Fix a Cracked Bumper Fast and Easy with Zip Ties (Drifters’ Stitch)

Hey guys Chrisfix here and today. We’re going to be working on repairing a front bumper temporarily My friend hit a rock and well he could see the damage it caused He can’t drive the car because this actually takes a lot of pressure when you’re driving fast on the highway you’re going about 50 60 Miles an hour there’s a lot of downforce on this, and it’s actually not drivable which sinks. This is his only vehicle So let’s get them back on the road He’s getting a new bumper But the new bumper plus paint is going to cost around [$1,000] and he’s pinning this out of pocket And I don’t know about you But not many people have $1,000 just to throw it a front bumper so as he saves up for that We’re going to temporarily repair this we’re going to make it look halfway decent and this works for any car any make any model I mean, you can see the crack here goes all the way through we got damage underneath here So we just want to make this so it’s sturdy Drivable and looks halfway decent, so to do this job This is all you need need some tape Some zip ties the cool thing about these cable ties is that you could get them the color of your vehicle in This case we have red and this red matches the mustang red really well So this color won’t stick out as much, and you won’t even really see the repair and will look a lot better I’ll explain how we’re going to be using these zip ties But just know you need some bits to drill into the plastic bumper Getting it a drill, and that’s all you’re going to need so let’s get started So what exactly are we doing to repair the bumper what we’re going to do is called a zip tie stitch or a drifter stitch This method to repair a bumper is huge in the drifter culture because their goal is to get sideways as close as they can to the Wall without hitting But that means a lot of times they clip the wall and mess up their bumpers In order to stay in the races [a] fast easy and most importantly cheap repair is to stitch the bumper with zip ties Now that you get the idea of what we’re going to be doing let’s see. How you actually do it So [the] two colored zip ties we’re going to be using are these red ones obviously for right up here And then we’re going to be using these black ones For the black lip spoiler on the bottom we decided to use the small zip ties. They’re four inches long They’re relatively thin we’re just trying to make it so you can’t really see it too much obviously. This is a temporary fix But the better it looks the happier my friend will be Now for the drill bit you want to find a drill bit that is the width of the zip tie just like that And now we’re going to start the repair So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to get our tape and we’re going to try to line this crack up So it kind of disappears you can see there’s the black then we put it together kind of disappears like that That’s what we want, and we’re going to start on one side so pick a side There’s a crack runs. All the way down here. You can start here, or you could start from up here so we’re going to start from the bottom and work our [way] up Now as we do this. We’re going to try to close that gap in the crack, so it’s hard to see So right down here the crack looks really good We’re going to go up here, and we’re going to fix this part, so we’re working our way up So we did the best we could at closing the crack here It looks pretty good And it’s hard to see you really need to focus and look for the damage and see the crack Next we’re going to drill small holes in the bumper [side-by-side], but before that we need to do one [more] thing [now] [anywhere] we’re going to drill into the paint you want to put piece of tape and This prevents the paint from chipping I know you’re saying well you get a new bumper who cares it also prevents the drill bit from skipping around So you can still see the crack. It’s right there Make sure you tape all the way along the crack And so here’s the crack right there that line right there the drill bit [you] want over About that far so like a finger length apart you want some distance here Just because what that does is it provides support if you just put the drill bit right next to the crack You’re going to probably just drill here And it’s going to just break off even more of the plastic if you move it over a little bit about [a] finger length apart And I’ll actually hold it together and won’t just break off now We’re going to try to get as close to this as we can and start drilling one on that side same distance apart One on that side and we’re going to just go down the crack probably do again finger distance apart The good thing about doing this is this bumpers junk, so you don’t have to really worry about it It’s scary drilling into a good bumper, but a bad bumper isn’t as scary although it still feels kind of weird drilling into a bumper I’m just going to continue this you don’t know what to do the whole [thing] all the way down Okay, now all the holes drilled down the whole length of the crash. We could pull the tape off [alright] check this out. This is looking really good all the holes are drilled So the bumper is ready to get stitched And you can see the holes are the perfect size the zip ties fit in very snug And that’s what we want now there are two types of patterns. You could use you can use the straight-across Pattern where you put each zip tie across or you could use the crisscross pattern where you cross the zip ties then make an x Just like that the straight-across Pattern is easier to do but doesn’t hold the bumper in [place] as well on the other hand that crisscross Pattern holds the crack bumper together a little bit better So we’re going to use the crisscross pattern so we have both colors the black and the red laid out just To see what looks better and the red definitely blends in very well but the owner actually likes the look of the black the contrast and the way the black stands out really has a tough-guy look to It kind of like [a] battle scar, so we’re going to go with the black But the best part with doing a repair like this yourself you can do whatever you want any color any style? now the raccoon also damaged the wheel well liner but we need to get behind the bumper to do the job anyhow so now we’ll Have easy access when we’re done. We’re going to put the wheel liner back in properly So I’m going to stick my arm behind the bumper now. I’m going to feed these zip ties through the hole on each side Once you get a bunch through start feeding the end of the zip tie into the hole across the crack So it makes an x shape and then tighten the [zip] tie from behind the bumper you want to make sure you tighten it So you hear that classic zip sound? So when you’re doing this you can see that There’s a ridge side And then on the other side is a smooth side you want the smooth side facing outwards and the ridge side facing down Now it’s just a process of stitching the zip ties through then tightening them so the bumper is pulled together So you just repeat the process Until you get to the end of the crack you don’t have to see me do every single one. I think you get the [idea] All right after [a] few minutes of stitching the large crack back together and also stitching a small crack at the bottom we are done I’m really surprised at how awesome. This looks. I know. It’s just a temporary fix, but look at that It looks mean, but most importantly this is I mean, I’m pushing all my weight on to this that is not going anywhere [that’s] nice and tight It looks [like] this thing got some stitches And I still can’t believe it came out looking this good Now my buddy could use his mustang to get to work and not only that in the end I think it looks kind of cool now [we] could take his time and save up some money for that new bumper and paint job and Hopefully this video was helpful for you if it was remember to give it a thumbs up also if you’re not subscribed What are you waiting for hit that subscribe button? The top tip for this video is when you’re drilling the holes make sure you check behind the bumper where you’re going to be drilling What I didn’t realize is you could see the bumper support right there. Well we drilled right next to that So it was hard to get my hand in there to get the zip ties and to tighten them down What I should have done is spaced the holes out a little more So there are less zip ties in that area And that would have made the job easier either way, just took some extra time and looks great But the top tip is to definitely check out behind the bumper you