EP-0004 – How to Knot your thread of floss cross-stitch needlepoint x-stitch flosstube

Hello, and welcome to The Stitching Kitchn. Hey, Richard, did you turn off the refrigerator? Yes … Oh …. hi, folks. We have a killer refrigerator in the studio
and sometimes I think it’s going to eat me! Alright, today is “To knot … or not”. We’ve gone over how to take the thread out of
a skein of floss, how to use a needle threader and get it into the needle. So, today we are going to show you how to
knot the end. There are a lot of different philosophies
out there about knots. Well, if you want to get started on your project
and you don’t want to have to worry about hanging onto the fabric … ok, you just don’t
want to have worry about hanging onto the back, especially as a new stitcher. So, I’m going to show you how to tie a knot
and then later on, we’re going to do lots of other kinds of knots for decorative stitching. We will not be leaving this knot on the fabric
in any way. Eventually, we will cut it off and we will
bury it under the stitches that we’re going to be making in the next episode. So, here is the end of your floss. And here is the needle. No, you won’t be using this big needle. But, I’m using it today so you can see. So, I’m going to take my finger like this
and I’m going to put the end of the floss right there. Then I’m going to take this and I’m going
to wrap it once. And then I’m going to wrap it twice. Then I’m going to grab that with my left hand
and I’m pushing the needle up through the threads and I’m going to keep pulling and
pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling … Are you ready for the surprise? There’s a knot. Now … I am going to cut it off and I’m going
to show you that again. This was called a Quilter’s Knot and my friend
Margery Williams showed me how to do this many years ago. So, here we go. My finger is pointing this way. You put the thread that way and we put our
needle this way. We’re going to wrap it once and twice. And we’re going to pinch it in our left hand. Push the needle up; kind of twist it a little,
not letting go of that knot in any way. And there you go. That’s a knot. Well, you can’t really see it because it’s
right there. It’s right there. Now, the fun thing is trying to get it as
close to the end as possible. That’s just a game I play with myself. So … that’s “To knot or not”. Join us in the next episode and I’m going
to show you where to put that knot. Bye! I am going to show you how to use a needle threader. A lot of people like to take their needle … They like to stick the thread in their mouth …