Fancy Stitch Combo – Dropped Stitch Scrunch

[music] In this Fancy Stitch Combo I’m going to show
you how to work a stitch I’m calling the dropped stitch scrunch. and it was better on paper before i started
saying it! this stitch is so pretty, and it ticks all
the boxes for things that i like in a stitch. it’s fun to work, it doesn’t curl, and both
sides of the fabric are really nice. this is actually a stitch that you could use
in a scarf. because of the not curling and the both sides
looking good. because it is ultimately a rib stitch, you
could also use it on the cuffs of things, or the brim of a hat, or a whole hat. this stitch is pretty versatile, and very
unique. let’s go ahead and take a look. here is the finished stitch in bulky yarn
on size 10.5 US needles. you see what we’ve got here, um, these lines
of knit stitches running this way, and then all of this scrunch happening around it. it’s very pretty. and it’s flat. and the back side of the work, i don’t know
how well you can see this. it is a lot of bumps! and it was even more pronounced before i blocked
it. it was making me laugh, it was so pronounced! here it is before blocking. you can see how big these bumps are in the
back! i think it would make a great scarf like that. well, now, after i looked at this, i thought,
well, i’m going to knit this in a much finer yarn, and there’s no way these bumps are going
to last through that. but they did. here it is in a worsted weight yarn, and this
is even a really smooth yarn, this is a mohair and silk yarn. there is something else in it, i know it’s
mohair and silk. so a really smooth yarn, and the stitch definition
is really pretty in this yarn. and the back is still very bumpy! i like it. i think it looks great. and it’s very fun to work! a unique stitch, because we’re going to drop
stitches, and then scrunch them back up, just like i said. okay, so i’m ready to work a wrong side row
here. this is a multiple of three stitches, plus
two. so you can make it any width, a multiple of
three stitches, then add two more. all of the wrong side rows are knit two, purl
one. so i am going to get myself ready to work
the right side row now. so i’m knitting two, pulling the yarn forward
to purl one, pulling the yarn back to knit two. and rows 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all just this
two by one rib. row 6 is the row where stuff happens, and
that’s what i’m set up to do right now. so i’ll start by purling two. and now – don’t freak out! [laughs] we’re going to do something a little bit scary. i’m going to shove this stitch off the needle,
and let it unravel for four rows. okay. so i have four ladder rungs above that stitch. and i have the live stitch right here. i put my needle into that stitch. and then going behind all of those four rungs,
i’m going to wrap the needle and knit that stitch. that’s where the scrunch comes in! i’ll do this again. i purled two. drop that stitch off. unravel it for 1, 2, 3, 4 rows. put my needle in that stitch. and then with my needle behind all of those
rungs, wrap the needle and pull it through. and then purl two. drop that stitch, 1, 2, 3, 4. knit that stitch, scrunch all those ladders
together. you can see it here in the work, there is
the scrunch, and the one i just made. but it does start to look even and better
after you’ve worked a couple of rows of ribbing after it. i can’t wait to see some scarves and things
out of this stitch! i think it’s very fun. i didn’t mention, but the instructions for
working this are in the video description below as well as on my website. i’ll also give you instructions for working
this stitch in the round. good luck. [whooshing sounds] [music]