Finshing The Milky Way Free Wall Hanging Quilt

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And it’s finally here: The finishing directions to the Milky Way wall-hanging. It has been a free follow-along pattern from Coats thread company. It’s been paper- pieced and there have been five blocks. We have the five different blocks done. Now we get to put them together. The fabric we’ve been using is from Free Spirit and it is a solid color, which means both sides look the same, which has made piecing this together really easy. We didn’t have to worry about what side was wrong and what side was right. They’re both right so it was easy to piece together. Now we get to finish it. To make all of these colors just shine and pop we’re going to finish it off with a beautiful dark black. That’s going to really show all of the true colors in the quilt. This is going to be setting corners and a frame. I’m still going to continue using the paper- piecing thread because it is a good thread to piece with. It is very thin and very strong so it’ll work quite well. The blocks are set on a diagonal. Let’s start with the center three. If you start with the center block you’re going to put the sashing on each end and you’re going to be able to sew those right on because it’s 12½” by 1½”. When two of the sashings have been put on we need to put the two other sides on, but we want little corner stones in each of the corners. We’ll need to take the four 1½” squares and sew them on each corner of the other two sashings. When the ends are sewing on and pressed they’re going to match exactly so you’ll be able to sew both of those sides on. When the center block has been sashed we’re going to share that sashing with the side blocks. This block is going to share this side of the sashing; this block is going to share this sashing. But what we’re going to need is the sashing around the other side. On each side we’re going to need long pieces. When the two sides are done you can sew it right onto the center block. The three blocks are done. Now let’s work on the ends. We have the one little block at 1⅞”. You’re going to divide it in half. The halves are going to go on the corners. They’re going to fit right on that corner. Now when you place it on, you are going to have a little ear that’s hanging out. That’s perfectly fine because when you sew the quarter-inch [seam] that is going to be part of the seam allowance. So the corner square is going to look like this, but when it’s opened and that little corner is cut off it’s going to be perfect. You’re going to need a total of four of these strips with those little triangles at the corners. Two of them are going to go on the first row and you’ll use the other two for the other two blocks. That is going to be sewn right on the end. There’s really only one way for it to go on. If it was the other way you would be able to see that those points are not going to match, so you know it will match exactly that way. Flip it over, stitch it down, and do that to both ends. When you stitch that border on you will notice that you do have some little ears sticking out. When it’s pressed it’s going to work out just fine. You will need two black squares at 9⅜”. Cut them right in half so it will give you four triangles. The cut side is going to go on the end, so you will need two for this row. You will take the one, sew it on that end, and the other one will go right on that end. You’re going to be able to take that and line up that center right with the center of the panel when you fold it over. The little ear is hanging over at a quarter inch on each side. This center will go right into the center of the block. Stitch down a quarter inch. The center row is now done. We need to do rows on each side. Let’s work on one side at a time. The center block is going to share its sashing again with the side block, and it’s going to be that way for both sides. So this block is going to need three sides of sashing: Two on each side, and then that one with the little triangles is going to go right there on that edge. So the first thing you’re going to do: Sew these two on and then sew that one on. And just like we put a triangle on this end, we’re going to put a triangle on this end; the same one. You’re going to be able to match up the centers and stitch down a quarter inch. Next is going be two triangles on each side. You’re going to start with a very big square, 18¼”. Cut it in half once; cut it in half twice. It’s going to give you four triangles. When you’ve cut the triangle apart, this is the side that is going to fit inside, so this is going to always remain on the outside. Think of the center as going into the center. The center is going into the center. Sew the two big triangles on each end. So the center block is going to share this sashing and the two triangles are going to share the sashing on each side. You’re going to be able to just flip them over, match up the seams, and stitch. That side’s done. We need to repeat for this side. The sashing on each side, the sashing with the triangles up in the corner, the small triangle up at the top, and the two large triangles on each end with the centers facing the center. Sew these two units together, matching the sashing lines. When that top corner is on you have made a square. So you have all of the blocks set on a diagonal. Press it and you’re going to be able to continue with some simple borders going out. The first border is going to be 1½”. Add your 1½” border on your four sides. Once that 1½” border is on we need one more border, 3½” wide, all the way around. We’re going to use the same block as is in the center. When you take five blocks and put them on the diagonal and add big corner stones, you can make a very big quilt out of just a few blocks. The Milky Way wall hanging is now done. That black fabric really made all of those colors pop. The paper piecing made all those points nice and precise and we have a beautiful wall hanging. I do hope you give it a try. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!