Fabric Booster – Stabilisateur tissu Odif

We’ve all encountered the problem when wanting to do a hem with a double needle unfortunately, on certain fabrics, with our straight stitch we’re going to be creating waves Here is the result with a double needle. But here is the solution : Fabric Booster We’re going to start over, but this time before sewing, I’m going to use my Fabric Booster Then I will let it dry To dry our fabric, we’re now going to take it to the ironing board I going to use a parchment paper Now we’re going to iron and dry the fabric Once dry, we’re now going to fold it, prepare our hem and go back to the machine to sew a perfect hem. Having prepared my fabric with Fabric Booster I’m now going to do the operation again but this time, the result will be perfect. I now have a very flat fabric, no more waves. Thanks Fabric Booster !