Fabric Business Card Holder | EASY How to | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and today I’ll be
showing you how to make a very easy fabric business card holder. You will need two different
fabrics measuring 4 5/8 inches by 8 inches. I would also recommend adding a layer of fusible
interfacing to the backside of your outer fabric. Fold one end of the piece up 2 7/8 inches
to form the pocket clip or pin into place. Make sure the right sides of the fabrics are
touching. Repeat with the second fabric. Then sew down the edges of both with a ¼ inch
seam allowance. Turn the lining fabric right sides out and place it inside the other so
all the pretty sides are touching. Use a CD or something with a similar curve to trace
along the top edge. Sew along the entire top, starting at the
front of the pocket, up the side and around the curve you drew, then down the other side
and across the front. Leave about an inch and a half in the front open. Trim off the
excess seam allowance around the curve. Turn the entire thing right sides out through the
opening. Then place the lining back inside like it’s supposed to be. Give it a quick
press with the iron and top stitch around the top and to close up the hole. Make sure
your cards fit then add a snap and your business card holder is complete! This is a very simple project to make, but
perfect for keeping your cards safe inside your bag! If you want to see some other easy
sewing projects from me then check out the playlist linked right over there and if you
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come back next Wednesday for a new tutorial. Happy Sewing!