Farrell Piccadilly Jacket – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Piccadilly Jacket. When Rob and I were working through the jackets for the collection, we really wanted to keep this a kind of subtle nod to Teddy Boy style. So we kept some of the original features from the Ted’s frock jackets. So you got that lovely velvet top collar there. We’ve got the jetted chest pockets at the top. And then it’s got these lovely lean peat lapels; slightly higher buttoning, three buttons through the front. You’ve got the jetted flaps at both hips. It’s got this really lovely, elegant lines. A great pitch to the sleeve through there. It has the four button, functioning cuffs. I’ll just pop those open there and then that turns through to that really lovely, truly kind of sartorial Saville Row ticking stripe on the inside of the sleeves. If I go back up to the collar, I pop it up, you’ve got this really great British racing green melton undercollar through there for a little flash of colour. Pop it back down again. And if I open those buttons and go to the insides and you’ve got a lovely sartorial finish. You’ve got the cotton twill lining through there. The handkerchief triangles finishing at the pockets. You’ve got your ticket pockets, you’ve got your stash pocket and you’ve got that lovely ticking stripe running through the piping there. It’s just a really truly elegant, great British gent’s jacket.