Fabric Storage Basket How to DIY – Whitney Sews

Hi everyone, I’m Whitney and I post sewing and crafting tutorials here on youTube: and I have been wanting to
make some fabric storage baskets for quite a while but I never got around to it and then I
started seeing a ton of them on Instagram and I finally decided that now
is the time to make some fabric baskets to hold Peyton’s toys. the basket I’m showing you how to make finishes at a measurement about 10 by 8 by 8 inches. I found some Pellon craft fuse recently was cleaning out my sewing room and decided that I would
give it a shot on this project. I actually did a seperate video where I give a little review and
my thoughts about this stabilizer and what kind of projects it
would be really good for so if you want to see that there is a
link in the description box and anyway let’s get into this tutorial start by cutting two pieces measuring 13
by 19 inches from your outer and lining fabric and two 5 by
by 11 pieces for the handles and that can be from either fabric also cut two 13 by 19 inch pieces of your stabilizer of choice use the package directions to fuse the
stabilizer to the backside of your outer fabric. for this type it
recommends setting the iron on wool setting and covered with a damp
cloth then iron each section several seconds before moving on to the
next you can see here the amount of structure the stabilized peace has compared to the non stabilized one now onto the handles fold the pieces in
half wrong sides together then open and bring
the edges almost to the center and iron again retold in half and iron one last time sew along all the long edges to finish place both sets of large pieces right
sides together sew both sides and the bottom of each
sew with a half inch seam allowance using a ruler mark a four inch square on
each bottom corner of both sets cut out the marked squares then open up the cut portions and
realigned so the side seam and bottom seams line up do this for all four and sew with a quarter inch seam allowance it should then look like it has four sides and a bottom put one inside the other right sides together and pin at the side seams then pin the center front and back and other places in between then remove the pins at the sides and
insert to handle between the layers as shown now sew along the top with a half inch seam allowance making sure to leave a six inch opening
for turning then turn the entire thing right
sides out through the opening if you need to see this in real time
check out the video link below for turning things right sides out ok so to finish ion the top edge so it’s nice and flat and turn in the seam allowance at the opening then sew a top stitch all the way around to close at the hole and finish it off nicely and it’s complete this is not a hard project and can be made in different sizes and
fabrics for different options don’t forget to check out the video
about the different types of stabilizers like & Share this video if you enjoyed it
and come back soon for more tutorials bye