(“Some Kind of Magic 2”
by Niklas Gustavsson) – What’s up guys, Chris Ramsay here and welcome to another cut tutorial. This time we’re gonna teach you stitches. Stitches is a cool false
cut, it’s a really fancy sort of multi packet, it can
be a three or four packet cut, but it is false which is really cool. And it looks really dynamic. I love the way the sort of
packets flop over on each other and I’m been working on this
flourish for quite a long time, so I’m really excited to show you guys. And this is also my way of saying thank you for 100,000 subscribers. I just recently hit 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. So thank you everyone whose
been sharing these videos and watching them and learning. I really appreciate all
the comments you guys, and I think it’s just amazing
to see how many people support these types of channels. So I think it’s really really dope. So thank you and without further ado let’s get into stitching. Woop. So here’s a basic overview
of stitches in slow mo. You’ve got your Z three packet cut, your left thumb is gonna go underneath, pivoting that bottom packet around. It’s then going to lean
on that center packet. And that center packet is gonna
lean on the bottom packet. It’s gonna flip in, you’re
gonna grab that bottom packet. And you’re gonna split that top one, this is the tricky part. As you extract this one, this top packet is going to
ride along that middle packet, here like this. As it closes, you’re gonna
grab that face up pack and drop it on top. And that’s the basic
concept of the flourish and it is completely false,
which is really cool. By the way I’m using the
Knight’s playing cards which are available
right now at Ellusionist. This is something that
I created along with Daniel Madison and Oban
Jones, whose the illustrator. It’s a really, really nice deck and they handle incredibly well. So if you wanna check those
out, I’ll leave the link below. So let’s look at that again. Straddle grip. Middle finger, top right corner. Thumb down here. You’re gonna Z cut. You’re gonna open up that Z cut. Your left thumb is gonna go
underneath the bottom packet and you’re gonna let go
of that bottom packet, so it’s just resting on your thumb and your thumb is going to
pivot it into this hole. It’s gonna guide it into
that hole, just like that. All the way through. It’s gonna lean on that middle packet and then your index and middle
finger of your right hand are gonna extend as that goes down here, just like that. Now once you’re here, you’re
gonna close everything up. So you’re in this position here. Your index is gonna break off
that top packet once again, meanwhile your left
thumb and middle finger are going to extract that bottom packet. Ooh, let’s try and do
this without dropping it. Are gonna extract that bottom
packet, just like that. Meanwhile, your thumb and index are still retaining the top one. You’re gonna bring that to the bottom, extend, much like 50K, the
flourish that I taught before, your gonna extend this portion here. Bring it together and
then your thumb and index are gonna pull out that
pack and drop it on top. Now lets take that step by step. So again, this time a little bit slower. Z cut, thumb goes under. Moves that bottom packet through, until it rests on the middle packet, okay? Index and middle finger will extend ’til it hits the other
index and middle finger. Packet gets closed up. And let’s take it from there again. So I don’t lose you. Again. Boom. Thumb goes under, so you wanna practice that
little move right there, ‘cos this, that’s gonna
be the main sort of focus. So I’ll do that a few times,
so you guys get to see that. Opens it up. Thumb goes under and pushes it this way. Middle finger and index extend until it hits the middle
finger and index of this hand. And then close it up, okay. So you wanna get comfortable
with that opening, it’s a weird opener, but it feels good. So boom, goes under. Here and close. Okay. Stay tuned for the over the shoulder view if you’re having difficulty. So once you’re here, this goes under, this rests there. This closes up, but now your index, so you’re in this position, you’re holding that middle
packet with basically your ring finger and middle finger and thumb. The bottom pack is held by your right thumb and your left index. And this top packet here,
you’re gonna break off and just like in 50K, the flourish on my
channel you can check out. You’re gonna break off that top packet, and as you bring the
middle one to the bottom, the top one is going to
slide along that packet. As you close up you’re
gonna extract that last one and drop it on top. I’m gonna show you one more
time before we get into the over the shoulder view,
because this is tricky. Z cut, practice that Z cut, getting into that really quickly. Left thumb goes under the bottom packet and basically all you’re doing here is the left thumb is gonna do this. You’re just letting it
pivot on your left thumb. You’re letting it
balance there as it turns and pushes in, until that
packet here is aligned with that one here, okay. Now this whole thing gets slid down and then you close up. So basically you’re gonna
be in this position, it’s kind of like a
sandwich thing happening. Were you’ve got a face up
packet there with that. And you’ve got a face up packet
there, it’s kind of a mess. But here’s were everything’s
gonna get fixed. Your index, is going to
break off this top packet. So half of it, meanwhile
your middle finger and thumb still have a hold on this packet here. So what you’re gonna do
is you’re gonna extract that bottom packet, just like
so, never mind that card. You’re gonna extract that bottom packet, bring it to the bottom and then this packet here
on top, just like in 50K with your index and middle finger are just gonna slide
along the top, close up. But then you’re gonna
grab that last packet and drop it on top. Again. Boom, break off. Thumbs swivels this bottom packet here. That packet slides down, closes up. You immediately grab that
packet that’s in the middle with your middle finger and thumb and your index here breaks this one. And this all happens at the same time, as this one gets extracted down here, this one slides here, just like that. That one goes to the bottom
as this one slides here and you pull back and you close up. I’m sorry for the sloppiness, it’s kinda hard to do in slow mo. I’m not used to doing it so slowly. We’ll try again. Boom. Boom, right. Closed here. Grab that middle packet, middle
finger grabs that packet. Extract the bottom one,
putting it to the bottom. Sliding on the top, pulling out, dropping, closing, you’re done. Okay. Now, this flourish can also be done without the fourth packet if
that’s too complicated for you. Once you’re in this position, and you’ve slid this down
you can literally just grab that whole portion, this whole
top packet in the same grip. As you would if you were gonna break it. But in the same grip, so the
bottom packet same thing. Goes to the bottom and the
top one just does that. And it’s still false,
it’s still a false cut. So you can do that three packet false cut, like this. Or you can add that extra cut. I like adding that extra cut, ‘cos it just gives it
a nice little closer. So when you cut that
instead, this comes out and then this goes here, closes up. And then this last packet gets pulled out and dropped on top. So those are two sort of variations. Once again, it’s hard for
me to do at this speed, while I’m explaining, but if you wanna do just the three packet that’s what it looks like. Okay, so I figured that this
angle is probably the best to show you guys what’s
going on behind the scene. So again, practice this first part. Practice that Z grip, as I showed you. So you’re in straddle,
your thumb goes back here, your middle finger here. You break off that and
you break of that, right. So remember that. That you’ve gotta practice. Now, this part here is were you’re gonna have to
do over and over again. So you can figure out what’s going on. As I let go, that bottom packet
is only resting on my thumb, and so I’m gonna use
that to push it in here. And once it’s in here, I’m extending my hand letting that slide down and close up. Okay, so that’s something your gonna have to do over and over. At full speed it looks like this. Okay. That’s the weird sort of arrangement you’re gonna be left with. Boom. Boom, close up. Okay. Now once you’re closed, there’s two way you can go from here. The three packet version is basically you’re gonna use your index, and you’re gonna grab
that whole top packet. Actually you’re gonna grab
it with your middle finger ‘cos your index is gonna
go on the top here, much like in 50K. And the bottom packet
you should have a hold of with the rest of your hand here. So you’re gonna extract
that bottom packet, bring it to the bottom,
or that middle packet, bring it to the bottom. And then you’re just gonna do that, okay? So once you’re here. You’ve closed up. You can grab everything. Middle finger grabs this packet here. The top packet is gonna slide, as you bring the other one to the bottom. And you close up. That’s the three packet
version and it’s still false. And so for the fourth packet, if you wanna bring in the fourth packet. Once you slide and close
up and you have a hold of this whole bottom part. You’re gonna break off that top part. Instead of taking it all, you’re gonna break it off with your index and then you’re going to slide it on the other face up pile. Okay, as that one gets
extracted on the bottom. So as you’re extracting
this one on the bottom the other one is sliding on top and then you’re gonna pull out
this last packet and drop it. And that’s still false. You’re still retaining the
integrity of the shuffle so. Boom. That goes there, this
slides here, closes up, you grab everything break
off that top packet, extract the bottom, slide over the top, pull out and drop. I’m having a hard time here, because I’m staring at the monitor, to make sure everything’s in focus but let me stare at my hands for a second. One more time. On the bottom. Boom. Break that top packet, extract this, that goes there, the
thumb retains that break as you pull out (clicks tongue) It’s on top just like that. One more I’m gonna run you
through that three packet one, because I have a feeling if you learn the three packet one first, it’ll probably be a lot easier. So once you’re here and you’ve closed up, you’ve gotten this down by now. You’re going to grab
this whole packet here, the top one, pinching it between your index and middle finger. You’re gonna extract that bottom one, as that one closes up. So boom. Close. Extract. Close. Then adding the fourth one, once again. Boom. Break, extract. Slide, pull out. On top. Here’s a little side view for you. Boom. Push under. Slide, close. Grab this pack, this middle pack. Grab the top pack, now
you can split it or not. If you don’t split it,
you extract the bottom. You slide the top. Close up. That’s my stomach. And then, there’s the other version. Were you can split that top pack, pull out. Slide. Close. So guys thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for learning stitches or starting to learn it. Please put the time in, because if you do the effort will pay off. It will start to feel really good and it is a false cut, so it’s something you can use
if you’re performing magic. Or you could just use it
as a cool looking cut. The opener’s my favorite part, I really, really enjoyed this and I took a lot of time learning it, so I hope you take some time too. That being said guys, that is all from me. Learn it well, share it with
your friends if you liked it. Like this video and
leave me a comment below about what you thought
about this tutorial. So guys until next time,
take it easy and peace out. (drum and bass music)