Engligh Paper Piecing Quick Tip – Knicker Knot Technique

MSQC: English Paper Piecing Quick Tip: Knicker
Knot Technique 2:14 Jenny: Hi everybody, it’s Jenny. And I am here in the studio with Sue Daley. We filmed an awesome tutorial on English Paper
Piecing. And Sue does something when she starts and
stops her threads called the Knicker Knot which we are going to show you in detail right
now. Sue: Ok, thanks Jenny. So when I start my English piecing I start
with a knicker knot. And then when I finish. So before when you’re about to cut thread
to start a new thread I would work with another knicker knot. And that, that locks everything off so it
won’t come undone. Jenny: So did you make up the knicker knot
or? Sue: I actually
Jenny: Is this a real thing or is this just your name? Sue: I think it’s actually called a lingerie
knot and a lady today told me she thought it was a square knot. But I call it a knicker knot because it’s
just fun. And you know
Jenny: Oh ok. Sue: What’s life, if it’s not fun. Jenny: And she’s, she is fun so let’s
see this knicker knot. Sue: Ok so we’re going to come in and we’re
going to take a stitch into our work. And we have a thread at the front
Jenny: Ok your needle is halfway through. Sue: So there you go into your work like that,
don’t pull it all the way through. So we have a thread here at the front and
we have our threads coming out of the eye of the needle at the back. And this thread at the front is going to come
under to the left and take it to the back. And then you’ll take these two that come
out of the eye of the needle, they’ll come forward and go under to the right, take it
to the back. And then pull it through and then you’ll
have a little figure eight knot which is probably very difficult for you to see right now. Jenny: You know what I’m going to move this
stuff because I think they might be able to see it a bit better without all that stuff. Sue: You’ll have like a little figure eight
knot there. Now if you don’t have that knot it means
you’ve wrapped your threads in the same direction. So you need to make sure you have that little
knot and it locks it off. Jenny: Ok do it one more time. Sue: Yep. No problem, I’ll just get my fingers in
there. So put your needle in and leave it in your
work. Take the thread at the front, take it under
to the left and to the back. And you take these threads, bring them forward
under to the right to the back. Jenny: Well there you’ve got it ladies and
gents, the knicker knot. So we’ll see you later.