Farrell Donkey Jacket – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Donkey Jacket. So in the initial stages of the collection, Rob and I were looking at great British work wear pieces. And we were talking about, you know, the great classic miner’s donkey jacket and how we can do like kind of more modern, sort of luxurious version of it. And we had this excellent old original piece. It’s amazing and I like how that’s got all the original leather for the, for kind of the it’s got all of the leather features, it’s hard wearing against carrying heavy loads, etc. That really tough rugged wool. It’s kind of really kind of stiff and heavy but it did its job. So what we wanted to do was take the best bits from that original donkey jacket and make it into this cleaner, modern version. It’s in this softer brushed wool. It’s still kind of dense so it kind of shields you against the elements, keeps you lovely and warm. We’ve done this more of a stand up collar, so it’s got more of a formalness to it. Also it’s got the epaulettes here. Keeping the same kind of yoke that references towards heavy wear and built to last. You’ve got the patch pockets here at the hips so you can carry all of your bits and bops. And then the cuff straps here. And then if I just open it up to the inside and undo the hook at the neck, what really kind of sets this apart is this beautiful quilted interior we have to the inside. It’s quilted through to the viscose twill, heavy back neck chains. It’s just really, really elegant. Really, really warm. Really, really practical. It’s a really great gent’s short winter jacket.