Exped DeepSleep System

A luxurious option for warm weather camping,
the Exped DeepSleep System combines a sprawling inflatable sleeping pad, a fitted sheet, a
plush insulated down quilt and a stuff sack that doubles as a pump sack for easy inflation.
Let’s take a closer look at the components that make up the DeepSleep System. The foundation for the DeepSleep System is
the SynMat 12 sleeping mattress. It is an inflatable mattress. It has bonded synthetic
insulation on the interior. So it ensures that that insulation stays in place and gives
consistent warmth throughout the pad. The pad itself is extremely warm and can be used
year round. The quilt, which we will look at later, is not designed for the coldest
of temperatures. You can see the thickness on the SynMat 12.
It is almost a full five inches thick. It is 30 inches wide. It is over 77 inches in
length. So a really spacious sleeping platform, a lot more room than you would find with many
backpacking style sleeping pads. It does need to be blown up, but there are
dual flap valves on this pad that make that easier than it might look like when you see
the initial size of this pad. There is an inflate valve. There is a deflate valve. By
opening the inflate valve you can use the pump sack that included with the DeepSleep
system. You make the attachment here, fill this huge spacious pump bag and introduce
air to the interior of the SynMat 12. The other upside to doing that is instead
of introducing the moist air, if you were to blow into yourself, you have got a drier
air that actually extends the life of the sleeping mat. Too much moisture on the interior
can wear down that fabrication over the years and shorten the lifespan of the mat. The pad has a very durable 75D fabrication.
It gives it, again, excellent durability. It also has a nice next to skin feel. But
even better than that is the sheet that Exped includes with the sleep system. It is custom
fit to stretch over the pad and, again, gives an even nicer feel. The other nice aspect
of that is when you are at home, this can go right into the washing machine and clean
up. Again, helps extend the life of the bag, helps extend the life of the pad. You can see the snaps that are included on
that fitted sheet, connects directly to the down filled quilt, so it stays in place and
gives that a bit of a wrap. There is nice weight savings here. It isn’t a true sleeping
bag in that there isn’t an insulated bottom to it. It is not necessary because of the
SynMat 12. You have got all of the comfort and warmth you need beneath you because of
the mattress itself. But those snapped connection points between the fitted sheet and the quilt
ensure that everything stays in place and you have got a warm, comfortable night of
sleep. At the end of your night of sleep or when
your trip is over, the entire system packs down inside that included pump sack. You can
see by the size of that, this is not a small system when it is broken down. Keep in mind
this is not designed for back packing. But it does deliver luxurious comfort for warm
weather camping.