Fat Quarter Fizz – Shortcut Quilts Series – Fat Quarter Shop

upping get excited for it up to make the
backorder bit all you need 10 like and 10 dark
backorders download the pattern it back corner shop
and let’s get to it to start going to cut our fat quarters
we’re gonna stack layer and cut for fat quarters at one
time for each quarter you’re going to need one
six-and-a-half by 13 inch rectangle and one twelve and a half by 13 inch
rectangle today we’re using to create a great
rulers that are six and a half by twenty four and a half inches and you’re gonna
see why we’re using now bring a layer headquarters we’re
gonna cut on the left to train to get a straight line both wit are 13 inches six-and-a-half plastics
and Hafiz 13 just lined up right to left uncut now we need to have a starting point
ceramic a straight line here turn it around are not cut is just the cleanup exercise in the
ruler just lined up and cut and now we need twelve and a
half inch piece and since two of these rulers combine are 13 we’re just gonna take half an inch off we’re gonna repeat that and cut the
rest of our fat quarters when we’re sewing today we’re going to
use the medium grey thread are tho color 2610 were also going to use a
2.0 stitch length and a quarter inch seam allowance I divided my fabric into four stacks I’ve
got my large rectangle with the dark and a light and my small
rectangles with the light and a dark you gonna put along the 13 side put your fabrics right
sides together and sew. You’re gonna make a total 10 and they’re going to look like this
and you gonna press to the dark then on me can be the same thing that your fabrics right sides together along the 13-inch side so they’re gonna
look like this and we’re gonna press to the dark again
now we’ve got our blocks piece we’re gonna treat them all the same cut them
in half pretty is the same ruler as before the a
half inches wide lineup the left and and your
perpendicular lying and just cut in half gonna continue cutting until they’re all croat and now
we have 20 dark at blocking it and 20 light have
blocking it and we’re ready to turn those into our
final block so first we’re going to start with our dark we’re going to just take that breathtaking scrappy blocks just put in
any way you like you’re always gonna want a square in the
top right for your blocks to work you’re gonna put your blocks right sides
together and so along eighteen and a half inch
side your blocks are gonna look like this you gonna press to the left and you’re gonna put marker today you’re at
the top because when you’re doing euros you want
to keep your top up and your seems to all nest and now
we’re ready to work on our flight have blocking it again you’re just gonna put them
together and did the same thing make sure squares
in that top right right sides together this time your press to the right you know label
the top and now we’re ready to put together our
quote rest we’re gonna make to dark quote rose into like crop growth for your dark Quattro assemble 3 dark
blocks and two like blocks press to the right and keep
your top state thing up for your like will grow a symbol
three light lot and two dark blocks Preston
left and keep your top facing up simply quote Center alternating your dart quote
rose and you’re like what rose your quilt top should measure sixteen
half by seventy two and a half inches celebrate your backcourt there’s a
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