Farrell Great Coat – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Great Coat. Rob and I are kind of constantly referencing kind of military pieces for kind of their ruggedness and their authenticity. We wanted to make it a little bit more elegant so we put this kind of naval officer’s reference, where it’s in the navy wool melton. It’s got these beautiful Farrell logo black livery buttons through the kind of double breasted front. This really kind of stand to attention, very elegant collar. Again it’s great for kind of shielding you from the elements on a cold day. We had this beautiful vintage piece that we had at hand while we were designing it. This is an old medical core coat but you can see it’s got that very exaggerated wrap through the double breasted, again that same elegant stand collar. So it was just a really great starting point for us to put this piece together. If I go back to the original again, I’ll just spin it around, so referencing that original guy, so this is really, really beautiful. So you got the vent through the back there, the half belt martingale, and then these parade vents through here, which button down. So it gives you a very, very, very beautiful silhouette. I’ll spin it back around again. So it’s got a great outside, and then if I kind of just undo the buttons, to the insides (pop that off of there). Ok, so it’s got this half quilt on the inside there for extra warmth, you’ve got the ticking stripe sleeve lining on the inside, the back neck chain. So it’s just a very, very beautifully well-constructed, built to last piece.