Faux Fur for Last Minute Gifts! – Go For Faux™ Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle® Review

Hey it’s Sarah from Lion Brand. Today
I’ve got a yarn that you might be familiar with if you love our faux fur
yarns. I’m gonna be showing you Go For Faux Thick and Quick Bonus Bundle. That’s
right it comes in a Bonus Bundle now! Tf you’ve worked with Go For Faux before you
know that this yarn is so soft and it was so popular that we came out with a
Thick and Quick version which is a jumbo weight. That’s number seven. But now it
comes in a Bonus Bundle which is 59 yards or 54 meters. The regular Fo
For Faux Thick and Quick is only 24 yards in a ball. That means you can
make a whole cowl with just one ball of Go For Faux Thick and Quick Bonus Bundle.
The colors are really my favorite thing about the whole Go For Faux family.
You’ve got colors like this one. This yarn is a hundred percent polyester so
it’s vegan. It’s not real fur but I mean it really looks like it! But then we’ve
got colors like this pink that are really on trend right now. I love this
color. I’m gonna show you how this works up in
a knit and crochet swatch but before I do make sure that you’re subscribed to
our channel so you can stay up to date with Lion Brand. So I’ve got the swatch
that I crocheted with Go For Faux Thick and Quick Bonus Bundle. I work this up on
a size S 35 hook which is huge! This yarn is so bulky it works up really fast.
In fact, this square probably took me less than five minutes. So soft, so plush,
really squishy. Would make an amazing cowl or even some fun amigurumi like
some furry toys. I love that. And here’s the knitted swatch. I haven’t woven in the
ends here but this is the swatch that I knit. It’s just stockinette stitch. I
worked it up on size 35 needles which is the recommended needle size. What I think
is cool is that you don’t really see your stitches in the finished piece. You can’t really tell that it’s knit or crocheted. It looks like an actual piece
of faux fur which is so cool! Since it
is faux fur this yarn can shed a little bit. This is not shutting for me right
now but if you find that it is just pop it in the washing machine, this is
machine washable. You just need to lay it flat to dry.
So that’s Go For Faux Thick and Quick Bonus Bundle. You can find out more about
it if you click right up here. There’s free knit and crochet patterns at
lionbrand.com and you can see even more colors. They
are all beautiful. You are gonna love getting your hands on this yarn because
it is so soft! So perfect for last-minute gifts! Check it out.
Happy stitching!