try not to do that and my wishlist is you know miles long But realistically, I’m gonna try to limit myself to To two to three heaven and earth designs at a time and right now just one I Purchased for myself The heaven and earth designs Tutt Oops, this is what it is supposed to look like and if you are on the full-coverage fanatics group Started by an p You may have seen You know that and my progress before now But here it is mid-march I am using this and it’s sorry. It’s on a Q snap, which I just started using key snaps Amazing I love key snaps so much. I recently Purchased a whole bunch more, and I am waiting for that shipment to arrive So you’ll see this is the Upper-left corner I tried doing and I’m sorry you can’t see my attempt here, but I tried doing parking I just don’t think it’s for me. I just don’t think it’s for me I I just don’t I Just I just don’t I just don’t like it I I don’t know and this is the first time that I’m using 25 count fabric 1 over 1 and I I like it, but I don’t like it and what I don’t like about it. Is that my thread slips if I pull too tightly, or if I Alright, I don’t know I just it’s been tricky, but this far along I’ve Learned how to work with it you know work with the fabric so this is the There’s gonna be a waterfall down here There’s land, and then I’m working on her face now And I’ve already gotten many 1,200 stitches in for this month and all one color And then I started adding another color um and then this is her crown so for the for the Challenge the by-the-numbers challenge. It’s 1200 1200 stitches full stitches per month and The best way I could think of to keep track of my stitches is to start a new page every month And that’s kind of exciting because you know these are all new starts. I’ve got one too three four five six six new starts Really, you know if you’re if you’re thinking of each page as one you know of its own project and It’s been it’s been really fun and um my next time in an earth design is Going to be absence makes the heart grow fonder And This I love this design because it reminds me of Monterey, California, and I Love Monterey so much. I could live there forever and ever if it weren’t for you know Just you need to be a little bit closer to family and airfare is just so expensive to California and Cost of living you know So this I’ve got all the floss And I think I will start that next year, so that’s part of my plans For next year which I haven’t got to get but I’ve got another work in progress. It is called Chickadees and spring And I’ve been I’ve had my eye on this for years now and I just decided you know what I’m just gonna get it, and I started it and I’m trying to figure out. I think it goes this way I Just started it. I mean just a couple days ago And I haven’t got back to it yet because I have another new start, and that’s the one that’s missing I I don’t know I might have to show you that some other time I’m starting I’m starting a Seashell pattern for my mother-in-law and So I guess I could start into my plans And Pia has a lot of drum thread Patterns and I love the drawn thread I I love the drunk dead. I just do so I bought this kit It’s not a kit. Sorry about this pattern. It is the summer welcome Um I am Currently trying to assemble everything and maybe I should have waited for the next video to show you all of this but Sarah from stitch and mommy is using some Mgc textiles silver for one of her projects and Looking at that I just thought this might be perfect for my welcome Sampler and so I got some I found some on eBay and it came with a it came with another Pack of mgc textiles in oyster, so I don’t know what I’m gonna use that for yet, but this is 32 count MJC silver and it is a discontinued fabric, but I think i’m gonna use that for the background on my house I Was just about to tell you that my house is mostly blues and grays But as you can see it is not it’s like brownish beige-ish, which is totally not my color tone We just moved here Less than a year ago and I have big plans to paint paint paint paint blues and grays and greens but um So I’m I’m still waiting for some threads, but I do have one thread already because when I started watching Sarah’s channel She was having a giveaway. I think to celebrate like I don’t know if it was certain amount of subscribers or something but I She was giving away. This book. It’s called Oriental Odyssey, and funny enough I had Put this on my wish list the just before watching her video and Um this is a Joanne Eliot book there are a few patterns on here that I am really excited to have and I’m not gonna show you now because I don’t have a specific plan for that yet, but um She was kind enough to also include one Skein of the gentle art cherry wine Floss, this is my very first floss um What do you call it like custom floss or specialty floss or something you know something that’s not DN C and I think it’s really beautiful. It’s it’s just got a very slight variation and I am going to use that for all the lights being sort of weird I’m gonna use that for The American fling part yeah the red The red in the flake oh And the geranium blossoms And Because I love this thread so much even though, I haven’t used it yet, I mean, I’m sure whatever I’m sure it’ll stitch up fine, right I kind of went on an online shopping spree and I purchased a whole bunch more of the gentle art threads for This drawn thread sampler, so I am really working on kidding this up. I really want to UM I really want to start doing that like as soon as possible Another project I have that I’m thinking about starting is It’s a mill hill kit called polar bears My son loves polar bears he You know we we got him all these different stuffed animals and whatever But he His comfort items are actually these plastic these hard plastic toys They are polar bear family. There was a mom dad and two babies and Our dog never never never choose toys, but This one day he decided he was gonna chew up the mama bear so we don’t have a mama bear anymore We just have a daddy bear So we just have a daddy bear and two cubs, and he calls them he calls them boo-boo bear and Fred he named them and he knows which one is which it’s really it’s really fantastic So this reminds me of him you know like I just really like this And I I had planned to start this in the winter, but I am a little bit um put off by the Perforated paper has anyone Stitched on perforated paper and and Enjoyed it or not enjoyed it. Um. Please. Let me know I Do also have this 32 talents nocturne, Belfast by picture this plus I Really love this fabric, and I just got this tiny little sample because I Thought maybe I would start collecting these Small sizes so that I just have the colors So that I can start doing my own kidding up and everything I actually got the idea from Stephanie by loon Lindy stitches Stephanie at Lindy stitches um She bought just this huge stack of fabrics, but you know I mean she’s got her own business and everything so she probably needs it more than I do a huge stack of a Huge stack of fabrics, but I was thinking about using that for this But this is kind of full coverage, I wouldn’t be able to see You know this pretty fabric behind it, so I don’t know what to do. It’s it’s it’s holding me up And I don’t I just I don’t know what to do about it and let’s see I’ve got one more thing to Show you since I can’t find that other kit, but I’m working on the seashells um This isn’t exactly cross-stitch it is an anchor long stitch kit I Love cats long stitch I Have no experience with long stitch I have not really seen anybody work on long stitch so I Don’t know what to think about it or how to go about it really because this is a stamped it It doesn’t I don’t think it comes with instructions, it’s like you can see that this is just drawn on to the Fabric canvas its canvas. It’s printed canvas Um anyways so I was watching Caitlyn at Big Apple stitches and she She found and rescued this gorgeous Piece It’s it’s all Canadian geese and you know I’m from up north, and so I love Canadian geese because they remind me of home and I just was I Just fell in love with that and I started researching um you know, maybe trying to see if I can find that kid in particular so that I could actually do that and I have found it. It’s a boo chilla kit boo boo Silla wood chiller In case you’re interested I haven’t purchased it though I Just I think I have enough on my plate right now I just I have to draw the line somewhere, but I love this so much. I got this And I was also planning on starting this But I just I ran into some time issues with school I have a pretty rigorous schedule it’s sort of a typical as far as school schedules go and Plus you know be a mom and all that stuff. Anyways. I just I haven’t been able to start this but I’m looking forward to doing that in the near future, and I think that’s it for My plans so you saw all of my finishes like all of them Assuming I can get that picture in here of the one that wasn’t there but um and then I showed you what my current whips and Took you through some plans You’ve made you’ve maybe noticed that I like to stitch for people and I think it’s I I know some people are kind of on the fence about it You know like do you really want to stitch for somebody and then give it to them? and it’s not appreciated the way that you the Way that you hoped because you spend so many hours so much time just poring over these projects and you want them to be well-received and it’s it can be really heartbreaking if they’re not and I just kind of look at it like I These projects are serving their purpose to me as I stitch them because When I’m stitching something with somebody else in mind, you know I’m I’m thinking about that person And I’m appreciating that person, and I’m doing something for that person, and I’m giving you know I plan to give them a gift of my love and And so for me, it’s not It’s not hugely important that the receiver just gushes over my work. You know it’s nice, but it’s not necessary and um going forward maybe in the next video that I make I Have huge hauls coming Huge hauls I have Really gone overboard as far as what? What I’ve purchased and what I’m planning to do Some of my plans include stitching for People in particular and I have decided that I am going to tell the people that I’m working on something for them I think that the anticipation of the gift, and if I can share the progress of The project with them, I think that they will be a little bit more invested in receiving it If that makes sense so I have something in the mail from Russia actually for my mom And I Let her be part of the decision process in deciding which project to go with because I Had several in mind that I thought you know well These really remind me of my mom, and I would really enjoy working on them So I just let her be a part of that process, and she is now really excited to To go on this journey with me. Do you know what I mean? So I’ve got that I’ve got another project that I’d like to I’d like to start for a friend, but with this friend, and we’re ticular I think instead of Telling him like showing her what the finished product is going to be I’m just going to tell her that I’m working on something and Then send her Just very focused pictures on like exactly what I was working on but not the full picture So she won’t actually see the full project Until it’s done, and I send it So I’m excited about that um And I guess I could also say like along those same lines, um there’s another Flast tuber that I like to watch Missus pencil she is the cross-stitch counselor, and if you haven’t seen her yet go and check her out She’s also relatively new to floss tube. I think she’s only got about four videos out but um She also talks about stitching for other people and I it really it it resonates with me because you know it’s it’s something that I I like to do anyways and It’s just it’s it’s good, and she’s got some really very interesting things to say about cross stitch and how it can help us Deal with things and life and very interesting go and check her out And I’ll try to link if if I can figure it out I would try to link Floss tubers that I’ve mentioned Maybe some projects that I’m working on I don’t know about that one yet But anyways this this was sort of fun a little bit stressful, but I’m sure you can relate um Those of you who have done those videos know how the first one goes a little bit um Overwhelming because you’ve got all the stuff surrounding you and you’re like Oh, where do I start? Where do I end and how do I end and? Here she is droning on and on so I Guess I’ll just say thanks for watching. You know that thank you for For watching for spending time with me. I hope to hear from you. I hope that This can be a good Avenue. I hope that I can this can be a way for me to be more involved You know make more connections I love this community So far. I just think that you are a group of the most generous people Out there and I I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you on this side. You know like as a viewer watching Foss Tube and participating in Facebook groups and all that so um yeah, thanks for watching and Hopefully you’ll see another video for me, but I don’t know when and I don’t know I don’t know exactly what? Will be in it. I haven’t shown you my stash which is huge But I just figured there’s a lot to cover in this one, so we’ll save stash for another day and That’s it, so enjoy your stitching time, and I’ll see you next time bye