Farrell Racing Green Quilted Barn Jacket – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Quilt Barn Jacket. It’s done from, kind of, Rob and ours conversation about those kind of work wear classics, British work wear classics. So everything from kind of whippet trainers to racehorse owners, have always got a great quilt in their wardrobe. We wanted to try and make it a kind of luxurious version. So it’s in this lovely nylon twill, in the racing green. It’s got the three patch pockets set up, which kind of gives you the opportunity of this more sort of sartorial look. You can put a little kind of pocket square in the top there. It’s got this really soft elegant wool cashmere over collar here with the bindings. So it’s really, really soft to the touch; really, really warm; really, really lovely. It’s got this sumptuous quilting all the way through. If I just sort of undo the leather football buttons here, if I just undo that, show you the inside. So it’s quilted through to that really soft cosy fleece, to the in there. You’ve got your internal pockets, your stash pockets for all of your bits and bobs. And then, again, to give it a bit more of a “Farrell-isation”, we’ve got that great Jack Farrell foulard sleeve lining on the inside. Really, really beautiful colour; very, very easy shape. And then there’s also, he has a little brother in this great, kind of country reference, in tweed. So it’s in the charcoal with black cut away. All the same design details, so the cashmere, the football buttons, the three pockets; but gives you a great kind of textured alternative to the nylon. But both really, really, really, cool easy pieces.