Fabric scraps idea / Super cute coin purse / Christmas gift idea #HandyMum​

Do you guys still remember Miss Lulu?
Nowadays, she often appears in my garden…
In the morning, my husband will feed her before he go out Miss Lulu is no longer testy,
now, she turns soft and cute… Back to studio
Continue with my daily work… These are the materials i bought in a trip.
Today will be doing this clasp purse First time to use this white frame You can follow the directions from the manual
or do it by your own way… For small works, a thin cotton pad as the base will be good enough… Cut off the seam allowance… In this way, the sewing will be more firm… Make some changes on the fabric shreds.. If your sewing machine has a quilting function,
you can quilt some pattern on the cloth… Stick with silicone glue
If not, you can also use UHU glue as well… Because of this type of clasp purse don’t have any holes,
that’s why it design to stick… Do u like this video?
Hope my friend who receive this gift will love it! Thanks for today’s companion!
Wish u happiness and health!