Fat Quarters – Brand New to Quilting series – Quilting Tutorial

Hello everybody, I’m Sarah from Missouri
Star Quilting Company, welcome to our Brand New to Quilting series!  Today we’re going to talk about fat quarters,
and I don’t mean my stomach, just kidding, a fat quarter is actually a quarter of a yard
still, but it’s a wider cut.  Like if you went to go to the quilt shop
and you saw a bolt of fabric and you wanted a quarter of a yard, they would cut it, and
it would be a long skinny piece.  A fat quarter, they open the bolt, they
cut a yard or a half yard, they open it and cut along that fold so you get a wider, fat
quarter of a yard.  And if you are using fabric with bigger
prints, like this Heather Bailey fabric, you would want a fat quarter, because if you were
going to get that and you were going to get a skinny piece you would cut off some of the
print, so that’s why it would be important to get a fat quarter so then you can open
it up and have lots of them if you were going to fussy cut around specific flower. Let me
go to the mat  and I will show you basically what I mean instead of just trying to explain
it to you. Okay, so here I have my bolt of fabric, with
fuzz on it, comes free.  So if I was going to get a quarter of a yard, they would open
the bolt up they would measure it out and it would be like this, you would have this
long skinny piece, then if you were going to open it up it would just be a strip.  Well here, like I was talking about earlier,
this is a fatter piece, so if the were to cut it, they would open it up to half a yard,
then they would cut it, then open it up and cut it on this fold so it’s a wider piece
rather than a long skinny piece.  I hope that makes sense, because really
look how fun this is, if I was just going to get this in a tall skinny piece, I would
miss out, on all these cool flowers and you don’t want to miss out on Heather Bailey,
because we love Heather Bailey, she is my friend…she doesn’t know it yet, but she
is my friend.  Alright I hope this helps you guys, if you
need anymore help in finding something else click on our series and we will see you next